Urban Meyer given 3 game suspension

  • The news broke yesterday that he would be keeping his job but serving a suspension. To be honest I don’t get it, ether he knew about it years ago and swept it under the rug or he did know about it til this summer. I don’t see the need for a grey area in this case. I watched some of his press conference yesterday and it was terrible. He looked like a little kid that got force to say I’m sorry. He didn’t even say he was sorry to the young lady, just sorry for Buckeye Nation and that it happened. Urban is a great football coach no doubt but he ain’t much of a man IMO. After this scandal and letting over 30 players get busted at Florida with little consequences, I think I’ve found a new team to root against. Looks like we Art Briles in the making here, I’d be shocked if more stuff he’s been hiding doesn’t come out in the next few seasons and he’s gone.

  • It’s a joke. He should have been fired. tOSU fans defending him are absolutely banal.

  • @BShark Yep, Winning football games is more important than character or women’s safety. Sometimes I wonder how much of this is going on at other top programs. I also like that Coach Self has always been up front about player issues for the most part and didn’t hide it.

  • @kjayhawks

    A sign of the times we live in…win at any and all costs…

  • @JayHawkFanToo That has always been true. Nothing to do with the times! We just have more sources of info nowadays, so what people used to do in private now is more likely to get caught.

    One aspect of the current times is certainly better: More abuse victims are more willing to come forward, and more people are willing to listen regardless of the stature of the alleged abuser, whether coach, doctor, politician, priest, or presid– –ing judge.

  • @mayjay

    My poorly writen point was that in the past, once a scandal came to light more often than not there were serious consequences. Now, major infractions are looked as part of doing business. Granted, there is a much better chance now of stories seeing the light of day than before.

  • @kjayhawks

    Appearances suggest at least one possible interpretation (among several): Urban Meyer appears to have been given 3 week vacation for reputed degenerate behavior to keep him from having to answer obvious questions in public, while University counsel perhaps works out a deal with a confidentiality clause with involved persons to avoid court. But again that’s only one possible interpretation. He could also be being misrepresented.

    Regardless of what may really be going down, this “discipline” also appears to suggest TPTB lack confidence that everyone in MSM would be willing to swap future access for not asking obvious questions the next three weeks.

    Further disillusionment with college sports.

    It will be interesting to see if this OSU situation leads to falling dominoes as happened at MSU, and if there are otherwise unrelated scholars at OSU engaged in producing research embarrassing the security-industrial complex in Washington, as was the case at MSU, where a professor had just documented the misaccounted for $20-30 Trillion at Pentagon since 1998, or so.

    Like Michigan, Ohio is a crucial state to control for midterms and next Prez election. Regime change is probably sought by many in both states.

    Part of regime change reputedly sometimes involves getting control of a state’s major Federal pork conduit—one or both of it’s big state universities.

    The athletic department is reputedly a great backdoor to regime changing the major Federal pork conduit aka university quickly.

    Time will tell.

    P.S.: Ohio Republican Senator John Kasich is a strong critic of President Trump, a likely pro impeachment vote, and a possible challenger for Trump, if The Deep State is unsuccessful in overthrowing President Trump. Grabbing control of OSU to position to undermine Kasich might be seen as effective political strategy by some hard ball players on both sides not smitten with Kasich. Also, since President Trump has pretty clearly committed to a “coal strategy” to gain support and anti-impeachment votes in coal rich states, one logically recalls Ohio, like West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Missouri, and Kansas has hefty coal reserves to open up to far more mining. Thus OSU and Ohio regime change could be being pursued by both pro Trumpers seeking to enable coal mining and by anti Trumpers trying to drive Kasich’s seat and Ohio back to Democrats. In other words, this Meyer issue could be part of a larger regime change play.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    P.S.: Ohio Republican Senator John Kasich is a strong critic of President Trump, a likely pro impeachment vote, and a possible challenger for Trump,

    Kasich was never a US senator, he was a congressman but left Congress 17+ years ago in 2001. He has been the Governor of Ohio since 2010 and as such he has nothing to do with any potential Trump impeachment proceedings. BTW, Trump handily beat him and the entire Republican field in the 2016 primaries.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Kasich is a big fish in a small pond. While he is well liked in Ohio a lot of his support does not come from the Republican Party that sees him as a RINO. Ohio voted Democrat by 5% and 3% in the previous 2 election but Trump turned it around and carried the state by 8 points; he is a lot more popular among Republicans in Ohio than Kasich is.

    In any case, Kasich has zero influence on whether Trump gets impeached, these charges can only be brought up by the House and it would happen only if Republicans lose the majority and even if that were to happen, 17 Republican Senators would have to flip to convict which is just not going to happen any more than Democrats did when not a single one voted to convict Clinton who had lied under oath; the ABA was not as kind and took his law license away.

  • As always, thanks for catching my memory lapse; this time on Governor Kasich’s official title. If you really believe Kasich and Ohio won’t be pivotal to Trump fortunes in his looming ordeal, I’ve got a deal for you on swamp land in the Tarim Basin.

    Trump is now a cork in a tempest. ANYTHING could happen to him until the Rockefellers decide how to use him. He has run to the skirts of the Rockefellers in West Virginia and Ohio after initially being guided by their Point Man, Hank the K. Nixon all over again.

    Whatever, it will likely involve them settling a lot of scores at home and abroad that have accrued, since trans Eurasian super corridors got built without them and the North American super corridor remains to be finished.

    Won’t be pretty, as certain members of Trump’s base are likely learning.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Any reason why you deleted your long post to which I replied? When I reply, I do not quote long posts, only short posts or salient portions thereof. Without your post mine seems somewhat out of context.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    No malice or mischief on my part. Recall failed me on Kasich being governor, instead of Senator, as you helpfully noted; but that seemed to make you draw an IMO too broad conclusion that that faulty premise invalidated the rest of my speculation that Kasich and Ohio would prove politically pivotal for Trump downstream.

    Initially, I thought I would further explain my speculation about the importance of Kasich and certain influential Ohio Republicans not aligned with Trump partly in terms of their long running feud with Trump posted about by CBS News August 22, 2018, which noted that: a.) they have an intense feud; and b.) Trump and supporters had carved Kasich’s close ally out of state party leadership, after the election. I also intended to explore other factors, as part of my broader speculation about Kasich and Ohio’s criticality to Trump regarding IMPEACHMENT WARS and re-election, if Trump survives impeachment efforts. But then part way through I noticed your second response and it appeared you were unlikely to look beyond my initial error and that made me lose interest in doing further leg work and writing on the issue, especially about Ohio coal reserves, the incomplete North American super corridor (and the apparent schism between Bush Trans Party allies and Rockefeller trans party allies), and a similar schism over the Trans Eurasian super corridors that Trump and his base and his occassionally conflicted allies, the Kochs, seem to be wedging themselves between for reasons no doubt complicated, while the Ohio Democratic Party seems likely to try to exploit the rift, also. But your second response, plus my desire not to leave my incomplete speculations to be misunderstood, or misrepresented, by others, lead me to choose deletion as the most expedient resolution. I then briefly as possible re-asserted the essence of my speculation, as acknowledgement of having read your posts, since I infer you prefer short posts and began other activities. Hope this helps.

    FWIW, I hope President Trump is not railroaded out of office due to some apparently political and corrupt motivations of his opponents, even though I strongly oppose his accelerated drone warfare (which he accelerates from Obama), pro torture restoration (which he restores from Bush-Cheney), and his environmental degradation policies (which he restores and accelerates from Bush-Cheney). At the same time, if President Trump were guilty of compromising elections, by collusion with Russia, or Israel, or both, or of authorizing crimes against humanity, or of shielding pedo- and narco-trafficking by allies/cronies) I would want our wheels of justice to process him more effectively than seemed to occur with Nixon, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, and Obama, especially regarding reputed crimes against humanity and reputed pedo rings.

    But be all that as it may, Ohio Republican Party and business interests have a history of being a critical factor for Republican Presidents. And Governor Kasich, because of Ohio Republican interests that back him, and his ire toward Trump, remains an unexploded land mine for Trump on his trek through the dark forest of IMPEACHMENT WARS.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @jaybate-1.0

    What I was trying point out but you keep ignoring is that Kasich has very little, if any, influence in the Republican Party. The only state he won in the primaries was his own state of Ohio where he ran as “favorite son” and even then he got only 47% of the vote where candidates with that designation typically garner much higher numbers and, Ohio having changed to a “winner-take-all” primary, gave him the bulk of his delegates; in comparison Cruz won 11 primaries and Rubio 3 even when Kasich was the last candidate to withdraw. He is the only candidate not to endorse Trump, the official party candidate, and voted instead for McCain which was the equivalent of a gigantic middle finger to the party since most republicans consider McCain, because his marked shift in politics and senate votes on critical legislation in recent years, a Republican-in-name-only or RINO, much like Kasich is anymore.

    Republican believe that his hatred for Trump has clouded his judgment during the primaries and after that and, while he still has local state support, he is no longer considered part of the party leadership and his national influence is nil. Congressmen run in their own districts and the governor has little influence in these election so Kasich has zero influence in any impeachment preceding that may or may not happen. That is all, no need to make any more complicated.

  • No, I try never to ignore.

    I happen to disagree with you and that appears to frustrate you.

    In turn you appear to grow antagonized.

    It appears you must learn that disagreement is not the same as being ignored, so you won’t feel so frustrated and in turn slide into your apparent reaction formation of antagonism and accusation.

    I acknowledge your POV. I thought about it and disagree.

    I also appreciate your sense that your comments now seem out of context. I have had the same experience where someone else deleted their comments and mine remained. It happens from time to time in public forum. One just has to man ( or woman, or perhaps alias) up about it and decide whether to leave one’s posts, or delete them, also.

    Your most recent response demonstrates why I elected to delete my post and finish responding. I did not anticipate you learning anything further from me, or me learning anything further from you. I anticipated you claiming I was ignoring your point, rather than acknowledging reasoned disagreement. Since I already try not to ignore what posters post, because I mostly come here to learn new insights by shared discourse, I elected to acknowledge my mistake about Kasich’s office, reassert my opinion about the criticality of Trump and Ohio to Trump’s future, and seek out other threads to resume learning from.

    I am sorry if my stopping my discussion of this issue hurts your feelings, frustrates you and makes you feel antagonism and a desire to continue trying to make me understand and accept your POV on this issue.

    But I just am no longer persuaded I can learn any useful insight from you in this instance on this matter. And that is a right and choice that I Reserve for myself and recommend others Reserve for themselves.

    It does not mean I am lowering my opinion of you, or holding you in lower esteem.

    I just anticipate I can learn something by engaging in other discourses, both threads you start or participate in, and one’s others start or participate in, whereas I no longer expect I can in this one.

    Maybe a lightbulb will go off in my head in the future and I will find a way to learn something more from you on this issue, and I will return to it, but right now nothing is bubbling up in me, and I am not finding your comments and reasoning either informative or persuasive. It doesn’t mean I think less of you, or disrespect you. I just don’t have any more to give on the issue that I think would help you or me get beyond our present point.

    This happens from time to time to all of us I suspect. You are not alone.

    If it helps your feelings any at all, I hope I am wrong about Kasich and Ohio being critical to Trump, because if they were, then I fear he would be forced out of the White House before the next election and I think, regardless of my POV on Trump’s problematic agenda in some regards, that would be bad for the republic in the future.

    Alternatively, if Trump finds a way with coal strategy to bring Ohio around, I hope President Trump recalls (and learns from) some of the less than optimal consequences flowing from President Lincoln once upon a time engaging the rail, coal and oil interests of Ohio in early staffing and waging of the US Civil War.

    Rock Chalk!

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Thx for the link, but I’ll pass. See above.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I wish anyone posting a link would provide some context so a reader can decide if it is something they want to go see. Especially a video, because when browsing the Board in a public area, I don’t know if it has sound to understand it (in which case I would need to come back later) or if it is a visual only.

    Just a half sentence could be quite helpful.

  • @mayjay

    If you listen to the words it will give you the context you are looking for…give it a try with the sound up…😄

  • An IT with experience in national security gave me some sage wisdom 25 years ago, even before the net had blossomed. It went something like this: never click on a link that you don’t already know something about the funding of.🖖

  • mayjay said:

    @JayHawkFanToo I wish anyone posting a link would provide some context so a reader can decide if it is something they want to go see. Especially a video, because when browsing the Board in a public area, I don’t know if it has sound to understand it (in which case I would need to come back later) or if it is a visual only.

    Just a half sentence could be quite helpful.

    If you don’t post the mobile link, it automatically embeds.

  • Many years later after the net had blossomed with bells and whistles, the IT said cluttering discourse threads with graphics is a tell. I’ve never been sure what the IT meant by that. 🖖

  • Who knows? Maybe the guy wasn’t even an IT. 🖖

  • Meyer not getting fired was all money. Between boosters and a legal battle that could still result in a huge payout to Meyer, this was the expected result.

  • Kcmatt7 said:

    Meyer not getting fired was all money. Between boosters and a legal battle that could still result in a huge payout to Meyer, this was the expected result.

    Not like Ohio St doesn’t have it with its 4 billion + Endowment. Of course this was about money and winning football games. Winning football games foots the bill for a lot of things at tosu. Winning football games is everything, its the meal ticket.

    Meyer deleting old texts from a year ago the day before he handed his phone over is something that got swept under the rug nationally. That to me presumed some intent to hide things he didn’t want coming to light about this situation…

  • Ohio State is just another major college football program from a power conference to have a scandal that was swept under the rug in the name of winning football games. The list is too long to even try to name without leaving someone out, but even off the top of my head I can come up with Penn State, Baylor, Colorado, Florida State and Miami, and that’s without even thinking about it.

    It’s pretty sad what the temptation of all of that money does to those charged with providing oversight.

  • A fake Urban Meyers T-Shirt:

    Urban Says: “Nothing is better for me than thee.”