In bounds under pressure

  • Quick BB Question: why in the world does KU not have Marcus inbound the ball at the end of the game when the pther team is pressing? He is our best passer and worst FT shooter (besides Dok). Sould he be the one to inbound th ball to either Isiah, Dot, or if not possible, one of the other guards?

  • I would imagine the opponent would force the pass to Agbaji, who is not a good ball handler.

  • You just gotta do it quick! Slap the ball and hit em fast. After they break its to late! Practice it!

  • This is not a good passing team. I imagine Marcus is inbounding because he’s KU’s second best ball handler.

  • @dylans but he’s a poor ft shooter.

  • Saturday it was Braun in-bounding the ball late which despite him being a freshman has a higher BBIQ and a much lower turnover rate then Ochai. It will be interesting to see if that’s a switch they made or because Ochai was having a poor game with his decision making

    I think KU should consider having Marcus inbound the ball since Moss & Dotson are the best FT shooters on the team at the guard position. Braun is 18-20 since January… Dave is 27-28 since the beginning of December.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Not much worse than Dotson with 38 minutes on his legs. Hate to jinx him, but Marcus seems to shoot freebies better down the stretch than his percentage.

  • It’s possible that Garrett is a better target for other guys, so Self prefers having him as a potential catch option.

    For many coaches, they break things down by tasks.

    Task 1 when inbounding is getting the ball in. You can’t turn the ball over in that situation, so getting it in to someone is critical. If Garrett can catch in traffic (and provide a big target) then he should be working to get open, not throwing it in.

    Remember, Dotson is not a big guy. He’s a good FT shooter, but his catch radius (to borrow a football term) is not as big as Garrett. That makes him harder to find in small windows. If it were me, I’d actually break Dotson away from the ball so he can use his speed and quickness to potentially stretch the defense and create easier catches for other guys.

    Ochai, Garrett and Braun are all bigger guys that are both taller than most, and also with long arms. Ochai in particular, with his athleticism and size, is a great target. Moss is also a great target, and has the benefit of being a great FT shooter, too. Big Dave should be a screener and pressure release, because he has the size to catch and you don’t have to fear him getting fouled.

    The challenge is making sure everyone is on the same page, which isn’t always the case.

  • @justanotherfan

    Marcus to inbound, Dot and Moss as primary targets, with Christian and Och as secondary. Big Dave as option five. Moss needs to break more, not just move once and wait for the pass, but we want Marcus in bounding and not getting fouled. Dot and Isiah are money with the game on the line.

  • Frankly, I’m not at all impressed with the inbounds play design from our baseline - the action is lackluster to get someone open in the face of intense pressure.

    For all the credit Self gets for inbound genius, not seeing it at the opposite end of the court when we’re not in the half-court.

  • The biggest factor down the stretch is to have Dave on the floor, not Doke.

  • @drgnslayr said in In bounds under pressure:

    The biggest factor down the stretch is to have Dave on the floor, not Doke.

    McCormack is like right at 81% free Throw shooting , so ya in the final couple of minutes or whatever. - -Yet you know and it’s not huge but I think Doke is doing better for sure on his shooting ya I know still in the 40’s but just look at the form, seems like he is a lot more relaxed too

  • If BD hasn’t fouled out.🤣💪🏽🤯

  • Ochai is more likely to turnover the ball if he catches it. He has been a turnover machine as of late. Obviously Dot and Moss are the go to guys when getting the ball in late when other teams are looking to foul. Marcus is as good as a ball handler as Dot and is the best passer on the team. That gives you a better chance once the ball is entered, Garrett shoots 62% from the line and Ochai 67% so you are pretty much a wash there. As @Crimsonorblue22 doing it quick is usually the best.

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