When 50% FT shooting wins the game

  • KU at 6-12 FT shooting is the difference against 3-10 FT shooting. Can you say coaching moment?

    Matchup FG Made-Attempted 25-55 25-58 Field Goal % 45.5 43.1 3PT Made-Attempted 7-26 7-21 Three Point % 26.9 33.3 FT Made-Attempted 3-10 6-12 Free Throw % 30.0 50.0 Total Rebounds 37 36 Offensive Rebounds 12 13 Defensive Rebounds 25 23 Assists 20 15 Steals 6 7 Blocks 4 4 Total Turnovers 16 13 Personal Fouls 15 15 Technical Fouls 0

  • This team has struggled at the line so far this season now shooting less than 65% from the stripe. Shooting in general really plagued this game shooting that bad from all 3 areas coupled with being out rebounded and turning it over 13 times, we look pretty lucky to have won. Without Doke it’s shocking that we were that bad lol. They are kicking themselves over free throws as well, they were shooting 70% coming into this game. If they could’ve repeated that, they likely would’ve won. I liked the officiating tho, not a ton of whistles.

  • If we had shot 50% on FTs in April 2003…oh, well. 15 seasons later we finally did it and proved we could win at the line.

  • @mayjay You know on the Lion King when Scar tells the Hyenas never to mention Mufasas name? Never mention FTs and the 03 title game in the same sentence lmao.

  • KU 6-12 and Doke didn’t play.

  • The refereeing crew was not good, particularly calling fouls. Some obvious fouls were not called and other that were not even borderline were. New Mexico got away with a lot or reach in fouls and KU really did not take advantage of the way calls were going but then, with calls being so inconsistent, it is hard to determine whether to play aggressively or not.

  • HighEliteMajor said:

    KU 6-12 and Doke didn’t play.

    An homage to the big guy?

  • In end of game situations I’m concerned who KU can rely on to make them. So far the only consistent FT shooters we have are Dotson & Dedric. KJ has good form as well but he doesn’t play much. Marcus routinely misses the first and neither Grimes/Vick get to the line enough to rely on. Team definitely doesn’t have the shooters.

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