Relax, it's week 2

  • Before we getting going on Saturdays game let me say Central Michigan is better than I thought. They did return 16 starters from a team that beat OK state a year ago. That being said they weren’t 20 better than us. We beat ourselves today. Defensively our secondary was outta position often, we missed open field tackles repeatedly and had silly penalties keep their stopped drives going. We literally handed them 17 points on defense. The offense was terrible in the first half. They got better as the game wore on but dropped balls, once again penalties and turnovers. People in the stands were calling for Stanley but I strongly disagree, Bender had some crappy throws but one of his picks was ripped outta the WRs hands and he became the first back to back 300 yard passer since Ressing no reason to bench him this quick. He stood in the pocket and took several hits and our guys had too many drops. Steven Sims JR didn’t play a snap on offense, he fair caught two punts early. Anyone know what’s with that? Quan Hampton and Schadler need more touches for sure. My player of the game was right I’d say, Dom Williams didn’t quite get the 80 yards I predicted but he did get 64 and the 2 touchdowns. We have a lot to work on no doubt and a bowl game probably just went out the door but our problems are fixable. It week 2 with a new OC, QB and most of the secondary. OSU didn’t quit last year I don’t think we should ether. I still say 3 wins is doable.

  • @kjayhawks sims looked liked he tweaked an ankle last week. What happened to mike lee?

  • @kjayhawks did you try out the seats?

  • It took bender 62 passes to get those 300 plus yards - -sooooo many questionable passes could of very easily had 2 more int’s, no mobility period. The thing is - it’s time to quit making excuses, time to quit trying to sugar coat - what time is it? - -it’s time to take responsibility, this is a sad program right now.

    Their QB was ok - -but not as good as we made him, hell our D-Line which was suppose to be a strength, is getting zero pressure - -zilch, you give any QB as much time as he had 4-5 seconds to pick out a receiver your going to get eatin alive, we knee our secondary was told might be a weakness, but there is NO secondary that can cover for that length of time, these receivers were not only open - -they were wide open. - -Wasn’t impressed with Bender coming & sure the hell not impressed now. – -

    Like another reader posted on another site , right now this program is an embarrassment to the fans - -to the league, the window of continued excuses is closing. The School wants donors to invest a butt load of money for stadium remodel, - -good luck with that, you have to show some kind of improvement in the product. You can try and continue to make feeble flimsy excuses all day, your fooling no one but yourself. this is a Sad program at this point

    Yesterdays loss the WHOLE defensive Coaching staff needs to be held accountable, some saying Bowen - there is more coaches then Bowen , you can say it’s only week 2 - great , you want to try and point out any game we can win with what we are putting on the field right now? -If you seriously think that let me have some of that crap your smoking I wanna feel good to, time for excuses have run out

  • @jayballer54 yes our defensive line was a joke and gave Morris all sorts of time but they did return all their guys up front and I’m betting a few of them are playing on Sundays next year. We lost this one as a team, so many errors on both sides. @Crimsonorblue22 didnt get the seat backs, I did like my seats and the place was mostly full and loud early in the game. Armstrong has been a huge disappointment thus far, he missed a wide open sack Saturday. I don’t believe in coaching changes mid year but Bowen should be demoted going in to next year. Beaty will be our coach in 2018, moving forward after that I’m not so sure.

  • There’s 3 big issues that are apparent right now. 2 of them are Peyton Bender. One is his accuracy is really bad. So many throws that are off target, either overthrown or behind receivers. When those two get combined on the same play, we’ve seen some really bad interceptions from Bender already.

    The other issue which we all knew might be an issue this year was the secondary. Almost 500 yards through the air against CMU means it’s going to be a long year on defense. Especially if Bowen keeps calling the defense as conservatively as he called it yesterday. I don’t remember Bowen running a single blitz which means if he did, they were few and far between. As good as KU’s DLine is, Armstrong won’t disrupt much when he’s double and triple teamed almost every play. Dropping 7 or 8 into coverage means Armstrong and Wise will always be double teamed and our LB’s and DB’s will be covering for 5+ seconds which will end badly just about every time. Bowen needs to send 5 or 6 on most plays to help out Armstrong and Wise and it should force the opposing QB into throwing before he wants to or get sacked. Thus would help the DB’s in coverage because they wouldn’t have cover as long and bad throws would also give them a better opportunity at some picks.

    Those are the biggest issues that have to be addressed somehow otherwise KU might not win another game this year.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 exactly what I said at halftime, why not send heat? Ether way they are moving it too easy. I hate to say it about a hometown kid but Tornadan (spelled wrong) is not a D1 player or even close to it.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10

    This is exactly what I was thinking. Bender does not seem to have what it takes to lead the air attack. When it takes over 60 attempts to get 300 yard and throw two costly interceptions, it would appear to indicate that a new plan needs to be drafted.

    Didn’t someone post he would not mind interceptions on long passes? Uhm…no, the interceptions were killers yesterday.

  • Isn’t it our best guess that Carter Stanley is hurt? A wrist or hand injury of some sort? So, Peyton Bender is our guy. He does many good things, but sure forces the ball at times and overthrows routes at times. The C Mich defensive line played way better than our offensive line did. Peyton didn’t always have enough time to complete his reads. C Mich just outplayed us on offense and defense. The loss is really that simple.

  • @kjayhawks ya I didn’t know if THAT was just me or what? - -Armstrong has done nothing yet this year - is it possible more probable teams are planning more schemes for him? - double teams possibly - -Right now he is ONE glaring spot missing. - -We just look like a very did organized team right now - -blown assignments - - no pressure - -key very costly penalities, our Defense is a complete wreck. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY


  • @stoptheflop Stanley has an injured hand/wrist, that’s why Starks finished off the SeMo game.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 @stoptheflop The game really turned when Bender threw that pick with a minute to go in the first half. But it wasn’t his fault Quan had two hands on it and in his chest til the DB took it from him like a little kid which it was freshman vs senior there so not that surprising. But we would’ve had first and 9 @ the 9 down 17-6 with a chance to be down just 4 points at the half. The defense was good for the first 25 minutes heck the people in stands were thinking we was just a few plays from breaking the game open. Personally I think it’s wise to stick with Bender for at least one more game. I question wether Stanley is actually injured anyway, he was suited up and warmed up at half so we thought he was going in to be honest. We lost for several reasons yesterday and most of them were on defense, letting up 45 points from 5 minutes in the second to 6 minutes left in the game, less than a half will not win you jack. Stanley’s numbers actually mirror Benders, we have to catch the ball as well, we had at least 5 drops. One of which was a screen pass with no one with in 10 yards and probably a touchdown.

  • @kjayhawks That pass that was stolen from Hampton was still thrown into double coverage so it was still a bad decision by Bender to throw it in the first place.

  • the reality is Central Michigan was 20 points better

  • The man ate dirt 25 times on Saturday and picked his ass up off the ground each time. Of course he is going to make terrible decisions when every time he throws the ball he gets hit. If people think Stanley could have done a better job they are delusional.

    The interceptions were far from the reason we lost that game. Nor were they down field as I said. Both were 20 yards or less. That is not acceptable and I’ll concede that. But again, not the reason we lost the game. And if we aren’t going to be able to run the ball in the Red Zone this season, expect quite a few more picks down there. The field is shrunk so much and our O-Line is so bad that we are going to be throwing a lot of hurried passes into tight windows. That leads to a lot of picks.

    The real reason we lost the game. CMU had 5 drives for TDs of 70+ yards. And we are questioning the QB play? The first guy to throw for 300 yards in back to back games since Reesing and we are questioning him and not the 590 yards we gave up? This has to be a joke. It isn’t like Stanley lit the world on fire last season. Or even took care of the ball?

    What game plan would you change to if you were Beaty/Meachem? Our tiny O-Line can’t run block. Sure can’t Pass block. Receivers can’t get separation. No down field threats to stretch the D. Nobody who can catch one and take it to the house like Quiv could. Running backs aren’t elusive at all. Or fast enough to get to the edge and outrun the defense.

    The truth is we still have a talent deficiency on offense. And apparently one still on defense after watching that performance. Who plays QB is really the least of our concerns if you ask me. Not until our D can play better than wet toilet paper and our O-Line can stop lower tier defense from laying our QB out every 3rd play.

  • This was my fear after the first game. KU won, but didn’t physically dominate. KU isn’t yet at the point where their athletes are just superior to mid major teams. Honestly, KU is still sort of a mid major level athletic team. They haven’t gotten back to Power 5 level yet with that athletic depth (although substantial progress has been made on that front).

    This year is still about building. The depth is improving. The athleticism is improving. The line play (both sides) must improve for this team to even sniff its potential, but the opportunity is there for KU to have a really good team next year and win a bowl game within the next couple of years.

    But to get there, some lumps will be taken this season. Saturday was one. There will be more.

  • All I can say is what the hell was Saban thinking recruiting Baldwin and Charlot. The right side of the o line is super weak and was beaten time and time again Saturday but Baldwin can’t even play? I think the troubles we had on offense maybe corrected to an extent and we didn’t have our best WR Sims definitely hurt. I actually like our newest RBs and think they will be good. The biggest issue I have is watching MAC receivers out run our secondary time after time. We lost our speed on defense that we had last year. That cannot be fixed, you’re ether fast enough or not. This coaching staff has failed at a judgement of talent especially on the defensive side of the ball. We should’ve moved some offensive players to defense, Taylor Martin is the fastest guy on the team but can’t produce at RB, move him to safety. Tyler Patrick is a WR sitting on the bench, he out ran the OU secondary a few years ago for a touchdown, move him to CB. Stuff like that should’ve been done in the spring time. I’m really starting to question the ability of this staff, the next question is does Beaty get fired if we don’t win another game this year? Does anyone show up to the rest of the home games?

  • @kjayhawks our D the last couple of years has been better. Good ideas!

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