"Rivalry Renewed" KU-MU Border War

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    I thought I might be having a heat stroke when I read this…but it isn’t even hot right now.

    So out of the blue there is a game, and limited or no tv coverage?

    I guess this is all old players… making it perhaps even more entertaining than the current teams that aren’t even really familiar with the war.

    It would be great if someone posts any possible tv coverage.

  • Absolutely! This is gonna be must see TV and I have a feeling it’s gonna get a little chippy.

  • I think it’s great that it’s for charity. At the same I’m like why dont we just schedule them? We played them in the showdown for relief and now will in the this alumni game, you may as well at this point.

  • That Collins quote is QHOF!

  • @mayjay “There isn’t another way to put it, I just hate those guys,” he said. "I hate everything about Mizzou. There is a kid from Chicago that is going to Mizzou, I know him real well. I just told him I can’t support him. I just hate them, I hate everything about them. I hate going there, I hate them coming here. I feel like K-State was a rivalry, but it was more of a respected rivalry. I just don’t like (Mizzou).”

  • dylans said:

    @mayjay “There isn’t another way to put it, I just hate those guys,” he said. "I hate everything about Mizzou. There is a kid from Chicago that is going to Mizzou, I know him real well. I just told him I can’t support him. I just hate them, I hate everything about them. I hate going there, I hate them coming here. I feel like K-State was a rivalry, but it was more of a respected rivalry. I just don’t like (Mizzou).”

    Sherron should be our next head coach!!

    Any man that hates Fizzourah that much is KU Head Coach material!!!

    Rock Chalk, Sherron!!!

  • That is an EPIC quote. I “hated” Norm Stewart, until he retired. Then I had great admiration for his accomplishments, and was greatly moved by the ceremony at AFH when he was cheered and given a rocking chair by Roy. “Sit down Norm” was badge of honor for Stewart. This is not real “hate.” This is sports hate. The healthy kind. The kind that creates incredible enjoyment. The kind that bonds KU and MU.

  • Ku alumni 109 mu alumni 101 final Brandon rush 46points


    Thanks for the info. Looks like there was little defense played and the score is not nearly as lopsided as I thought it would be.

  • @dylans mercy. - I think I like Collins even more. - - Sound some like OLD - - Norm and the way he felt about KU - -didn’t even want his team staying overnight in Kansas didn’t want anything from Kansas - All I wanna say is MUCK FIZZOU. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @HighEliteMajor

    There is sports hate.

    There is real hate.

    In between is a thin red line much closer to real hate than sports hate.

    It is born from bloody Kansas. It has shown itself in many human endeavors involving the two states.

    One state—Kansas—is on the side of history.

    The other state—Fizzourah—is on the wrong side.

    Kansas, despite its people’s many human flaws, tries to think of what is best for all.

    Ad astra per aspera.

    Fizzourah thinks of what is best for Fizzourah.

    Never underestimate this trait.

    Never underestimate this hate.

    Never under estimate how lucky Kansas is to be free of Fizzourah.

    Never underestimate how lucky KU is to be free of Fizzou.

    The rivalry is dead.

    Let us mark it with a stone shaped like a cross driven down through the dead heart of a sleeping vampire.

    And hold this golden opportunity close to our hearts and minds.

    Rock Chalk!!

  • @jaybate-1.0 0_1532907680366_E11B373B-5D84-416B-A63B-23F7A958A66D.jpeg

    This doesn’t seem the same as the old KU-Mizzou games🤢🤮

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    It isn’t. But TPTB are trying to incrementalize us back into living hell for money. They are slow boiling the frog hoping we won’t hop out of the pot and do what’s best for KU.

  • I side more with Sherron, I hate Missouri. I hate most of the people that I’ve met from that state. We used to race go-karts there with my niece and nephew, they do anything and everything in their power to make the locals win. I told people I thought I knew what white trash was from some of our cities but if you ain’t seen south west Missouri you ain’t seen white trash. Anyone that’s drove thru that state on 70 knows apparently they love porn and fireworks cause there are billboards every 1/4 mile for both. I’ll say KC and St. Louis are separated from how the rest of the state is but if that ain’t the butt hole of America what is? Columbia may have the least amount of diversity of any town I’ve ever been to. Including the town of 800 I used to live in. I’ve often wondered why a person that’s not white would ever even consider going to that school or state for that matter. I remember seeing shirts at ole Mizzou arena saying slavers when KU was in town or Quintrel shirts. I’d be happy to never step foot in that state past KC for as long as I live but I’d enjoy stomping their asses again.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Really enjoyed your post. And I used to be in that spot. It felt like we were finally curing that enduring jock itch rash. And it really did have that feeling of cleansing us from poison.

    But it started to weigh on me. It was always a game not to be missed. It sent our guys into a battle that should always help us through the rest of our season because this game showed us how to get amped for a game! And how much tougher we play when we are amped!

    The financial picture seems to be a big loss in revenue. From a branding prestige factor, it was priceless! Kansas was involved in one of the biggest rivalries in America! And now we are left with K-State.

    Last… and what is behind all my points above… I just miss kicking their arses! And the occasional loss just made us want the next mugging even more!

    I enjoy games like KU vs UK… but those games will never have the emotion of KU vs MU. That can’t be replicated. And while we are all tormented and commenting on how D1 has just become a game about money and shoecos… here is an example of legitimacy! That rivalry was real!

    I miss having more authenticity in the game, and a big part of it is the history that follows schools and games. “Grudge matches” is about all that is left in D1!

  • @drgnslayr I want it back as well, I understand why we ended it and I was okay with it but now I want an actual rivalry game back. KSU isn’t a great rivalry. There isn’t enough dislikeness or competitiveness in that game, most KU and KSU fans interact daily in our state. When we played Mizzou, KSU was the only one that got that worked up about our game vs them. We usually stomped the daylights outta them in basketball and they returned the favor in football. It just isn’t competitive enough, now KSU has gotten better in BB but we still have won a whopping 91% since 1990 and I think they are in the high 80% against us in football in the same time period. That’s not a rivalry, their our little brothers that we pick on from time to time, Mizzou is the neighbor everyone on the street wants a piece of. The showdown for relief made a shit ton of money why not so it again a few weeks later as a non conference game? I’m actually disappointed the football games took the last few years of that game off of the campuses it was better on each other’s field so let’s do a home and home in major sports.

  • I don’t want to do them any favors. They left, so long. I think they might get to play in the Sec challenge this year. Might be their last.

  • @drgnslayr

    It was real alright.

    There was a scene in a Robin Williams’ Cold War movie, where he played a Russian that escaped USSR to America and even with new freedom and potential for prosperity he clung to his pain and misery he had known during his suffering under tyranny. His character said his pain was the only thing that was really his and so he loved it. It was quite poignant and I always thought it was probably how Robin truly felt about his real life too. Robin did many great things, because of his pain; then he killed himself, after some difficult health problems and a bout with alcohol addiction—long after having beaten coke in youth. KU must be careful about clinging to, and so restoring its suffering with Fizzou. It might do some great things from the restored pain, but it might kill itself, too.

  • @jaybate-1.0 have you seen the new robin Williams documentary, “come inside my mind”? I’d like too. He was good.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yes, watch it ASAP.

    It is a fine doc about an amazing human being. You will like him even more after it.

    He and I were nearly the same age and I came to work in SF when he had come back after Julliard in NYC to do standup at the Holy City Zoo in SF. He was funny on stage and then funny after at Sam Wo’s restaurant in Chinatown, where I used to go with friends after partying. Robin and a Chinese waiter named Edsel Ford Fong used to try to out do each other with insults. Edsel was the Don Rickles of waiters. It was half way between performance art and madness!

  • It just hit me…we’re going to run the 4 out …with size! Dedric will be will seen on the perimeter a lot…same with either his brother and/or Vick…the difference is, we’ll be dribble driving, as well as shooting 3s, while Doke plants down low. Our passing will be exceptional with Dedric and Grimes in the lineup, and their ability to drive the ball will open up the whole court. Even if Dedric starts the set down low, he can come out to the perimeter, which will create all kinds of motion for our offense. This is a team that can attack and break a press, and punish the other team for running it ( no $$$ for Huggie this year ). Our athleticism will simply be off the charts. This team has the weapons to be one of the most dominating teams we’ve seen in a long time.

  • @KUSTEVE Dedric for that trail 3 a million times this season. That Hi-Lo look with Dedric catching it up top and shooting or throwing the easy lob to Doke who is running his man up the lane is going to be so deadly.

  • @Kcmatt7 Dedric’s 3 point % is a bit concerning so I’m hesitant to get too excited over a career 31% 3 point shooter who got worse his sophomore season taking a lot of 3’s.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Shooting is a skill that can be improved. I think he’s more dangerous driving the ball anyway. Also, he is truly an exceptional passer… Doke will love him. If he shoots less than 30% from 3, he won’t be taking that shot anymore- guarantee it. Bill will have a cow.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    Considering the support cast, Dedric will be a lot more selective from the 3 than he was at Memphis where he was the go to scorer. Also, the KU coaching staff is much better than what he had at Memphis so I expect him to have a much better 3-point shooting percentage than he had at Memphis.

  • @JayHawkFanToo The other element is simply shot selection. I noticed in practically every Dedric tape, he uses a turn around jumper from 3 a lot. Now, practically nobody in basketball uses that move anymore because it makes you twist your whole body, and it doesn’t allow you to truly get set when you shoot. I wonder if that move is driving down his shooting percent, because it’s much easier to make a shot when your whole body isn’t moving 180 degrees. As tall as he is, I don’t think he has to use the element of surprise to get a good shot.

  • Excellent point … shot selection, really, is the name of the game. Putting shooters in the best position to make the shot drives three point percentages to a very large degree. The step-in three, when the pass comes from inside, is typically the best option. With a 4 like Dedric, if the scheme had him dribbling out to the line, that would create too many of the turn around looks. If a good two man game is in place, he can kick and get the dish from inside – we all know Self will have this all well covered. This is a great argument as to why Dedric will be better from three.

  • @KUSTEVE Dropping 8% is concerning and are we really sure his shot selection abilities are going to improve that much?

    The role he’s going to have in the offense is likely to be pretty similar to what he had a Memphis with Doke back and anchoring to low post. Dedric won’t be doing much back to the basket stuff with Doke on the floor. Dedric will be a face up guy taking a lot of 3’s and mid range shots which are not his strong suit.

    If he drives to the basket, hopefully he’ll be a guy who gets the whistle because he is a good FT shooter. Without an elite 3 point shooter on this roster, I don’t see anybody knocking down 40% this year, this is a team that could struggle to score if they’re not getting foul calls at the basket.

    Driving the ball is the strength of this team, but if I’m an opposing coach, I’m collapsing on the driver every time because there isn’t a truly dangerous 3 point shooter like Graham or Svi on this team. Vick who will probably be in the 37-38% range is likely to be the best, but he’s like Elijah Johnson in that he’s a very streaky shooter.

    As talented as this team is, I can see them struggling a bit on offense if the refs aren’t blowing their whistles.

  • I’m confident Dedric will shoot 35% or better from 3. Which is nothing to sneeze at.

    I’m confident he will have better shot selection, because I can’t think of a single player under Bill that took poor shots and played a lot.

    I’m confident he won’t take terrible shots because he actually has people to pass too and Bill has already said he is the best passer on the team.

    I’m confident he will shoot better from 3 because typically guys who can shoot Free Throws as well as he can are able to expand their range and hit open shots.

    I’m confident he will have more open shots from 3 because he will have 3-4 other guys on the court who are capable of scoring and so the floor will be more spread.

    I’m confident he will shoot well from 3 because Bill Self doesn’t let Big Men shoot the 3 unless he is absolutely sure they can shoot it well enough for it to be effective.

    I’m confident he will take better shots because he is going to be in his 4th year of College Basketball, and typically experienced players play better basketball.

    There are far more reasons to think his 3PT% will increase than stay in the low 30s.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 I don’t see him launching as many 3s as he took in Memphis. Hidden in his stats that show such a poor 3 point % also show a quantum leap in his 2 point shot - from 40 to 52% in one year. 27% versus 52% will not escape our coaches… are you sure they aren’t going to try and post him up at times, like they did with Perry?( I think it would work out better with Dedric).

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    As talented as this team is, I can see them struggling a bit on offense if the refs aren’t blowing their whistles.

    Let’s just hope we get back to being a decent rebounding team. This will be a year where we can really use the extra possessions.

  • @drgnslayr we have struggled so badly rebounding the last few years. We’d have 3 straight FF if we would’ve rebounded.