Joe Dooley Moving Up

  • ECU? Where is that? Is that a lateral move from FGCU?

  • Lulufulu said:

    ECU? Where is that? Is that a lateral move from FGCU?

    It’s in North Carolina

  • Made sense with some of his roster looking elsewhere.

  • Lulufulu said:

    ECU? Where is that? Is that a lateral move from FGCU?

    More money. Better conference (AAC) and better facilities.

    Dooley’s parents still live in the area so that will be nice for him as well.

  • @BShark

    The AAC actually has one National Title in 2014 when UConn won it; this is more titles than the PAC 12 or the Big 10 have in this century. The AAC is a good conference with teams like Cincinnati, Houston, Memphis, UConn, WSU, SMU and Temple. As close as you get to being a major conference.

    Definitely a big promotion for Coach Dooley.

  • This is a horrible job. If he can win 20 games (once ever in ECU history, under the coach they just fired) I think he will be lucky. This is a place coaches go to die. Only once, ever, have they had a coach move up from this job.

    Seems like this is a career finishing job for Dooley. Fired or Retired, whichever one comes first. Just too brutal of recruiting grounds in that spot of the country. Duke, UNC, Wake, NC State, South Carolina, UNC Greensboro, UNC Wilmington and Virginia are all competing for player right there. And ECU is just in the worst spot. Competing for starters with ACC teams who would use them as 4 year projects. But competing with the mid/low-major teams for who would be ECU project players but start for 4 years at the lower major schools.

    It is not a good spot to be. But, perhaps this is the job he wanted. Felt there was unfinished business here.

  • The good news (if there is any) is that 3 of the 4 top scorers for ECU return. They are all guards which should help him. ECU played all 4 freshman and got contributions from them all so there’s some hope a coach like Dooley can move them up. The 3 recruits are not great, a couple of top 75 (for their position) perimeter players.

    Dooley did a pretty good job recruiting talent to FGCU so I figure he’ll assess his roster, maybe send some on their way and hit the transfer market hard…

  • @BeddieKU23

    By now he probably has a decent connection to Florida players in the 50-200 range.

  • At a midmajor, the key is to not recruit over your head. Ideally, Dooley won’t compete with UNC, Duke and UVA for talent.

    He will be competing more with Virginia Tech, South Carolina and Wake Forest, but able to sell them the chance to win conference titles and a decent shot at a deep tournament run because the AAC is strong enough that you can argue a team from that conference could win a national title if they are good enough. Cincinnati got a 2 seed this year. If you have a good season in the American, you will be seeded well.

    That’s a lot better than having a great season in the Atlantic Sun, then missing out on the tournament altogether because you lost your conference tournament title game.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I thought national titles were lucky or crapshoots? Why cite them for authority? Has your opinion changed? The Big 12 has just one in this century. By consequence, we must be an inferior conference to the Big East, ACC, SEC because of their national title. This is an implied insult to our conference winning streak.

  • It’s definitely a move in the right direction for Joe, he’s had the best team in the Atlantic Sun conference pretty much every year but it’s a one bid league and he hasn’t always won the conference tournament. Moving to ECU and the AAC he has a good chance of getting to the dance with a top 4 finish. Hopefully he whips up on Marsha a few times. Oddly enough Coach Dooley has already coached at ECU before from 95-99. Trying to join coach Fambrough in being the only coach fired from the same university twice lol. Best of luck to him.

  • Vacated or not, Louisville’s 2013 title came as a member of the AAC, so the AAC unofficially has 2 national titles.

  • Movin’ On Up



  • The funny thing about ECU rehiring the coach they fired is that they just replaced their AD with, yes, an AD they also had fired.

    Dooley’s contract is loaded with hundreds of thousands of extras that could double his $400K base. Incidentally, his record at ECU is the best of any coach they have had since moving to Div 1.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    If you are going to quote me at least do it correctly.

    I said that winning the title is a function of matchups, talent, momentum and a whole lot of luck. This is why you can find numerous posts of mine advocating double elimination as a way to eliminate luck. You will also see where I wrote that other than football, where double elimination is logistically impossible, college basketball is the only major sport that is single elimination. Furthermore I have posted numerous times that without luck, KU would not have won in 1988 any more than the AAC UConn in 2014, but maybe KU would have won in other years.

    More specifically to your point, does luck play a role in the Tournament? Absolutely…and so do matchups, momentum and above all talent.

    As far as the tournament being a crapshoot look no further than this year. #16 UMBC beating overall #1 Virginia by 20 points, #13 Buffalo beating #4 Arizona by 21,#11 Syracuse beating #3 Michigan State, #9 Florida State beating #1 Xavier, Kansas State beating Kentucky, Loyola making it to the Final Four…a crapshoot indeed.

    Now, whether by talent, luck, favorable draw, bought referees or happenstance, wining a title brings prestige and recognition to the program and conference. We brag about 1988 and few remember how lucky KU was to win that title and as good as the 2008 team was, it took Mario’s miracle to send the game into overtime and eventual win but other than diehard fans, few remember or care about the details. How about the 1952 title? This is a forum with fairly well informed fans but how many remember or know KU’s opponent thay year or details of the game without looking it up? How about the Helm Foundation titles? How many members know or care when those championships were? How many know that they were awarded retroactively 20 years after the fact and they were the results of the subjective research of just one individual?..and yet we mentioned them as part of KU’s five titles and KU’s success story.

    As you can see, the contradictions exist only in your mind and not in my posts.

  • @JayHawkFanToo No, you have said the NCAA tourney is a “crapshoot.” I have no idea why you would Insult Bill Self by suggesting our conference titles are tainted by inferior competition.

  • @HighEliteMajor If ever there was a tournament that showed just how much of a crapshoot it really is, it was this one. Nova winning the title aside it was crazy.

  • HighEliteMajor said:

    @JayHawkFanToo No, you have said the NCAA tourney is a “crapshoot.” I have no idea why you would Insult Bill Self by suggesting our conference titles are tainted by inferior competition.

    Did you not read my description of “crapshoot” with examples of games played…in the last month…and even scores?

    Where did I say that our conference titles “are tainted by inferior competition”?

    How exactly am I insulting Coach Self?

    I see that you are still boldly making up “facts” as you go along, spinning and desperately grasping at straws. Your really should be a politician. SMH.

  • 🏀🏀👀 Let’s not get another thread locked.

    Although I’m not so sure what’s insulting about Bill’s balls? Pretty glorious when he whips it out on the court for all to see. (Insert heavenly light emoji)

  • I believe the half of the bracket KU wasn’t on had some of the highest ever aggregated seed totals for the S16 and EE. Part of that was of course a 16 seed actually winning.

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