Making a Murderer

  • As I am enduring many sleep less nights as my daughter(foster but no different) is cutting teeth, sleep is turning into a unicorn for me lol. So I started watching Making a Murderer on Netflix. I’ve always like crime shows like the first 48 and such. I just wondered if anyone else had watched and what their thoughts were on the case. I personally believe both of the defendants innocent at this point. I find it fairly interesting and would recommend it to anyone.

  • @kjayhawks no, but I watched Dirty John on bravo last night. It’s based on a true story. Connie Britton is in it, coach taylors wife from Friday night lights, the tv version.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Cool I was hoping some of our lawyers would comment on this. I don’t believe anyone is a defense or prosecution lawyer but it still would be interesting. I personally don’t like Connie Britton, I think she’s a bad actress (plays a similar role in most of her parts that I have seen) but she’s been in some decent shows.

  • @kjayhawks I haven’t watched either one. But if past shows are any indication, new law shows simplify (i.e., dumb down to virtual silliness) things as much as medical shows do!

  • @kjayhawks I watched it. It’s very likely that many, many pieces of evidence were held out of the documentaries. They both went through the entire appeals process. I do think Dassey got shafted with his “confession.” And it’s pretty clear he has mental health issues. I think he was also likely involved though, so he should probably be in an institute instead of prison.

  • I have watched both seasons of MAM and I do not think they are guilty. There are just way too many questions that are not answered and it is clear that evidence was either tampered with or withheld.

    @Crimsonorblue22 you should listen to the Dirty John podcast. It actually came out 6 months or so ago and I listened to it and thought it was really good. I am looking forward to watching the show on Bravo.

  • @Kcmatt7 @Woodrow There are definitely some fishy things in the case and it obvious that at least some of the evidence was planted at this point. I talked to a guy I know that used to be a detective and he said investigators and crime lab did a terrible job. The biggest issue he had was with the burn site and barrels being looked over with no pictures the first time (he said there should have been dozens and dozens of pictures) and then returning 3 days later and finding some big stuff like bones, some of these bones were decent sized and seem hard to miss if they did the job correctly. The Dassey kids confession is nothing short of a complete joke at this point and I agree he seems to have some issues. Its the only reason he’s in jail tho, if that gets thrown out there is no other evidence against him in the case. I’m not a 100% sure that they are completely innocent but I don’t believe they did the crime. They may have had knowledge of somethings, its kinda hard to get a reading on some of family because they are all very odd ball. Also as KCMatt7 said we are basically getting one side of the story here.

  • @kjayhawks This is the best article I’ve found to express my opinion. Neither should have been convicted based on the way the case was handled. But I’m also glad that Avery is in jail because he’d be doing this to others.

  • My biggest issue with what happened in Making a Murderer was the Dassey conviction. His “confession” didn’t match the physical evidence that the police had, yet they treated the part where he admitted to helping in the killing as true, while discounting the brutal murder he described since there would have been substantially more blood and such inside the house had things happened the way he said.

    The police exploited a vulnerable, maybe not quite mentally sound kid, then used that against his uncle. Now, I can’t say he for sure didn’t do it, but the evidence wasn’t very strong, and was gotten in a very questionable interrogation, especially considering his age, mental capacity and the overall situation. The whole investigation was basically a long list of things you shouldn’t do. Given his previous situation, once he was a suspect, the local police should have called in someone else to investigate. Just bad all around.

  • @Kcmatt7 defiantly brings up some points for sure, but in Dassey’s confession he didn’t say anything that they didn’t give him the answer to already. The car battery deal is laughable, they hinted at it about 15 times before he spit it out. One thing is for sure, he flat out couldn’t have did the crime the way they say he did. If she was in his trailer and he cleaned so good there was no trace of her, he would’ve done the same in the garage. To me there are only a few scenarios that actually could’ve happen, He did it but was so smart about covering his tail they had to plant evidence (evidence was defiantly planted, I’d say the vast majority of it was by ether police or the murderer), He didn’t do it but someone in his family (Bobby) did or He flatout didn’t do it. The police did a terrible job, I’m not sure if you have watched part 2 (im on episode 7) that just came out last month but how they didn’t even try to find anyone else. They originally didn’t find anything in several spots they looked, then magically they found tons of evidence in the same spot 3 days later. They also never questioned her crazy ex, that basically stalked her for years, dude moved into her house within days of her murder. I agree that that Steven and Brandon don’t seem like good people by any stretch but I’m not sure they are murderers at this point. That phone call should be taken with a grain of salt for what I’ve read psychology, if they kept pounding it in to his head that he did it in his mental state, it may have actually believed he did it even if he didn’t at one point or another.

  • @kjayhawks I haven’t watched the 2nd season yet. Not sure I will. I’ll admit this was the perfect storm for a documentary to make it seem like he was innocent. But after reading about everything that was held out of the documentary to make them both look like they were innocent, it doesn’t really make me want to watch the 2nd season.

  • @Kcmatt7 I can see that if you believe they are guilty and Netflix is just whistling dixie. That could be very well what’s going on, its gonna become of the strangest cases. I’ve seen a few odd ones on the first 48 but this takes the cake lol.

  • @Kcmatt7 I’d recommend watching season 2. The last 3 episodes will probably change your mind (just finished it). Bobby did it, not even a doubt in my mind. He had help maybe from brendan or his step dad, but he did it no question.

  • @kjayhawks Try “The Staircase”. I watched a couple of months ago. Really interesting court case.

  • We watched it a few years ago and the Dassey confession bothered me a lot. He was actually telling the cop he had to go back to class to take a test. He was oblivious to the whole thing. (kind of reminded us of Kramer being jailed for being a serial killer on Seinfeld)

    Interestingly we were living in Northern Wisconsin at the time this story was on the news a lot. Steven Avery seemed guilty then just as it played out on the news. I know that’s not conclusive but it was certainly to see the story resurface in our life a decade later.

  • @wissox I can see as to where in would be very intriguing for you guys. I’d watch the second part, it’s gets pretty crazy the last few episodes and they never really looked at Bobby Dassey as a suspect tho I’m fair confident he committed the crime.

  • @kjayhawks We were just saying the other day we should try to watch it!

  • My wife hasn’t been watching with me and she asked about it today because see seen something of it on Facebook. I think the most intriguing thing outside of the confession that looks bogus is the fact that they when on and on about how she was raped from the beginning in Stevens room. Wether you believe as I do that most the evidence was planted or not, there is zero evidence to support she was raped at all or even in Stevens home at all. It’s just crazy how they fabricated this story about how she died and was raped from the get go tho they have nothing to support it but rammed it as hard as they could to Brendan and the jury. It’s creepy to the point that I haven’t ruled out the police being involved in the crime. I think Wisconsin knows they are wrong once again and they don’t want it to go to court again because they know they’ll lose, the deliberations took 3 days the first time, with the new evidence I bet it take a few short hours for logical thinking folks to clear both Brendan and Steven. I bet most of the police and the prosecutor have watched this and are sweating bullets, I personally believe the Kranz (Prosecuter) should be in prison for the rest of his days, he lied multiple times and withheld evidence.

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