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  • Stepfather says every school interested in Zion will be listened to, big or small. Says recruiting analysts have no real info. Looking for best style of play for Zion to fit into. Only mentions offense–that’s the mentality of would be stars out of HS, it seems. Says people may be shocked when Zion decides. Names 6 under consideration. UNC, UCLA, KU, Duke, Clemson, and S Carolina were named. No UK, but it was not presented as a final list–UK mentioned elsewhere.

  • Very interesting. And yeah the word on Zion was that he is disinterested in playing defense, lol.

  • @mayjay

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the fact that he only talks about offense. Unless he goes to Syracuse, he’s playing man to man defense no matter where he goes. Maybe the scheme changes slightly as to whether you funnel drives to the sideline or the middle, but schemewise, the defense that KU plays isn’t all that much different from the defense that UNC or UCLA or Duke plays. It’s not like going to one place or the other is going to widely change what he’s expected to do on that end.

    Offensively, however, the systems differ widely, particularly because nobody knows who he would be paired with as teammates at this point, so you can’t necessarily say what a defensive scheme would look like at any of those places.

  • @justanotherfan Oh, I wasn’t too worried, especially because I think the stepdad is probably being quoted only in part. I do remember Wiggins and Jackson talking about defense, though. Obviously, when you are a force on offense as Zion probably is, the light on that facet is going to shine much brighter in the attention you get. And if you are quick, and strong, coaches usually have a good record teaching D.

  • @mayjay Don’t think we are going to see too many more Josh Jacksons.

  • @BShark Is zion williamson really the number 1 overall player? I think you need to sell me on him, if possible.

  • @KUSTEVE Really don’t have to do to much to sell this kid. - -Bottom line, plain and simple, there isn’t hardly a School in The States that wouldn’t or don’t want this kid, he is an absolute stud, Every Big name School wanted him US - – Duke, Kentucky, Arizona North Carolina - - UCLA you name them, have watched him on film against other upper crust players for 18 pretty well had his way - -or held his own, Tell ya what - -Go ask Coach Self what he see’s in Zion, see if Coach thinks he needs sold on him lol, complete animal, you bet we need to and will take him in a heart beat. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I know you’re jazzed up about him, so I’ll certainly try to see what you and coach see.

  • @KUSTEVE Zion is the consensus #2 ranked player in 2018 behind RJ Barrett now that Marvin Bagley has reclassified who was far and away the top guy prior to reclassification.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 He was number 1 on a website I was looking at.

  • @KUSTEVE Rivals, 24/7, and ESPN which are the 3 most reputable recruiting services all have RJ Barrett over Zion Williamson.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Barrett became number 1 after he dropped 38 against US19. Before that, Zion was number 1 on 24/7.

  • We all know that the difference between 1 and 2 is essentially meaningless, don’t we?


    He really is that good. Body of a linebacker, athleticism of Lebron James. Unstoppable in open court, NBA Jam type dunker. Past that, he’s a very efficient scorer, doesn’t force a lot of shots he can’t make. Developing outside shot reminiscent of JJ. Competitive player definitely has an edge to him.

    Motor and defense can be questioned a bit as he plays overmatched competition in HS. Predominant left driving to the basket, more of a North/South type guy because physically there is nobody in HS that can body him up. Tools are there for him to be very good defensively if he buys in.

    His brand is huge already. Whatever school gets him is getting a lot of attention from fans, media, kids growing up that are looking up to him etc. Crazy to think we are in this one for him.

  • @mayjay I had my microscope out- I had to split that hair. Otherwise, I’d be wrong.

  • @BeddieKU23 That is what I was seeing- a bull in a china shop going downhill- practically impossible to stop once he gets going. What was giving me pause were all the mixtapes where he is playing against mighty mites less than half his size, and the references from other posters on here about his lack of interest in playing defense.


    I would be the least concerned about his defense. His athleticism and physical nature of playing the game will not allow him to be anything less then an average defender in his one year (wherever that is). I’ve seen highlights of him chasing down players in the open court for Lebron type blocks or the type of hustle play that Jamari Traylor used to make. He’s on the same level as JJ as far as competitiveness and outspoken demeanor and it’s hard to imagine a defensive coach like Self wouldn’t get the best out of him.

    Plenty of highlights against his over-matched HS competition. The good thing is there is just as much video of him dominating the AAU scene where he’s consistently been the best player every time he stepped foot on the court in those settings.

    I think the biggest concern for Zion will be how his game translates once he faces guys that can withstand his physicality and guys that are at least in the realm of his athleticism. That seems to be the popular opinion about him. Because his natural gifts are superior he doesn’t have to rely on skill as much. I don’t think he lacks anything that can’t be coached, he seems like he wants to be pushed hard and as much as I gather about him he’s a driven individual despite all the fame he’s gathered already.

    There are not many holes in his game at all and while the dunks get the most coverage he’s so much more then those highlight reel plays. For a wing type player he was shooting over 60% from the field this summer. He calculates what a good shot is and finds a way to make what he wants to do easier for himself. Once you see this guy in a College uniform your going to look at him and say holy cow that’s a basketball player. A guy that he reminds me of a bit is Rico Gathers. We all knew Rico was a physically gifted freak who belonged playing a different sport. He’s now with the Cowboys. It’s not a stretch to think Zion would have been an elite college football linebacker or an edge rusher with some added weight. He just sticks out at his age and will continue to impress until he meets grown men in the NBA.

  • KUSTEVE said:

    @mayjay I had my microscope out- I had to split that hair. Otherwise, I’d be wrong.

    Words to live by! PHOF!

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