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  • @FarmerJayhawk The publicity off that will be enormous for our program.

  • For sure. The trailer has me riveted. The coaching search itself was absolutely nuts even though most knew it was Miles from about August.

  • The trailer was really cool. Les and Long definitely had a plan from the beginning.

  • I don’t see anyway that this can’t do anything BUT HELP us - unless we really stink up the season - would kind of not be good - -think this is a bigh positive for the program and Les. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Let’s hope coach can speak, unlike his first presser when he blanked out for, I think forever! Very uncomfortable. You probably noticed he had to have notes at the big 12 fb preseason con.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I’ll go out on a limb, and speculate he can speak.

  • Les is known for being a terrible speaker.

    But he is still able to inspire, recruit and make great hires.

  • @Kcmatt7 I think that’s why his daughter follows him around. He needs a personal attendant.🤣

  • Should be an interesting series.

    Also just read the KU will sell beer and wine on game days at Memorial Stadium now.

  • I am torn on the selling beer and wine.

    I love the family friendly atmosphere Memorial has and alcohol being served for an extra 3 hours to already drunk people is a surefire way to ruin that. At least, that’s my experience from Chiefs games… At the same time, I also think it makes going to a game more attractive for people who don’t want to go tailgate and worry about drinking and driving or finding a place to spend the night. You can show up 30 minutes before kickoff, have a beer or two before halftime, and still drive home no problems.

    Financially, it makes perfect sense. I just worry about the unforeseen consequences.

  • @Kcmatt7 So does this mean Les Miles can keep doing Dos Equis commercials?

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    I am torn on the selling beer and wine.

    Me too. I really love beer, but I can make it from 11am to 2:30 in the afternoon without it!

    Can’t leave and re-enter the stadium as part of the new policy, so that might keep people in the stadium until the end of the third quarter when they stop beer sales. Usually people went out to tailgate at half time and never came back in anyway.

    Drinking wine at a football game… ?

  • @DanR jo county?

  • @DanR or most just stayed at their tailgate

  • @DanR Beer sales are extra money. It’ll probably be the watered down 3.2% stuff and the wine is likely the little Sutter Homes bottles.

    The people that’ll go overboard and drink too much are the same people who would do that in the parking lots tailgating anyway, now KU is just getting their piece of the pie.

  • No more 3.2 beer. The law just changed. But yeah, I’m sure it’s watered down naty light/cheapstone sold at a premium.

  • Rumor is the 29th for the premier.

  • Let’s merge the two discussions in this thread: Maybe Les talks better with a beer.

  • The 29th is confirmed. 18(!) part series will debut next Thursday (RIP my productivity) with the first 4 episodes, then have one/week through the season.

  • @FarmerJayhawk Thanks! Will set my DVR - or whatever it is called now that I pulled the plug on Cox. (aka - one of the best days of my life!)

  • nuleafjhawk said:

    @FarmerJayhawk Thanks! Will set my DVR - or whatever it is called now that I pulled the plug on Cox. (aka - one of the best days of my life!)

    No problem. It’s all on demand so no need to DVR anything!

  • @nuleafjhawk what do u have?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 We went with and a Roku streaming stick. We’re saving $110 per month and love, love, love it. We have - literally - thousands of channels now (oh - we’re on our sons’ Netflix and Hulu accounts) plus we have Netflix. The ONLY drawback we’ve seen so far is no Paramount channel (Ink Master) and no Weather Channel. We get all our locals News/Weather/Sports channels. I would have no trouble recommending it to anyone. (although I understand we don’t all like the same kinds of shows)

    The Roku thing was $59 (one time purchase at Sam’s) and the is $50 per month. No contract. Quit any time with no penalties. No, I don’t work for youtube - i just love it that much.

  • @nuleafjhawk WiFi?

  • @nuleafjhawk Totally agree on the YTTV thing. I dropped Spectrum for it when my intro rate was going up and haven’t looked back. I did buy an antenna for locals in case there’s a big internet outage.

    To watch this you’ll have to download the ESPN app in Roku and subscribe to ESPN+. I think there’s a free trial, but it’s only $5 a month anyway.

  • @FarmerJayhawk I also bought an antenna (because they don’t broadcast pre-season Chiefs games on a lot of (including YT) streaming stations. But my TV is on the north side of the house - the stations I need to pick up are 80+ miles away and to my south and west, so I still don’t get the Chiefs pre-season. Have tried a couple of apps that work ok, but they seem to “freeze up” at half time…

  • Good to see they have released a date. I highly recommend sling tv, I get every ESPN, Fox sports channel and NBC sports for $45 a month, no contract. I just added back ESPN plus for $5. So $50 a month a get just about everything sports I could want. I dropped Netflix because I didnt like the changing of shows. Sounds like each company is gonna make their own streaming service (Disney, NBC) , which kinda sucks because a person will have buy each one if they want to watch a particular show. I only watch sports and paw patrol so I’m good lol. I was paying direct TV $120 to get the same sports channels.

  • I go to sites like and buy the digital copy codes for any movie I want to watch for $1-7 each and have them as long as vudu or iTunes is around. Supplement with a directv password from a family member + Netflix +a tv antenna + ESPNplus (that I get for free for some reason 🤷♂️) and I get all the entertainment I need.

  • I push the limits with streaming TV. I pay 8.00 a month, and I have a very nice selection of choices. I probably shouldn’t go into detail on a public forum, though. However, imagine wanting to watch a show on ABC … which time zone do you want to watch? Which ABC station do you want to watch…Tampa, NYC, KC, LA, or any other across the US ? Think about the choices you’d have in the NFL if you had access to every station on every network in America? Of course…this is all hypothetical, so I’m not actually admitting to anything nefarious or anything. ABC is a free channel, you know. It’s not like I would have access to every ESPN channel in every market, or every HBO, SHOWtime, Cinemax channel on the planet or anything. Or movies still out or anything.

  • @KUSTEVE I wish I was smart enough to decode that.

  • Jail broke fire stick.

  • E:60 this morning showed a clip on Miles that was from the series. I’m looking forward to Thursday.

    Also if anyone saw College Gameday on Saturday, Desmond Howard predicted KU to go to a bowl game this year. I really don’t think it’s that crazy of a notion this year although I don’t think KU will quite get there this season. KU was just a handful of plays away last season from going bowling, so I don’t think it’s that crazy to say that a better coaching staff could get there this season even with the personnel losses in the front 7 on defense.

    Upgrading the talent level is something Beaty probably will never get the credit he deserves in that area, but he did a fantastic job with his resources to upgrade the talent level within the program. I know some are still going to rip the scholarship numbers, but I said when Beaty was hired that fixing the scholarship number mess was a 2 full recruiting cycles job. What Weis did that kept it from being just a 1 cycle fix was that he screwed the class balance to where there were alternating classes of 25+ seniors followed by sub 15+ senior classes. That’s why Beaty had to go JuCo and blue shirt heavy in a couple of classes, to try and get those senior classes more balanced which he did for the most part. Last year was a blow to that process because the uncertainty around his future killed his recruiting ability for the 2019 class, but that’s not as damaging as what Weis did in his short time here. With Beaty largely fixing the class balance issues that Weis created, now Miles can finish getting the scholarship numbers back to normal levels which should happen after this next 4 year recruiting cycle is done.

    I hope this show is more than a one season deal because Miles is one of the top 5 most interesting coaches in the country. I’m also looking forward to the HBO show that’s going to follow Washington St. around because Mike Leach is the most interesting coach in the country to me and I hope that show follows him away from coaching as well to see his outside interests.

  • A bowl game seems a bridge way too far this year. 3-4 league wins is a big reach. I’m still thinking 4 wins: ISU, Coastal, KSU, WVU. We still don’t really have a QB, depth on defense is about non-existent, and there’s still questions at RG and RT. Beaty went JuCo and blueshirt heavy because HS coaches basically quit taking his calls. Blushirting 10 guys in 2018 (some of whom exhausted eligibility before their IC even counted) was really, really, really shortsighted. Hence the classes are still wildly out of whack compared to others, and we won’t add numbers on net until 2021.

    My big beef with Beaty is he said he was going to build with HS kids and then just… didn’t. Including signing exactly zero HS DT’s.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Mmmmmm - at 6-42, if he upgraded the talent level, he sure didn’t do anything with it.

  • @nuleafjhawk That’s why Beaty is no longer coach. Last year’s team was 4 or 5 plays away from being a bowl team. Beaty did upgrade the talent, but he wasn’t a good enough head coach to take full advantage of that upgraded talent he brought in.

  • This is so damn good!

  • Apparently there is only 4 episodes released at this time, yes I watched them all lol. They are fairly short but I liked it.

  • Just watched them all. Miles’s face when the RC was like “nope, just me and a student” was amazing. Explains so much about how garbage the last admin was. Also Miles’s reaction to the RC just having highlights. No wonder we’ve sucked.

    The culture change with Long as Miles vs. Zenger and Beaty is already evident. It didn’t do anything for my expectations for win-loss record, but it’s clear the Jayhawks are coming.

  • Man, Texas episode…right in the feels

  • @Crimsonorblue22 recruiting coordinator

  • @FarmerJayhawk I’m not sure what I expected with Les Miles. I’m really glad I’ve been watching the “Miles to Go” series though. I really like this guy a lot. He’s much different that what I had anticipated, very low key and a family man. Yeah, I know we’ve still got the same crappy record as most of the other coaches have started with (ballpark) but I feel a change in atmosphere. I think this guy might get us there.

    I think Texas thinks so too.

  • Guys just got through watching episode 12 - - Heart Break in Austin. - -I know this is going to sound corny maybe/ cliché But you know what I love coach Miles. - -I mean you listen to this guy in his environment on the field and locker room - -you can see why these guys would go to war with him - the guy just oozes class - what a leader. - -makes me want to hobble out there and play for the guy.

    I know this has been said this year BUT Man , this IS the guy that is going to get this turned around - I just feel it , this team has been competitive all year except the one - -you can see the transition coming progress my friends step by step

    Still not seeing mass de-commits and early date coming before long - has a nice class coming in - - still ranked like 36th in the Nation - - been along time since that kind of class - Just need a QB - -no not talking bad on Carter - -but he is gone after this year - - we are just ONE solid QB away from huge step

    Just saying how could you not love Coach and this Staff - - shore up the D lil bit - we have pieces - -Potter gonna be a stud - -got some really good guys coming in - -love the offensive scheme - -tell you what WERE COMING - other teams will know who we are soon my friends - -oh ya they WILL KNOW

  • nuleafjhawk said:

    @FarmerJayhawk I’m not sure what I expected with Les Miles. I’m really glad I’ve been watching the “Miles to Go” series though. I really like this guy a lot. He’s much different that what I had anticipated, very low key and a family man. Yeah, I know we’ve still got the same crappy record as most of the other coaches have started with (ballpark) but I feel a change in atmosphere. I think this guy might get us there.

    I think Texas thinks so too.

    Agreed. I didn’t know a lot about Les Miles the human other than his goofy pressers. But now I get why anyone that played LSU likened it to a root canal. He didn’t always maximize talent scheme wise, but certainly on effort.

  • Just watched the episode. I have one observation: I will have Brent Dearmon’s babies.

  • FarmerJayhawk said:

    Just watched the episode. I have one observation: I will have Brent Dearmon’s babies.

    LMAO - - you stop that – he is mine lol

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