Allen to Nebraska

  • ( Lifted from KUSPORTS ) Allen to Nebraska

    Brewster Academy guard Thomas Allen, a 6-foot-2, 180-pound guard who recently asked out of his commitment to North Carolina State after a coaching change, announced via Twitter this weekend that he had committed to Nebraska.

    The one-time KU target who came from the same prep school as Jayhawks Thomas Robinson, Naadir Tharpe and Devonte’ Graham told the Lincoln Journal Star that he was hoping to make an immediate impact next season and Brewster Academy coach Jason Smith said that put Nebraska in a great position during Allen’s recruitment.

    "The deciding factor for Thomas is an opportunity to earn playing time very early in his career,” Smith told the Lincoln Journal Star. “Nebraska as well as other schools that were recruiting him were recruiting him based on his elite-level shooting. I think it was Nebraska who definitely came into the picture for a need for perimeter shooting on their team.”

  • @KUSTEVE I’m glad we didn’t sign him. He looked pretty one dimensional to me- a BG clone.


    It is kind of sad that some of these kids see playing time as the ticket to the NBA. A elite program that helps them, improve the basics, even when it means less playing time, is a much better option but their fragile egos cannot accept they are not that good.

    Like I said before, every kid in the top 20-30 thinks of himself as an OAD and every kid in the top 5 believes he is the next Jordan or Bird or Magic; most of them are wrong on the first assumption and essentially all of them wrong on the second.

  • He became unnecessary as soon as Graham announced his return. Still need to find someone at the 4.

  • I really thought all indications were leaning toward KU. Allen was a HUGE KU lean. All the recruiting experts and the famous 24/7 Crystal Ball all had Allen signing with KU.
    SO, wouldn’t it be as logical that TDuval and all the Puke hype be as wrong? Afterall, Duval has given NO real indication either way. I’m still holding out hope against all odds that KU has a fighting chance at landing Duval. Also, the Chicago pg was also leaning KU too. Everyone had him holding the Bill Self Chicago pipeline steady. He chose elsewhere.
    Actually Duval seems to be the lone target that doesn’t seem discouraged about playing with DG. He could grow playing with DG and Co. He could concentrate on playmaking which is his area of expertise and feed the others. I could see him driving and dishing to DG, Svi, or Vick. I can see a lot of lobs to BillyP and Udunka. He could score at will. Whereas, if he goes to a program, ie. Puke, he will HAVE to be The Man. I don’t think he has a problem with being The Man, but he seems to be a player that wants to play within his game. Sure he could go to Puke or Zona, but he would be forced to be something he may not necessarily want, or play outside of his element. It’s obvious that I am in denial with TDuval, but I really believe KU has a fair chance, “experts” be damned.

  • @truehawk93 If we sign Duval, who loses time? DG, Newman, or Vick? Then if Svi comes back, we have a mess on our hands. Besides, I want to see Garrett get minutes, as he’ll be important to our future. I’d rather see a Tilmon help our front line, where there are more minutes up for grabs. Not saying I wouldn’t take Duval, but I think front line help would go further to making us a better team.

  • @KUSTEVE I agree. The 4 man rotation of Graham, Newman, Vick, and Garrett looks good to me…even if Svi leaves I think we’ll be alright More help up front is more important, IMO.

  • @KUSTEVE Duval comes and I think we just run 4 guards again. We would have to with how bad our post depth would be again.

    • PG - Duvall - 25 MPG - Graham 13 MPG- Garret - 2 MPG
    • SG - Graham - 20 MPG - Vick - 7 MPG - Newman- 13 MPG
    • SF - Newman - 15 MPG - Vick - 15 MPG - Cunliffe - 10 MPG
    • PF - Svi - 25 MPG - Preston - 7 MPG - Cunliffe - 8 MPG
    • C - Doke - 22 MPG - Coleby - 5 MPG - Preston - 13 MPG

    That would average out to be:

    • Graham - 33 MPG
    • Duval - 25 MPG
    • Newman - 28 MPG
    • Svi - 25 MPG
    • Doke - 22 MPG
    • Preston - 20 MPG
    • Cunliffe - 18 MPG
    • Vick - 22 MPG
    • Coleby - 5 MPG
    • Garrett - 2 MPG

    That would at least by my guess. But he isn’t coming. It’s too cramped. And somehow we can’t land a PG recruit the year after our PG wins NPOY… Recruiting defies logic.

  • @Kcmatt7 2 minutes for Garrett in that scenario.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Based on how much Garret has progressed in the last year I believe he get at least 10 minutes per game and maybe even plays some PG is Duval does not pan out. Also, depending on how much Lightfoot develops in the off-season, I can see him playing a bigger role than Coleby whose ceiling we have probably seen but we have only seen a glimpse of what Lightfoot can do once he increases his bulk and is better equipped to bang inside; the kid has a nose for rebounds. Do you think that Lightfoot red-shirts?

  • @KUSTEVE Not sold on him being a major contributor as a freshmen, especially with the group in front of him. He can’t go left. He has a jumper that needs some work. And he will be adjusting to not having the ball in his hands like he has his entire life.

    Vick was a similar story to Garrett and he only got 5 mpg his freshmen year too.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I wish we would redshirt Lightfoot. But the only way that happens is if we land another post player. Otherwise we don’t have the depth for him to redshirt. If we land Tilmon, I think it is a possibility.

    And I agree that Garretts minutes go up, probably closer to 8 mpg with no Duval. Which is the most likely scenario.

  • KUSTEVE said:

    @KUSTEVE I’m glad we didn’t sign him. He looked pretty one dimensional to me- a BG clone.

    pretty one dimensional?? so why did KU show interested to begin with? so you’re telling me we’ve been recruiting one-dim crap all these years? no wonder we don’t win the tourney

  • JayHawkFanToo said:


    It is kind of sad that some of these kids see playing time as the ticket to the NBA. A elite program that helps them, improve the basics, even when it means less playing time, is a much better option but their fragile egos cannot accept they are not that good.

    Yes…coming to an elite program worked out great for conner, andrew white, carlton, etc., etc.

    i think its the fragile egos of our fans that cannot handle it.

  • @elpoyo

    Yes, the fragile ego of fans like you that at the smallest snag run like a chicken with its head cut off…oh, wait…hits too close to home?


    It’s almost like Moore committed first (but waited to announce) and Allen no longer had a spot at KU.

  • @KUSTEVE You might ask HCBS what he would do if he lands Duval. However, I seem to remember a pretty cramped guard team in 2007-2008 and I’m pretty sure you remember the result of that team which had limited minutes: Rio, RussRob, Collins, Stewart, Case, BStar, Reed…Yet HCBS seemed to work those minutes out really well and it appeared to work to virtual perfection. We have a banner to prove it. Besides, you never know what might happened. Remember how Stewart was injured? I would love to have Tilmon, but he appears to be heading to MethU.

    But don’t worry. The rumors still have TDuval heading to Puke. Your minute issue will be fine.

  • @BShark I agree. But i think there was one more domino… I bet Self was told by Duval that he wasn’t coming to KU, then Moore had next priority, he accepted leaving no spot for Allen.

  • @RockkChalkk


  • @RockkChalkk I’m afraid you may be right. The coaches have to know at this point. Also, remember Duval and his father are going to “do something we haven’t seen before” when he announces. May be another Ball issue. These fathers of recruits need to stop living vicariously through their sons. They are really making things difficult for their sons. I wonder what Ball might have done if his dad kept his mouth shut?

    I hate to say it, but Ball may be Black Balled at the next level with a loud mouth dad. No team wants some dad popping off, especially at the NBA level.

  • @truehawk93

    Maybe after Lorenzo “Ball” signs his first contract and has money of his own, he grows another one and with a full pair he tells daddy Ball to take a hike…🤑

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