New 2019 Recruiting

  • @dylans Yes!

    Think about the OAD’s that KU has had. I won’t mention names, but you know who they are. Have they helped us in any way?

    Think about the 4 year players…again I won’t name names. But many of them are on banners hanging in the rafters of Allen Fieldhouse.

    It’s not just us. I was just talking about this earlier this morning with a guy at work. Look for Gonzaga to start a downward spiral in the next few years - because - they got to where they are because of having a core of juniors and seniors that got to know each other and they played well together as a team. Now that they are starting to reach that “elite” (not blue blood) status, they will start seeing an influx of OAD’s and they will start seeing a whole lot of “L”'s pile up.

    Give me a team of junior and senior nobody’s anytime. For instance:

    2019 National Championship players -


    Diakite - JR

    Clark - FR

    Guy - JR

    Jerome - JR

    Hunter - SO

    Key - JR

    Salt - SR

    Huff - SO


    Owens - SR

    Mooney - SR

    Culver - SO

    Moretti - SO

    Odiase - SR

    Francis - SR

    Edwards - SR

    Corprew - SO

    Sorry this is so long-winded, but this really jumps out at me. Each team had one Freshman, Virginia had 2 sophomores and TT had three, but all the rest are Juniors and Seniors. To my limited knowledge, none of those players were players that Duke, Kentucky, UNC or any other blue bloods were really slobbering over.

    I don’t know - maybe it doesn’t mean anything. But it does to me.

  • @nuleafjhawk think some of those guys transferred in?

  • @nuleafjhawk Of the four transfers on Texas Tech’s roster, three played prominent roles as the Red Raiders knocked off Michigan State 61-51 in the Final Four on Saturday night at U.S. Bank Stadium.

    Fifth-year senior guard Matt Mooney, a grad transfer from South Dakota, scored a team-high 22 points in the win. Another grad transfer from St. John’s, forward Tariq Owens, came back from an ankle injury to finish with seven points, four rebounds and three blocked shots in 22 minutes.

    Senior guard Brandone Francis, a conventional transfer from Florida, had nine points and two assists in 25 minutes off the bench.

    “It says a lot about our culture, the things we have down there in Lubbock (Texas),” Francis said. “Everyone is family.”

    Swingman DeShawn Corprew, a JUCO college transfer from South Plains College, played just two minutes off the bench against Michigan State but is averaging 5.3 points and 3.5 rebounds off the bench for Texas Tech.

  • @nuleafjhawk Yeah, it’s how you win a championship. You have a core of talented “program” guys (3-4 year players). Then you sprinkle in 1 and 2 year talent at a couple of positions. That’s how KU won in ‘08, that’s how ‘Nova won both of their championships, it’s how UK won their one championship under Cal (that and Anthony freakin’ Davis was the one year player they sprinkled in). Poor timing too, KU got hot in the tournament and would’ve picked up a title in another year.

  • @dylans did you see my post?

  • @dylans Only two teams have won an NCAA title since Self has been at KU, with a OAD player, and those are UK in 2012 and Duke in 2015.

    I’m wordsmithing here – One year talent leaves after one year. An OAD. A presumed OAD is one that is assumed to leave going into the year. Just kind of how I think the terms are used. I don’t know if you agree on the definitions there.

    You mentioned one and two year “talent.” KU didn’t have a one year talent. Rush didn’t leave after one year. Not an OAD and thus not a one year talent (but I get the argument on the knee injury, but he stayed three years). He was a presumed OAD though.

    KU, of course, did have two year talent in Arthur. I think the two year talent point is good one. Three year is probably the best range, because they ramp up to NBA level talent.

    I guess my point is that out of all the years that Self has been at KU, only two teams have won a NC with actual guys that are OADs. The OADs in those instances were also presumed OADS.

    I wonder, and I know I looked at this a few years ago, what are the teams that won NCs with presumed OADs that stayed into their second, third, fourth seasons like KU did with Rush? Nobody on Nova’s two NCs, UNC, and VA were presumed OADs that hung around, right?

    Duke has three projected top 10 picks, all presumed OAD, and no FF to show for it.

    Of course, teams can NOT win the NC with third and fourth year talent, as we’ve seen here. Even with really good upper classmen.

    But it just seems obvious. SKIP PRESUMED OADs. As a strong general rule – They are bad for your program. They bring drama. They create an environment that is not focused on the team achievement. They simply don’t deliver. The evidence is undeniable.

  • Man we for sure have a plague. - - With all the activity showing up on 247 today - -5 CB’S today for Stanley to Duke - -and now see 4 CB’S today with Beverly to Georgia - -and the GOOD NEWS just keeps rolling in - -hell it might come down to me tell my buddy who is in a chair to go try out could make it as a starter. - I’m mean he is only 67 yrs old and on disability - could be a real stud

  • @jayballer73

    The bags are flowing in Georgia.

    Stanley never gave the vibe he would be here. Nothing new with those types.

  • BeddieKU23 said:


    The bags are flowing in Georgia.

    Stanley never gave the vibe he would be here. Nothing new with those types.

    all this is telling me is - -that these schools are REALLY playing THIS FBI AND NCAA thing to the hilt

  • @HighEliteMajor I’m 100% in agreement with your position on the OAD’s. You seem like a very bright guy and I’m a regular schmuck, but why is it that people like you and I can see how blatantly obvious it is that the OAD’s are bad for college basketball and the “experts”, the coaches and administrators and the people that do this for a living are blind to it?

    It blows my frickin regular schmuck mind.

  • because while you and I are watching the game, we don’t see the $$$$ under the table.

  • @nuleafjhawk I think great players are great for basketball. I think OAD factories are bad for a program. And I think the OAD rule by the NBA needs done away. Kids that show out could still go pro after a year and it would save us from a bunch of Grimes’ that were pre-determined to go even after a lackluster season.

    Coaches are always going to go after the top talent. Talented rosters can win games even with coaching mistakes. (i.e.Scott Drew or Cunzo w/ Porter)

  • Precious looks great at the Hoops Summit. Worked over Hurt a few times. No doubt in my mind he’ll be a better pro

  • FarmerJayhawk said:

    Precious looks great at the Hoops Summit. Worked over Hurt a few times. No doubt in my mind he’ll be a better pro

    Hurt looks like a multi year guy to me. I don’t see the frame or athleticism yet… but that’s just one mans opinion.

  • Hurt could use hudy

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    FarmerJayhawk said:

    Precious looks great at the Hoops Summit. Worked over Hurt a few times. No doubt in my mind he’ll be a better pro

    Hurt looks like a multi year guy to me. I don’t see the frame or athleticism yet… but that’s just one mans opinion.

    He’ll be a one and done but I agree he’ll take awhile to find his role. I like the Keith Van Horn comp

  • Man Bill would love coaching Precious.

  • Hurt may get the bolden bench time

  • @Crimsonorblue22 or the ultimate K treatment. Play matador D and chuck 3’s

  • Memphis should kick some butt. Not impressed w/penny, but wiseman🤩

  • Crimsonorblue22 said:

    Memphis should kick some butt. Not impressed w/penny, but wiseman🤩

    Dude. Sometimes I look at Evan Daniels tweet that KU was a real threat for Wiseman and I think of happier days. I didn’t believe it but it was fun to think about.

  • @HighEliteMajor @nuleafjhawk too bad JoJo wasn’t on a championship team. I have a hard time saying no JoJo, though the odds of a non presumed OAD who doesn’t protect the goods and becomes a OAD and perennial NBA all star seems very very low. Nothing wrong with a non presumed OAD becoming one.

  • I think we have a good shot at Precious, If we can get another guard possibly a grad transfer. I think we will be good to compete for the conference title again. I’m not gonna go after anyone but some of my inside sources are saying addition by subtraction with a couple of the guys that left is the case.

  • poster off the Phog brings up valid point. - -He said that Duke is not gong to get Hurt and Stanley both.

    His reasoning , the return of the players that Duke has on Scholarship at perimeter: -Baker - - -Jack White - - Wendall Moore - - Alex O’Connell - -Boogie Ellis - -Goldwire - - Tre Jones

    Wendall Moore is a McDonald - player -Then Tre returning - and Boogie Ellis just a few number below Stanley. - They might be able to Sell Hurt on PF - -BUT how you gonna sell Stanley playing time with the players they are returning at his spot

    Makes Sense - he can go there and compete for some Minutes - -OR walk into Kansas and pretty much have those minutes at his disposal. I don’t know - -ya I mean Duke is Duke but they got in very late on this while once again Ku been on him for quite some time and a West Coast kid traveling clear across country to play - a lot less of a chance parents get to attend as many games? - I still think we have a legit shot at him. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Stanley knows Hurt is going there so he wouldn’t be visiting if he wasn’t ok with the roster situation. I think Duke will land both.

  • Woodrow said:

    Stanley knows Hurt is going there so he wouldn’t be visiting if he wasn’t ok with the roster situation. I think Duke will land both.

    it’s not Hurt that Stanley has to worry about - -really crowded at Stanley’s position - I don’t think they get both

  • I think they get both…Duke is becoming the OAD factory.

  • Agreed. Duke’s cash machine seems very well oiled. I think they get both.

  • We might also consider that OADs like Duke because, as we’ve seen, ESPN provides over the top coverage of Duke. Also seemed that way with coach Cal and UK.

  • @HighEliteMajor today at UVAs celebration they played this year’s one shining moment video and replaced the seven Zion and Morant clips with highlights from all the UVA players

  • @approxinfinity that’s awesome!

  • Not KU related , but I just saw Buzz Williams picked up FOUR commits yesterday! That’s insane for basketball. I think a couple of them were players he had committed to him at VA Tech, but still very impressive. He’s going to kill it at A&M.

  • Will KU sign another recruit ever again?


  • BShark said:

    Will KU sign another recruit ever again?

    Nope. KU isn’t playing basketball next season. Year after TBD.

  • @FarmerJayhawk We’re going to concentrate on football.

  • nuleafjhawk said:

    @FarmerJayhawk We’re going to concentrate on football.

    Exactly. We’re a football school now. We want Bama

  • Hearing that Matthew Hurt cancelled the weekend visits from Kentucky and Kansas. Per Jake Weingarten on Twitter…🤔

  • Yea, the Hurt shipped has sailed. Pretty epic whiff by Self.

  • Or a pretty epic payout by Duke.

  • ajvan said:

    Or a pretty epic payout by Duke.

    he all duke

  • Any chance hurt gets the bolden treatment?

  • @HighEliteMajor I’d just like to add to this. Has anyone listened to Sherron Collin’s interview on the Ain’t No Seats podcast? There’s a part where he talks about what it was like to play with Xavier Henry. Sherron struggled to make it “his” team even though he had clearly earned it: “I didn’t come back to win the Big 12; I came back to win a title. I wanted to be the first player to win 2 in their time at KU.”

    Instead, they had to focus on getting Xavier his shots because he had to go the NBA. Because it wasn’t just about Xavier, it was about the direction recruiting was going and Self trying to send a message that, “you can be a OAD and play at Kansas.” There was also Xavier’s dad hanging around the team causing drama. Sherron said once when Xavier had a bad half, his dad chewed his ass in the tunnel. He came into the locker room with tears in his eyes. It all came home to roost against UNI.

    That right there? That, my friends, is poison. An absolute cancer. Not saying all OADs bring that sort of drama, but that is the kind of thing you want to avoid altogether.

    You think Devonte or Frank Mason’s parents pulled some shit like that? No, they were just happy to be there. THAT is what KU needs to go back to.

  • Didnt even make Hurts final 2

  • Sad.

  • @MoonwalkMafia That’s about as powerful as it gets. And it gives us some indication as to what may have occurred this season with Grimes. I don’t believe I’d heard Collins’ comments on that before, so thanks for posting. It’s right on point.

  • @BeddieKU23 who is his final 2 , Duke and ??

  • @Woodrow 2) wherever Nike💰 says to go. Adidas isn’t leveling the playing field for us right now.

  • Tristan Enaruna is down to KU, Creighton, and Miami. He will visit all 3 at the end of the month per Evan Daniels.

    If we can’t land this kid against those two schools with immediate playing time then WTF.

  • Thanks for all the insights on recruiting guys. Never have I been so interested in our targets.

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