ESPN writers have more faith in KU than KU fans...or where’s Seth?

  • Could be they don’t watch the games. I don’t know how Bill will pull this one out. If he does win the Big 12 it will be quiet the accomplishment given the spot they are currently in. I have uncharacteristicly low expectations at this point. 2nd weekend and a share of the Big 12 might be pushing the ceiling without a solid big to go alongside Dedrick.

  • Without a big leap from one of the freshman, who show no signs of making one, it’ll be tough.

    On the bright side, a down year at KU typically does mean we are just young and inexperienced. We should (providing no one leaves unexpectedly) have a very deep stable of guards the next two seasons. So Bill can at least breath easy there. Just need to land some post depth from somewhere. Of course, I have no idea where that comes from unless De Sousa gets ruled eligible sometime soon.

    Theoretically, if Grimes has a Selden-like trajectory, we could have a very, very loaded team in two years. But that is with everything going perfectly.

  • If you would’ve told me at the beginning of the year that we’d lose Dok and still not have Silvio I’d figure we’d still win the conference. 2nd place at this point isn’t horrible, but it’s still disappointing.

    Alas, it’s nice to be a spoiled KU fan!

  • So, ESPN is being looked on here as being biased in favor of KU. Maybe Fran is secretly talking us up among his colleagues? And, for you Fran haters, maybe his motive is to keep us ranked higher so it would look even better if ISU wins?

  • Fran is absolutely against KU and idk how anyone can listen to him during games and think otherwise. This is the year. And that’s okay. We have alot bigger problems now obviously

  • @mayjay I think only Dick Vitale would be worse than having Fran this much. Fran spends the whole game trying to figure out how to beat KU, it doesn’t feel like a respect thing either.

    Walton belongs on this list too, but I don’t mind him when I replay the game He is just annoying in live action for me. I can usually chuckle at the fried guy when I already know the outcome.

    If I had to pick a big name guy to call our games I guess it’d be Bilas. As long as KUs not playing Duke he’s usually ok. His in game analysis is pretty solid and he doesn’t have too many gimmicky sayings.

  • Fran called the Texas/Iowa St game and didnt spend every last second on a gameplan to beat the cyclones because he loves them. It was like he is bipolar calling other games.

    However Seth Drunkberg had his “Texas Tech’s defense is too good for KU segment”. I see he is still batting 100% this season and every season when he doubts us. Self must have peed in his cheerios one time. Cant understand his ridiculousness

  • @BeddieKU23 Seth is just all schtick in those segments. Just like Lee Corso in the ESPN football studio. Makes picks to liven up discussions & get people to laugh.

    The same function in another type of circus is performed by an actual costumed clown. Let’s send him a big red nose.

  • @mayjay

    I agree.

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