My wife hasn’t been watching with me and she asked about it today because see seen something of it on Facebook. I think the most intriguing thing outside of the confession that looks bogus is the fact that they when on and on about how she was raped from the beginning in Stevens room. Wether you believe as I do that most the evidence was planted or not, there is zero evidence to support she was raped at all or even in Stevens home at all. It’s just crazy how they fabricated this story about how she died and was raped from the get go tho they have nothing to support it but rammed it as hard as they could to Brendan and the jury. It’s creepy to the point that I haven’t ruled out the police being involved in the crime. I think Wisconsin knows they are wrong once again and they don’t want it to go to court again because they know they’ll lose, the deliberations took 3 days the first time, with the new evidence I bet it take a few short hours for logical thinking folks to clear both Brendan and Steven. I bet most of the police and the prosecutor have watched this and are sweating bullets, I personally believe the Kranz (Prosecuter) should be in prison for the rest of his days, he lied multiple times and withheld evidence.