Is NCAA Biased Against KU

  • It appears that it takes forever for NCAA to make ruling on KU players, recall situation with Cliff, Diallo and now Preston. There is also an impression that NCAA treatment on KU is harsher than other big CBB programs, recall how UNC got away with academic fraud case.

    Thus I am wondering if NCAA is biased against KU? If so why would this be the case. Is our connection with Adidas versus Nike has anything to do with it? Or is it simply not true and some KU fans have a wrong sentimental feeling on this issue?

  • The counter to this would be to recruit the thousand or so other athletes that don’t have any issues. Vet their off-the-court character as much as their on-the-court talent.

    Preston had some academic red-flags that were known about him before so technically we could have gone a different way before hand.

    Rumors started swirling around the time Diallo was announcing his College choice that his eligibility would be looked at.

    Do I think the NCAA is singling out KU, No. It may seem that way but I don’t think our relationship with Adidas has anything to do with it

  • @BeddieKU23 You raise an interesting point, is KU at fault here by recruiting players with issues that is causing a problem. Should KU be doing a better job of vetting.

    When recruiting top talent we are going against UK, Duke, AZ etc. and it does seem that high ranked players going to other schools do not have so many issues that we seem to be having.

  • Incident occurred 11/11. Turned into NCAA around 12/20. This is their 8th business day looking into the matter. I think that is a reasonable amount of time to allow something to be investigated and vetted properly. I wouldn’t expect to hear anything back on Billy or De Sousa any sooner than the week of January 15th. If we are fortunate, they turn it around quickly.

  • This sounds like something that a UK fan would ask.

  • No. (to orig question)

  • North Carolina Amnesty Association

  • No

  • I honestly think the NCAA caters to the east coast like the media does because that’s where the big money is. You never hear of UK, Duke or UNC having the troubles that we do and they have had several recruits with transcript issues among other things. They are cleared in a heart beat no matter what the case is.

  • Banned

    I don’t know? I kind of think there is some conspiracy going on. How is that UK gets all this top talent from the same pool that KU recruits and yet nothing is ever heard or no wrong doing ever exists? It seems a little odd that almost every top talent KU gets comes with baggage. Yet other blue bloods never have these problems? Seems a little odd to me.

  • @DoubleDD exactly, even the guys they get that rumored to have baggage or it’s even been pointed out they have baggage, no matter you’re cleared east of the Mississippi.

  • Screw it all. It is what it is…

  • Kentucky lost someone for the season a few years ago because the NCAA didn’t certify him. We have some character issues in recent years and have recruited kids who’s spotty HS record led to issues, Cheick particularly.

    I don’t think there’s a conspiracy. Why would there be against us? Conspiracies require a lot of people keeping their mouths shut for many years.

    It makes some KU fans look a little whacky. Not you @AsadZ but go on some Facebook groups. There’s a whole lot of whack there!

  • @wissox

    If I remember correctly it was Enes Kanter and it was because he played on a professional team overseas and received $.

  • @BeddieKU23 And here we go with Silvio. Don’t hold your breath folks, this is going to take a while. He’s presumed having played pro ball until it’s proven otherwise. I’m not holding out much hope that he will play anytime soon, and lo-and-behold, it will be learned that he is completely free to play.

    Oh well, at least he’s on the team, and gets to practice. Oh, and by the way, there are ridiculous stipulations about a player in this situation of what they can and can’t do. Kentucky violated them all. I don’t think Silvio is a case of if, but when he gets to play. It’s always up to the NCAA to determine of course. We all know they are for the programs and student-athlete, uh whaa.

    No bias, all fair and no unnecessary influence here…smh

  • @kjayhawks YES…it’s so obvious and KU is not on the East Coast now are they???

  • Did you hear Self? They will have to contact, interview every single lead to determine if there was any pro influence. In the case of Kanter, he not only played pro ball in Greece, he took money for play. If I heard Self correctly, it could also influence his status if he even played against international pro players. I don’t even think money has to be exchanged. Where in the hell does the kid play in his own country? I don’t remember all this with Svi. Maybe my memory fails me. I wouldn’t know when Silvio could’ve played with any pro influence. He barely played in Angola and their country is not exactly the AAU circuit. He came to IMG fairly early in his high school playing time. What did he do play against pros in middle school? Geesh.

  • @truehawk93

    If he wasn’t an international player I’m confident his amateurism would have already been cleared. It’s taking longer with the international wrinkle thrown in.

    “There’s been a lot of different things going on, because they have to give us the questions they need answered,” Self said.

    Getting everybody over there to see what you want to do as their priority sometimes isn’t the easiest thing to get done. It’s not that easy doing that if you’re calling somebody from the same town here in the States sometimes,” Self said. “We’re kind of at the mercy of some other people getting the information to us, so that we can be sure and give complete information to the NCAA on that.

    I can’t recollect a player being ineligible for playing with pro’s, it becomes problematic if they accept money to play with pro’s right?

  • @truehawk93

    From what I gather De Sousa played for Angola’s U18, 19 team at the FIBA championships. When he was 15 he played for Angola at the U17 World Championships in Dubai. He came to the states in 2015 where he was at Montverde Academy before ending at IMG

  • @truehawk93 Svi apparently was careful to accept only expenses. In the Euro league, it might be easier to document money transfers and team payments than in more third world organizations and locations. Likely, the NCAA is more familiar with players coming from Europe.

  • wissox said:

    Kentucky lost someone for the season a few years ago because the NCAA didn’t certify him. We have some character issues in recent years and have recruited kids who’s spotty HS record led to issues, Cheick particularly.

    I don’t think there’s a conspiracy. Why would there be against us? Conspiracies require a lot of people keeping their mouths shut for many years.

    It makes some KU fans look a little whacky. Not you @AsadZ but go on some Facebook groups. There’s a whole lot of whack there!

    Yeah. There is no conspiracy. KU took some chances on kids with spotty records.

  • @wissox Aha! The early bird gets the worm! So, I will do this before @jaybate-1-0 gets his caffeine this morning and revs up the old Conspiracies are for suckers! routine.

  • @BeddieKU23 I’ve heard rumblings he’s older than listed.

  • @AsadZ

    My belief… we are not on the NCAA’s favored list.

    Schools like UNC, Syracuse and others are. If our federal Justice Department was functional, you would see UNC in deep, deep sh#t for their obvious academic fraud, that could do nothing but devalue EVERY UNC student’s education status. Truly, a case for federal authorities.

    But we are living in new times. I don’t agree with all our recruiting moves… but I am glad we built THE best compliance department in the country! It is a model being used by many other universities. That is a real game-changer. I don’t see a future now where we could possibly face 3 years probation and the threat of the death penalty because we helped a recruit buy a plane ticket to visit his sick grandmother.

    Pretty amazing to consider how bad that hurt us… even now… we’ve been digging out from this ever since.

    Now we have a top-rate compliance office and the atmosphere has changed with a weakening NCAA. Schools are more aggressive to challenge the NCAA in court. And the financial stakes now are MUCH HIGHER than 20 years ago. With the potential of creating massive financial losses over NCAA actions, you can see how the NCAA has had to adopt a less-aggressive stance.

  • drgnslayr said:

    Anyone else see this?

    Oh, my, might this be why the UA coach appears to perspire so much? Just kidding.

    No, I missed it. Thx for posting it.

    I hope this isn’t found to be the case, but…

    If it were found to be true, how would you like to be Indiana about now starting a rebuild with Stumpy’s brother?

    Was Archie ever Stumpy’s assistant, or vice versa?

    Ah, but brothers are often quite different in their values.

  • @drgnslayr You have raised some valid points especially regarding KU’s solid compliance department. I would only add that KU should do a better job of vetting out these issues so we do not have to get Compliance involved. Now KU may be doing its best and the issues we have experienced may be unavoidable, I am not certain.

    @jaybate-1-0 has raised some points that needs to be looked into, is KU getting left over elite talent in the likes of Cliff, Diallo, Preston etc. that other top schools in the likes of UK, AZ, Duke, UNC etc. were already aware and as such did not pursue these players?

    Is there something else going on behind the scenes that is causing these issues?

  • jaybate 1.0 said:


    I am with you and @wissox. Conspiracies are for suckers, as @wissox already said. I can reinforce what he wrote even WITHOUT my java.

    What appears to be being done to shaft KU on recruiting, if it in fact were being done, would apparently be being done entirely legally, i.e., without actionable conspiracy, or KU would have taken legal action, right? We are talking about a KUAD with television, gate and Petroshoeco Endorsement revenues of considerable size and import to Self, KUAD and KU. There appears no way that KU would knowingly tolerate a conspiracy that threatened its revenues by starving it of crucial recruits at the 1 and 5, if it were legally possible to bring action to eliminate that risk.

    Its so simple in some ways.


    KU recruiting appears to be being shafted legally, if at all, based on an appearance of a shortfall of 5-star 1s and 5s the last 8 years, when compared with the appearance at other elite programs.

    I don’t know why this appearance is so hard for persons to process.

    I don’t understand why so many wish to explain it naively as a conspiracy, or perhaps even more naively as just random occurrence, or perhaps most naively of all, as a product of KU’s inclement winter weather. Doesn’t anyone notice how improbable those explanations appear after 8-9 years? OMG!

    FWIW, Kentucky has never been down to six credible D1 players that I recall, except when those six were all OADs/TADs and even then UK had enough back ups to rest them, when fouled up, suffering wear and tear, or just in need of a blow. Oh, and that 2012 UK champion had an OAD 1 and an OAD 5. And I’m not talking here about the peak dump truck years of UK and Duke, when they were 10± deep in OAD/TADs either. I’m talking about their 8-year averages at the 1 and 5 versus KU’s 8-year average at the 1 and 5–arguably the most decisive positions year in and year out for winning rings.

    No other elite program I can recall has gone through a comparable extended drought of OAD/5-star 1s and 5s that Self and KU have gone through, since winning the ring in 2008, while winning 82-84% of their games afterwards. Not one. We’re not talking here about Coach K, or Cal, or Roy, having a rare off year, because a top player got injured, or some guys jumped earlier than expected, or a scandal scared a few recruits away once season. We’re talking a nearly 9 year drought of OAD 1s and 5s, and really not even any 5-star 1s and 5s, unless you consider Selby a 1, which Self did not, and the guy was hardly a lottery choice after KU!!!

    And the two 5-star 1s Self has reportedly signed for next season? Based on Self’s experience with recent 5-star 5s like Alexander, Diallo and Preston (so far), what does anyone think the chances really are that both of his 5-star point guards that broke his 5-star drought either: a.) become OADs; or b.) actually both arrive and start, or even play 20 mpg next season? Self apparently signed Charlie Moore–a third PG–for insurance. Why? Self is not stupid. It appears he understood that the chances of signing both 5-star 1s was slim, given his shortfall since 2008, and that them showing up, getting cleared, and having no baggage was another significant risk.

    I don’t really see Self having signed Alexander, Diallo and Preston, who barely impacted KU at all, as having broken the drought. I see them for what they appear to have been–5-stars with baggage–enough baggage to impair their abilities to contribute in a big way to KU basketball the way most other elite programs’ OAD 1s and OAD 5s have impacted their programs most of the time over the last 8-9 years. (Note: it is still too soon to say what will come of the Billy Preston situation. Hopefully, he is situation will turn out to be a terrible misunderstand and signal a turn of the tide, but so far, had not played any regular season games that I recall, and it is now January.)

    I also don’t really see one recruiting class of signing two 5-star 1s that haven’t even shown up and played a second of D1, as proof positive that the drought has broken either, do you? They are light, but is it baggage train approaching, or a the wide open spaces of recruiting symmetry at the 1 and 5?

    We have to get board rats past this bogus notion of conspiracies.

    Conspiracies really are often for suckers. The CIA has been proving that since Judicial Watch, or whomever, showed that The Company started meming “conspiracy” back at the time of the Warren Commission through its apparently controlled media. We’ve got to stop acting like mind controlled sheep and start acting like responsible free men and women trying to govern ourselves and trying to understand our world rationally. We have to start dealing with at least the appearance of reality again in politics AND sports, rather than ignoring the appearance of reality, and instead resorting to these silly reductions of discourse to characterization as either being conspiracy or not conspiracy.

    A mind, as the United Negro College Fund used to say, is a terrible thing to waste.




    Its the appearance of legal strategies that everyone has to begin recognizing, focusing on, evaluating, and exploring possible feasible counter strategies to, in order to get on with building KU Basketball to be the best it can be.

    Rock Chalk!

    Oddly, I find myself locked out of editing my post, so I have taken the liberty of editing it in this fashion. I want to emphasize that the situation with Billy Preston is unresolved and that his situation hopefully WILL turn out to have been a misunderstanding and Preston, a Jayhawk and a player of great promise, could turn out to be a drought breaker for KU’s efforts to sign OAD/5-star caliber players. Each game that the camera’s show Billy Preston sitting at the game, I see exactly the kind of player KU needs in the paint and a player that appears a credit to his team. I really admired his mom coming out in his defense and pointing out that she could have removed him from the team back in November, when all of this stuff surfaced, but that in paraphrase they are standup persons that wished to deal with this situation honorably and with good faith to KU. This appears the kind of parent and player that KU needs to associate with and to attract to the program. For their sakes, I hope this all works out for the best for them and for KU.

    Rock Chalk, Billy Preston and Billy’s Mom!

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  • Weird. I’m not sure why this would be. I’ve seen issues on occasion that usually resolve by reloading the site or signing out and back in.

  • I am able to edit my own posts, fwiw.

  • @jaybate-1-0 if you could let us know your operating system and web browser that could help. Or if you are using mainly a phone or w/e.

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    The issue appears to have resolved itself. Thanks.

  • @jaybate-1.0 excellent! thanks for the update. I’ll tell the NSA backed Chinese hackers to stop messing with your account.

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    @jaybate-1.0 excellent! thanks for the update. I’ll tell the NSA backed Chinese hackers to stop messing with your account.



  • WKU commit Moustapha Diagne has waited 15 weeks to have his amateurism status verified. He still isn’t cleared. Also from Africa, he was a former UConn commit. 15 weeks! Beginning to wonder if Silvio will see the court at all this year???

  • @Gorilla72

    In a just system, a player should get more eligibility for such long delays.

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