Out of hibernation, this game was worth it.

  • I enjoyed chatting during the game once again.

    I didn’t enjoy being a minute or so behind most of you because of a little glitchy game feed.

    I did enjoy watching a 28-8 run to close things out. That was vintage KU basketball.

    And isn’t defense a beautiful thing to watch? We had 13 steals. They were things of majestic wonder! Partly because the whistles I was expecting on most of them didn’t come.

    Isaiah Moss, kudos to you, which is kind of hard to say for me as a Badger too, but I’m glad you changed an I for a J with your Hawk.

    Doke, your perseverance through adversity has won us some games this year. When the bad fight left us shorthanded and you got in foul trouble, and managed not to foul out, well that was big, and to see you finished with 3 fouls tonight after picking up two in about the 1st four minutes? Awesome.

    Dotson. Game ball for not turning it over in that whithering pressure. Clutch FT’s save the day.

    Ochai, some great moments too. Keep improving, we’re going to need you.

    Garrett, tonights MVP! 9 points, 5 steals, 4 assts, 7 boards, a quadruple single. That’s filling the stat sheet even if it’s offset by 6 TO’s and 4 fouls. You’ll probably never be enshrined in the rafters because it’s offensive numbers that makes that happen, but I don’t think we win tonight without your all american defensive game. It’s really too bad they don’t have all defense teams for NCAA like the NBA does.

    Enaruna, you made a great pass to that hillbilly in the first row.

    Big Dave, I think you learned a lesson tonight. If you don’t have it going, you’re not going to play much.

    Braun, you’re a freshman and WVU is really tough on freshmen. You’ve been invaluable to this team and I’m still miffed that DeSousa stole the limelight from your big night in Lawrence.

    Coach Self, on the road to 800 wins. Let’s get this Natty. It might be your best chance for a while because there’s that big ugly cloud which I shouldn’t even bring up, but it’s there. This feels like THE YEAR to make up for lost time and to soothe the hurt that is likely coming soon. This is the team that can do this.

  • @wissox great write!

  • Factoids. We made 20 shots, they made 19. They took 15 more shots. Actually shot at a decent rate, 45%. WVU had nine guys miss at least 3 shots. Used 11 overall. We used 8, the 3 bench guys missed 4 shots all night. Their bench was 5-23. Their starters actually were a bit better.

  • @wissox that’s how they play, they need 2 or 3 chances per trip because they can’t shoot. I was disappointed with Doke weak fouls when they appeared to foul often on the offense glass. It become a staple to expect them to foul the hell outta who ever they play, even Huggy says they can’t see them all. I’ve also noticed when the games are on the ESPN+ I’m behind like 30 seconds, not sure why but it sucks during the chat.

  • @kjayhawks Any time we can get out of Morgantown with a win at all is massive. Very tough place to play, especially when the refs typically swallow their whistles.

  • @BShark very true, I feel like we were robbed in 2015 and last year there. Any road win is a good win.

  • @kjayhawks Was 2015 the year the dude picked up his dribble at the 3 point line and walked all the way to the basket for the winning points and then Perry blew a simple, albeit under duress of time, putback at the buzzer?

  • @BShark I feel like this team was ready for the whistles to be swallowed and just got down in the mud with em. Not gonna call fouls? Let’s slap and hack along with em. A lot of our steals tonight are fouls most games. Good job by this team adjusting and playing tough instead of waiting for the whistle or complaining about not getting it.

  • @wissox these your guys?


  • @wissox Yes it was I rewatched the end to day. Staten on that play pushes Mason to get open clearly, and travels. Then Mari gets it quick for Perry to miss a bunny but he was definitely raked across both arms. He really should’ve dunked it lol

  • @kjayhawks So it wasn’t a put back by Perry? I thought I remembered it that way. That team of ours was pretty soft anyways as evidenced by Stanford walloping us in the dance.

    @dylans Hilarious! Target is a Minnesota based company too.

  • https://twitter.com/kuhoops/status/1227788872379224066?s=21

    Uh oh. This team is starting to have fun!

  • @wissox no it was a fast break and the guy fouled the heck outta him.

  • Watching a replay, why were they booing Dotson from the beginning?

  • @chriz said in Out of hibernation, this game was worth it.:

    Watching a replay, why were they booing Dotson from the beginning?

    Just some hillbilly thing where they have a player of the game to boo.

  • Definitely felt like doke had more than 2 blocks and Ochai had more than 3 rebounds.

  • According to Kenpom, we currently have the best defensive team since Kenpom metrics came out in ‘02

    Now that’s crazy!

  • @BeddieKU23 That’s amazing. I do notice we’ve spent less time this year complaining about leaving shooters wide open. Interesting that WVU is #2. I don’t understand their whole rankings when they have Baylor as the #5 team in the country.

  • This game was a first for me.

    First dang time in my life that I forgot the game was on.

    I watched Naked and Afraid, Ellen’s Game of Games and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

    Got ready to go to bed, looked at my phone and it said " Watch Game Recap - Kansas 58 - W. Virginia 49

    What has my life become?

  • This was the first game this season where I really felt like we toughened up when we needed to. That end game run where we just shut them down was the potential I always saw in this team. Let’s hope we can take this toughness into Baylor, TTech, KSU… and into March!

  • This was probably the best win of the season for this team. It is amazing the turn around from last year as far as winning on the road. Most of it has to do with the defense as they say defense always travel, but I think this team has a lot of grit and it seems like every time a team makes a run they answer with a run of their own.

    It was awesome to watch the last 8 minutes or so when the D really turned up and they completely shut WV down. Garrett and Doke were both phenomenal down the stretch on D. This team isn’t “sexy” because they can’t shoot or score very well but they are a lot of fun to watch to me with the will to guard and win.

  • @nuleafjhawk Holy Crap, you gone and done it now. You missed an instant classic, a game so awesome ESPN regrets putting it on ESPN- (not ESPN+). You missed the greatest game in Big12/8 history. Remember Darrel Dawkins shattering backboards with dunks? You missed Doke shattering two basketballs with blocks. They had to delay the game after the second one because Bubba the manager had to run down the street to Dicks to buy another ball, (he was 1.83$ short but told the manager Huggy would stop by later and make up the difference). You missed the mountaineer dude on the sideline who shoots the gun at the end of the half screw up and accidentally shoot the cheerleader missing her front tooth. You missed Doke missing Free throws. You missed Marcus Garrett stealing the jump ball. You missed refs missing myriad muggings on the court. One missed call was so bad, security came out and arrested the West Virginia player for mugging Ochai. Then he arrested all three refs too. Student managers from both teams suited up as refs to call the last 39:03 of the game and actually earned high marks from both coaches, the first time in league history both coaches had praised the refs.

    A few details are slightly embellished for effect. In reality, until the 13 minute mark of the 2nd half, when we were down by 10 or 11 you didn’t miss too much. The comeback was stirring at that point. For your sake I hope that they forgot to blur out the unmentionables on naked and afraid.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Game Recap (shortened version)

    KU sucked for 20 minutes.

    KU was great for 2 minutes to start the 2nd half.

    KU went back to “oh no we suck” for the next 10 minutes.

    The last 8 was making them look bad on their home court.

  • @BeddieKU23 Great recap - do you work for ESPN or Youtube?

  • @wissox WOW. Oh well, at least I got to see Naked and Afraid…

  • This team has continually improved, especially on the defensive end. It almost seems as if they are feeding off one another because of their defensive effort. Great defense will always give a team a chance to win.

  • @nuleafjhawk @BeddieKU23 Beddies recap is a bit more truthful and a lot more concise

  • @BeddieKU23 better than Fran

  • I liked both versions! This gal thinks D is sexy, especially when it leads to O!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I have said it before: You are bad, very bad!

  • @nuleafjhawk said in Out of hibernation, this game was worth it.:

    @BeddieKU23 Great recap - do you work for ESPN or Youtube?

    Not ESPN, I’d have to root for Duke, Kentucky & UNC and generally just go gaga over the ACC. I’m sure they are queing up “Duke deserves to be a #1 seed” article any day now.

    If you ever miss another game and need a recap I’m here friend

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in Out of hibernation, this game was worth it.:

    @BeddieKU23 better than Fran

    Watching paint dry and licking paint from a can is better

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