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  • @Texas-Hawk-10 @stoptheflop and myself predicted the big 12 games and we all ended up with a 7-3 record (anyone is welcome to join). Most of the games were blow outs against inferior teams (7 20 plus point wins). Baylor lost to Liberty, as Turner Gill, Turner Gilled Matt Rhule in his debut as Baylor coach. We all knew Baylor was a question mark going into this year but wow they still had enough rollover talent from last year (10 returning starters) to beat Liberty. West Virgina lost to VIrginia Tech in a good game 24-17. I watched most of this game and figured it was a 50/50 game to start with, WVU had their chances and moved the ball just didn’t finish drives. Maryland was able to steal the show in Austin over Texas. Texas picked up right where they left off in 2016. I realize Maryland is a power conference team but most have them in bottom half of the b10 that coupled with Texas’s Top 5 recruiting class and 15 returning starters was a surprise, they looked completely lost to me. The big 12 is shaping up to be the worst power 5 conference again this year, after being the only power 5 conference a year ago to post a losing record (6-8) against other teams from the power 5. 10 of such games happen this year and with an 0-2 record already and 5 of the 8 left road games, I don’t look for it to get any better. I know OU made the playoff once but man it just seems the conference sucks these days compared to the 90s thru the early 20 teens. I predicted this conference wouldn’t be here by 2022 after not adding football teams. If the conference can’t pick it up, I highly doubt it lasts that long.

  • Feel free join this week @Kcmatt7

  • The Big 12’s decline has coincided with UT’s decline in 2009. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of UT, the Big 12 has always needed to be competitive nationally because of recruiting. UT being bad has meant that SEC schools that aren’t named Texas A&M, LSU, and Arkansas have been able to raid Texas as they please and this has taken away from UT and OU getting the majority of the elite recruits out of Texas. In the first 12 BCS title games (1998-2009), the Big 12 had 7 appearances (most of any conference during that time) and since that 2009 BCS title game between Alabama and Texas, the Big 12 did not appear in any of the final 4 BCS title games and has only made 1 appearance in the 3 College Football Playoffs and that was OU as a 4 seed.

    Also, the B12 will be around until the end of their current TV deal which I believe runs through 2024. We’ll probably start hearing about where teams may end up after the TV deal is up around 2022, but I don’t believe any team will leave early because of the Grant of Rights which wouldn’t be worth the cost or time of the legal battle it would take to overturn the GoR.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 i would agree for the most part but Texas hasn’t had a recruiting class worse than top 20 in years, Oklahoma is much of the same according to rivals, they also both have top 5 classes going into this year. I think the SEC has gotten bigger in the recruiting game in Texas but Oklahoma hasn’t suffered like the longhorns, they have won major bowls as recent as last year and made the CFP as you said. I just think they are a one man band like KU is for the conference in BB.I’d say 95% of Texas’s trouble is coaching.

  • Week 2 games:

    0_1504622495680_Week 2 games.JPG

  • Just predicting winners

    Ok State KSU WVU Iowa State Texas Atkansas Kansas Ohio State Baylor

  • My Picks and Vegas Lines:

    • My Pick: OSU over SAU - Vegas: OSU by 18
    • My Pick: KSU over Charlotte - Vegas: KSU by 36
    • My Pick: WVU over ECU - Vegas: WVU by 24
    • My Pick: Iowa over ISU - Vegas: Iowa by 2.5
    • My Pick: UT over SJSU - Vegas: UT by 26
    • My Pick: Arkansas over TCU - Vegas: TCU by 3
    • My Pick: KU over CMU - Vegas: KU by 5.5
    • My Pick: OU over OSU - Vegas: OSU by 7.5
    • My Pick: Baylor over UT San Antonio - Vegas: Baylor by 17

  • For Week 2, I’ll take the following:

    Oklahoma St. over S. Alabama

    KSU over Charlotte

    WVU over ECU

    Iowa over ISU

    Texas over SJSU

    TCU over Arkansas

    Kansas over CMU

    OU over Ohio St.

    Baylor over UTSA

    Best game may end up being the TCU-Arkansas game. OU-OSU is going to depend on which Ohio St. team shows up. If it’s the one from the 1st 3 quarters against Indiana, OU should be able to win. If it’s the 4th quarter OSU team that shows up, then it could be a very interesting game.

  • OU owes OSU for last season. They better bring it.

  • Might as well join in.

    Oklahoma State by three touchdowns

    K-State grinds out a disciplined win

    West Virginia bounces back with a solid showing, winning by two scores.

    Iowa beats ISU soundly

    San Jose State as a serious crisis emerges in Austin.

    Arkansas squeaks by on a late drive.

    Kansas in an exciting late win

    Ohio State wins a shootout with the Sooners

    Baylor wins a shootout as well, but it becomes clear that the Baylor teams of the last several years are not coming back.

  • Week two:

    Ok State over S Alabama

    K State over Charlotte

    W Virginia over E Carolina

    Iowa over I State

    Texas over San Jose St

    TCU over Arkansas

    Kansas over C Michigan

    Ohio St over Oklahoma

    Baylor over UT San Antonio

    Now I know why others had to double space between games.

  • My picks for week 2:

    Ohio state 35, Oklahoma 24

    Okie state 56, South Alabama 13

    TCU 38, Arkansas 31

    West Virginia 42, East Carolina 24

    Texas 55, San Jose State 24

    KSU 56, Charlotte 13 (prob the weakest FBS team, Snyders usual sos).

    Baylor 45, USTA 13

    Iowa 45, Iowa State 17

    You will have to read my breakdown vs CMU to get my pick.

  • Banned

    Nobody picking OU to win? Um I’ll take OU in a close game.

    I’m pretty sure the old rumor mill will start churning the closer we get to the that 2024-2025 date. Fact is most of the time new contracts are hashed out before the old ones expire. It will be interesting for sure, but yes no Big 12 team is going to leave until the contract is over. However I think there is a clause in the contract that states if so many teams agree to disband, than it becomes null and void. I don’t know I would have to check on that one.

  • Oklahoma 28 - - -Ohio State 24

    Oklahoma State 49- - - Southern Alabama 10

    TCU 45- - - - - -Arkansas 27

    West Virginia 54- - - - Eastern Carolina 17

    Texas 41- - - - SanJose State 17

    Kansas State 51- - - -Charlotte 3

    Baylor 56- - - - USTA 10

    Iowa 37- - - -Iowa State 23

    KU 34- - - - - Central Michigan 17


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