My Takes on the Game as I watched later on DVR

  • I take everything back I said about Kansas usually getting calls. Vick trips into a dude, no advantage gained, foul called anyways. KU’s trip down the floor, Newmie gets pushed to the floor, no foul called.

    The foul count is like 12-4 and ISU fans still whining.

    ESPN has got to know fans of every team hates their split screen coverage. I counted it on the DVR, Lunardi talked for almost 3 minutes, then they put the big12 standings on the screen for 30 more seconds. All while action is going on.

    Doke may never miss a shot again.

    Vick and Newmann decided to come play it appears. Wish this was consistent.

    Svi still is in a rut, as long as it returns one month from now.

    Vick is so athletic I’m in awe.

    Desousa and Cunliffe on the floor at the same time!

    Long buzzer beater dang.

    2nd half starts, wait, they didn’t count the long buzzer beater.

    We’ve shown some resiliency this 2nd half. They come down with the ball with a chance to cut it to one possession and then we get a stop. SOMETIMES this is a tough team.

    I’m glad I didn’t grow up with the last name lard.

    I really enjoyed the years of great ISU teams with Fred and our epic battles up there. The energy just isn’t there this year.

    We’re 8-4 in the league (remember this game isn’t over for me yet) which means we’ve played 12 other teams super bowls.

    Maybe Lightfoot has hit his wall.

    Oh yeah, happy Mardi Gras!

    I know someone knows this, how many alley oops this year for Doke?

    Doke is deceptively fast.

    Keep seeing ads for MSU-Minny. I loathe Minny so much that I drive around the state so I don’t have to go in it.

    Finally some balanced scoring.

    I wonder if DG is tired.

    I wonder if Tom Crean has repressed the memory tonight of losing 71-30 halfway through the 2nd half to KU at the Final Four in 2003?

    Svi has forgot how to finish at the rim too.

    Doke sitting in crunch time. Smart move? We’ll see.

    What a great crunch time 3 by Newman!

    Lightfoot draws a lot of charges, but twice he’s failed tonight, both times the clones seemed to get the benefit of the call.

    I think Lightfoot committed Newmies 5th foul.

    I swear if they give this replay review to the clones I will be all in on referee conspiracies.

    OK, I’m undecided on referee conspiracies, but I’m ready to jump back on board @jayhawkfantoo.

    Nice game Jayhawks. We can take a step back from the ledge at least for a few days here.

    Announcer sounds a little disappointed in us winning.

  • Last name a$$ would be worse! Sorry! I was wondering if Mitch got ripped on his charges? They never replayed them. Oh, I heard hanni interviewing doke on the radio before game and he asked doke if he knew how many dunks he had. Doke had no idea. I can’t remember exactly but it was well into the 80’s.

  • @wissox glad you finally stepped over to the good guy side🤪

  • @wissox

    Last name Lard is okay.

    Nickname? Not so much!

  • Doke has now missed 49 FT’s and 49 shots from the floor. Incredible.

  • He was 1-1 tonight

  • @wissox

    Nice rundown… Your hired by ESPN

  • Nice job. Good to relive the game from your breakdown…and had some of the same takeaways. Ie. Lard etc…

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I had a female client at work named Mrs. Nipple. Awkward…

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  • @BeddieKU23 can I list you as a reference?

  • wissox said:

    @BeddieKU23 can I list you as a reference?

    Absolutely, you’re a shoe-in now

  • So many bright aspects of our game last night! Granted… ISU just doesn’t have the horses this year, especially on defense… but they are always dangerous on their home court.

    Vick - amazing how many positive plays he was in on last night! He put his athleticism on display. Fabulous effort!

    Doke - he had hit a “flat spot” the last few games (by that I mean he wasn’t showing us huge improvements every game)… but he showed us plenty of improvements last night, including the ability to stay on the floor while in foul trouble. His FT shooting is improving. All he has to do is focus on his form and he should shoot at least 60% (which is HUGE for us!) because of his incredible soft touch.

    Malik - Wow! Look at his stat line! He contributes all over the place and not just playing in the role of “volume scorer” now. Rebounds… steals… assists… Who says he’s not a “team player?”

    Devonte - Had an off-game for his standards… but we couldn’t have won this without him. He has stepped up as our leader in a HUGE way this year! That was something I always questioned, especially his ability for consistency. Crean gets it… loved how he commented on Devonte being one of the most consistent guards in D1. He’s spot on. Devonte is a bit tired and banged up… but he maintains high energy, directs the team, controls the ball well (few TOs this game) and though his shot wasn’t dropping it didn’t stop him from helping in other areas… 6 boards… 5 assists. He had the crucial rebound swipe late in the game to ice it for us. No surprise there!

    Svi - had an off-night, especially shooting the rock. His first TO where he missed catching a pass right in his hands indicates his vision still may be off. We know we can count on him getting back on track soon.

    The rest of the guys all helped, too. It may not show up on the stat sheet, but they all gave valuable minutes that helped keep us in the game.

    This was definitely a TOTAL TEAM EFFORT! Our overall energy level and attitude is much improved!

    It has been a long time since I’ve given high marks like this!


    Rock Chalk!

  • @drgnslayr I’m w/ you

  • @drgnslayr me too…