Time for a red rooster update on his better half👸

  • How is your wife and how are you doing?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I will try to do so by this weekend. It should be better news for the bride but maybe not so good of news for the groom !! Interesting ???

  • @Red.Rooster now I’m worried!🙏

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Thank YOU for asking / inquiring about HOW Mrs. and Mr. Red.Rooster are doing! My wife had her 80th birthday just a few days ago, on June 22nd. To bring you and others “up-to-date” on her situation, I have reached back and copied my "last response that I provided back in early November, 2016.

    Here it is … from November, 2016 ""The “Red_Rooster” has been diverted somewhat lately. I have NOT forgot about my KUBUCKETS friends but I have been focused on a couple other things lately. The number one focus that I have / had is caring for my 79 year old wife. She has been in and out of the hospital / doctors offices several times in the past few months. I am NOT sure that she has been diagnosed very well as to what problem she has. Her symptoms are ones that relates to the “nerve endings” under her skin. She constantly itches and scratches all over her body and ALL the time. I would say she has 400 - 500 open wounds on her body from scratching the skin so much that it openly bleeds. Her feet, calves, thighs, buttocks, stomach, back, arms, face, and ears all bleed. Constantly scratching and itching 24-hours per day.

    Then about two months later … I reported the number of open wounds on her body was estimated at that time to be 300 - 400. (So progress was being made).

    Today the current situation is … She is MUCH, Much, much better with open wounds that have scabbed over is now around 75 - 100. So a great deal of progress has been made. In fact … the daily washing of bed sheets have ceased and now is about once a week occurrence. In fact (and coincidentally), today we went to J.C. Penny’s to purchase Brand New Sheets and most of the nightly bleeding has now stopped. So, to you @Crimsonorblue22, and many others thank you for your “continual prayers” for my wife. Right now … my job is to keep “Mercurochrome” or “Tincture Merthiolate” painted on the remaining sores. I NOW consider her health situation is now under some form of control and now a major concern to our family.

    The health concern has now shifted to MYSELF. I have been having problems with “Alzheimer’s.” This runs in the family as my mother had a severe case of it at the end of her lifetime. She lived to be 96 years old and my dad 98 years old. At the end of her lifetime, my dad was putting all her food in a blender and feeding her. She wore a “diaper” every day for the last 3 - 4 years. The burden on my Father were horrendous particularly when one considers his age. I provide this information as background to “my own situation.” I, myself, have recently been to a number of health doctors, neurologists, MRI specialists, etc.,. as I am moving into a early Alzheimer’s Stage. When I talk about my condition … I refer to it as my “ability of tracking.” TRACKING like traction of car on an “icy road” … do I have good traction, or am I slipping around on the road without control. Each morning, my wife and I normally talk about my level tracking at that particular point in time … and right now I would say I am in a normal range of 75 - 80 %. I am still able to discern whether I should or should NOT drive a car (i.e. run to the grocery store) or skip it for that day. I know when I should go lay down and rest. I in a dilemma as my wife can’t take care of me as I need to be helping her out … but I’m concerned about my tracking level, and my ability to help her and continued to do ALL the things around the home … cook, laundry, shopping, house cleaning, taking care of the yard, garden, etc.,. The last place I want to go is to some type of “Care Facility” as I love my freedom of going outdoors and doing things. As they say … “They took the “Boy” (ie. Red.Rooster) out of the Country, but they did NOT take the “country” out of the boy.”

    @Crimsonorblue22 … Thanks for asking about the Red.Rooster. Sorry about my lengthy response. I enjoy YOUR KUbuckets posting and ALL of my Bucket friends. I read EACH and EVERY ONE of the postings and responses under the “K.U. Basketball” blog. Thanks go to ALL members and the BIGGEST Thanks go to @approxinfinity for providing this service to ALL of US !! Bye for NOW and Stay Tuned … … … .

  • @Crimsonorblue22 AND now “YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY” as Paul Harvey would say !!

  • @Red.Rooster Your patience through everything, and your devoted attention to your bride, are a true testament to the power of love. An inspiration we can all draw on in these times where cynicism runs all too amok.

    Wishing you both all the best!

  • @mayjay Thank You mayjay. As my dad would say … " NOW SON when you get married make sure you know and tie a “HARD KNOT” and not a “SLIP KNOT.” We were married July 18, 1975 which is nearly 42 years ago !!

    Mayjay, I do enjoy ALL of your posts too !!!

  • @Red.Rooster Thank you. I try to be entertaining sometimes, and at least light-hearted most of the time. There is too much anger in the world.

  • @Red.Rooster do you live anywhere near any of us? I’d love to go to lunch or visit. Instead of “liking” us you should contribute in our conversations. I’d love to hear your side of things. I feel the good Lord has blessed you and your wife, what a great testimony to true love! I’ll keep praying and if we can help, let us know. I mean that. Your great attitude will help you.🙏 Now that you have your own post, you can update us.🤔

  • @Red.Rooster Thanks for the update. With the constant likes I think about you all the time, and I’m glad @Crimsonorblue22 had the good thought to ask and you gave us the scoop. You’re a saint to like some of the garbage I/we post. You’re not only a loving husband but you appear to love your fellow man, even on our bad days. Thanks for that. It softens the edges around here.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I live in South O.P. KS. !!

  • Thinking of you and rooting for you RR!

  • @Red.Rooster Best of all good luck, Man! What a pair of crosses to bear! I always admire and appreciate your good will in the daily upvotes and occasional commentary. You are a main cog in this Buckets machinery.

  • Thanks for the Red Rooster update. Thanks for your positivity. When I write the dumbest of things I know I can count on you for an endorsement. I also know I can count on about three or four people telling me how dumb I am!! Keep the faith bro.

  • @Red.Rooster Alzheimer’s runs in my family as well. My Great Grandpa lived until he was 88. I didn’t get to know him too well, but everything I heard about him was the stuff of legends. I wish I had gotten to know him.

    I don’t know if you have any grandkids or great grandkids (i’m sure you have at least grandkids), but I suggest maybe starting a video diary of some sort. Those days when you go outdoors, just take a couple of short videos here and there. Some thoughts. Things you do that you enjoy. Anything you can think of. I know that I would have killed to have seen my Grandpa out fishing. Or, it sounds dumb, but even a step by step video on how to change parts on a car. Him building the birdhouses that still are outside my great grandma’s house today. Him playing pool (he was quite the shark back in the day, although when I played him, he couldn’t remember whether he was stripes or solids and would usually hit the wrong ball in. Still, the shots were damn impressive).

    It is just a suggestion. But, that way, as your memory fades, your grandchildren or even Great grandchildren will still be able to see who you really were. Because I did want memories with him like my mom and sister and cousins got to have. Or at least have gotten to see him while he still had some spark plugs working. But all that I am left with is a few short memories and the fact that every single time I would go see him, and I mean every single time, someone would ask him “Pa, how ya doin?”

    And his response, with a smile was, “Pretty good, for an old man.”

  • @Kcmatt7 Thanks for your response. However, nothing applies as I / we have NO children. However we helped raise a Number of other relatives children. And we plan to put some $$$ in our will for them … but not for the parents.

    Yesterday was a “bad day” from an Alzheimer viewpoint. Both morning and afternoon was terrible … I just could not function at all. Today was a BETTER day and I was able to get outside and check on my garden, etc.,. Thanks again KCMATT7 and to ALL my KUBucket friends that “up voted” my recent postings. God Bless You ALL !!

  • @Red.Rooster

    I have so much respect for you and for how you are handling what life brought you. Reading your account makes it easy to see why your generation was the one that made our country great.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife.

  • @Red.Rooster you are the one that blesses us! You hang in there!

  • @Red-Rooster are you here? How are you?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 YES … I am still hanging on … my Wife and Myself are having GOOD Days and BAD days. This HOT weather that we are experiencing here in Overland Park is having an impact on my health. Still battling with Alzheimer’s and its effect on me and my mind. Short term memory is “nearly gone.” And I have my days that I don’t know what, where, when, and how I am and what I should do. The latest health problem is “Ringing in My Ears.” In fact, my ears are ringing right now as I am typing this message. I do have a doctor appointment with a Doctor that is a “Hearing Specialist.”

    Having lived on a farm most of my early years … I feel like I’m one of my Dad’s Old Tractors that was breaking down on a daily / weekly basis. Perhaps, I need a “Tune Up.”

    I can’t wait until FALL and this hot weather breaks. Beside that we will be getting close to the Basketball Season. It Looks to me like KU should be pretty tough to beat this coming season.

    “Crimson …” Thanks for asking … it is a good feeling to have some of my “Buckets” friends to ask about me and essentially “Stand In My Corner” in this battle that I am fighting.

    I am sure you know that I read EVERY comment in the KU_BASKETBALL_NEWS category of this web site. And … I want to THANK “Aprox… .” for making this Web-Site available to all.

  • @Red.Rooster so when you are having bad days do you have family or friends checking on you? If not, we need to figure out something!

  • @Red-Rooster Thanks for keeping us up to date. We’ll always be in your corner. You can bet on that!

    Also, you can bet on the Jayhawks this year. I’m with you; Udoka is going to dunk all over this country!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I did not mean for anyone to worry about me. The Lord has provided me the ability to understand myself, and how I am feeling at a specific point in time. I am still able to deal with these problems … first by recognizing it and the react accordingly. The little voice in my head warns me … and sends me messages … like ‘NO, Don’t Drive You Car NOW,’ or Stay Inside and Don’t Go Out in this Terrible Heat Period we are having hear in KC, “You need to lay down and take a nap and maybe this current situation or feeling will pass” Etc.,.

    Yes, I have my wife with me. She can be very blunt and Give me Advice on what I AM doing and what I SHOULD be doing. A little side note here … My wife and I celebrated our forty-second year of marriage three days ago on July eighteenth.

  • @Red.Rooster congrats!😍 Women can be bossy! We are always right! I know you are caring for your wife and that’s a very special love! Just don’t want to see ya both sick at the same time. I’d like to think some kc bucket friends could give you guys some help if you get in a bind some day. Take care and hope your dr appt goes well. Did you farm in kc area?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Farmed in Colorado southeast of Pueblo, CO. On a different note, I rode horseback to school … grades kindergarten through fourth grade.

  • @Red.Rooster uphill both ways!🤣 Did you meet your wife there?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 No … met her in Amarillo, TX. Thanks for asking.

  • @Red.Rooster “I am sure you know that I read EVERY comment in the KU_BASKETBALL_NEWS category”

    You also upvote everybody, which helps all of our self-confidence!

    Wishing you well! I am glad you and your wife have each other to help you through this time. 42 years!

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