Adios, Joining Jaybate (but see ya next year)

  • We finally fell from our lofty perch, which was inevitable. Sad, but this is sports.

    Also inevitable is the chorus of bitter and negative comments about the players, the season, the recruiting, the coaching, and the attacks exchanged among Board Rats. The endless "if only"s and the snide dismissing of anyone who doesn’t agree that the world is ending and that Self/Vick/ Moore/Lawson/Morningstar/etc are responsible for the end of all pride related to KU. The threads I just read show the trashing has already begun.

    This year, I have decided life is too short to go through the usual crap as the board descends into endless speculation and cynicism.

    I have so many better things to do while I wear the Crimson and Blue holding my head high. I hope the usual doesn’t happen here, but I see the usual suspects are formimg the usual mob with the usual torches and chanting. It is too much for me and way too distracting from what I enjoy about KU basketball.

    So, goodbye for now! I do hope you all find a way to happiness as fans. Thanks for the fun stuff and good luck to all!

    Where are you, Jaybate? JayhawkFanToo? KUinMisery? Red Rooster? Let:s go have a drink and toast all the players who have tried so hard and given us so much!

  • Damn it, I knew it was Brady’s fault.

  • @BShark

    I thought it was Belichick’s fault

  • @mayjay

    Does next yr mean Jan 1st? Or Late Night?

  • I edited my post … hope all goes well with you. “Mob” and “torches” – some call it debate and discussion.

  • BeddieKU23 said:


    I thought it was Belichick’s fault

    It is Belichick - - has to be lol

  • Where is Ralster?

    I do hope this ends up “cleansing” our spirits so we can look at college basketball with a fresh perspective. “Abundance” in any area of your life will typically bring sourness because sourness is a part of being spoiled.

    I pulled back quite a while ago in an attempt to see the broader view. My broader view feels very fortunate to be a Jayhawk, and to follow Jayhawk sports!

    One way or another, Jayhawk basketball will continue, and it (most likely) will continue to float to the top of college basketball.

    Ups and downs bring opportunity for balance and maintaining a healthy perspective.

    It looks like most or all of Kansas is having sunshine and warmth today… time to enjoy it! My tomato seedlings are coming along nicely and I’m psyched to have yet another successful garden!

    I want to wish well for everyone in here!


  • The worst part of this time of year and an early exit… the INTERMINABLE wait for next season… hate it hate HATE it

    And I have a very good (probably naive) feeling that more players than we think will return vs declare and/or go to play d league or overseas.

  • I enjoy the vigorous and sometimes passionate discussion.

    Don’t like when posters make it personal against other posters claiming a moral high ground per se.

    It’s a fine line breaking down a players game or the coaches strategy and not being or taking it “personal “. I’m not sure there is an easy answer there after all this is a fan board not a cheerleading site. I take it as a given that all are fans with a point of view and an approach that they prefer - accepting the few that may or may not be ongoing or intermittent trolls.

  • @mayjay Thanks for your honesty and support and I respect you for bringing some common sense to the discussion. Like @drgnslayr I am taking season ending frustration out in the garden. Planted my first set of seeds Friday. Lots and lots of yanking weeds.

  • The thread will heat up as we hopefully sign some more fellas to put on the uniform. Hopefully legal issues are behind us, we learned our lesson and we go back to being the proud institution we love. That’s what I want to see most.

    As for our message board, it aint too bad here.

  • KU had a bad season by KU standards.

    Look at what KU accomplished with 7 first year players in the program.

    26 wins, 12 conference wins, 3rd place finish, runner up in the conference tournament, and a top 4 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

    99% of D1 programs would call that a great season. At KU, we call that a bad season. The last time KU did not receive a top 4 seed in the NCAA Tournament was the 2000 tournament.

    Think about that, KU has been a top 4 seed for 19 straight NCAA Tournaments. There’s only 6 other NCAA programs that have ever made that many NCAA Tournaments in a row (UNC, Duke, Arizona, Michigan State, Gonzaga, and Wisconsin) and none of them were a top 4 seed every season.

    KU’s down season is still better than any other blue bloods down season. UNC and Kentucky have each missed an NCAA Tournament this decade.

    KU’s valley’s are most programs peaks.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Thanks for putting things into perspective. That’s what is great about this place.