So Now That The Season Is Over

  • Let’s talk about next year!

  • The EE is a problematic round for Bill.

  • Talk 2 ya in a month or so…trout season in on ( year round of course) & the crappie will be spawning in about a week… Yeah !!

  • Was this thread a pre-emptive strike ?? WTH for ?

  • @BShark said:

    The EE is a problematic round for Bill.

    Self MAXIMIZES the talent. This team had NOTHING inside on Offense…NOTHING. And we still win Big 12 and make elite 8.

  • @BigBad said:

    @BShark said:

    The EE is a problematic round for Bill.

    Self MAXIMIZES the talent. This team had NOTHING inside on Offense…NOTHING. And we still win Big 12 and make elite 8.

    Agreed, plus I don’t see how people blame Self for players shooting like crap!

  • @mayjay

    Not blaming Bill exactly, just mentioning it. Though oddly enough, I can’t recall an EE game where KU shot well. I’d say it’s an anomaly more than anything.

    @globaljaybird said:

    Was this thread a pre-emptive strike ?? WTH for ?

    Was hoping for the ole jinx but alas.

  • Aaaaand some Bill should be on the hot seat posts on the other boards. LOL. What a joke.

  • @bshark classless to post this before the end of the game.

    Respectfully submitted,

    A blown away Jay

  • I should probably log off twitter yeesh.

  • This is a tough loss to swallow.

    Imagine what the players are going through right now! Franks done, Josh is done, Landen is done. Tyler is done too.

    I bet they are all hurting right now. Especially Coach Self.

    It might be too soon to look to next season but since we ended like this, maybe Graham comes back and Svi comes back.

    Our front court is going to be beastly good next season.

    Our back court might not be as potent but it will still be good.

    We are KU and we will be contenders once again.

  • @BigBad Yep, pretty much a zero for offense from the 5. LL was PDG but no match for Bell with no one calling him for rough play. Karnowski would have eaten him alive.

  • @Lulufulu

    Yep. Looking forward to next season now. Tough way for Frank to go out, he deserved better.

  • @BShark I hope Frank at least gets drafted and makes an NBA roster after winning NPOY. He deserves that much.

  • Lots of fake news that Self is retiring wtf.

  • @BShark the thing people dont understand is we never made Oregon uncomfortable. The only stopped scoring when they ran clock. Its all about defense, like I said in the pregame.

  • All of the classic Phog trolls coming out of the woodwork. Not sure why I’m browsing there right now.

  • @HawkChamp

    Outside of Josh, Oregon is considerably more athletic than KU as it turned out. Played a huge role IMO.

  • @BShark Yep. Most here dont see it but the 08 team was just as athletic as Memphis and UNC that year. We need more of that.

  • @BShark Why the hell should he be on the hot seat? that is just crazy, BS. - -he has no control shooting the ball whether they go in or not. - -He adapted to what he had this year with the 4 out 1 in, he changed his coaching theory, people who are calling for him to be fired or whatever has NO CLUE. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @HawkChamp and almost everyone forgets Darrel Aurthur. He was HUGE reason we won but the guards get all the pub.

  • @HawkChamp

    08 team has 4 guys that are still in the NBA. Everyone that played minutes for that team had a pro future, though Sherron didn’t realize it.

    Quite frankly, this team overachieved a fair bit this year, in large part due to Self. This team just had basically nothing inside. This match-up completely exposed KU and even then KU would have had a real chance if they weren’t ice cold.

  • @BigBad

    That KU team was loaded in the post!

  • @BShark yep. I wish Danny was still on the staff. Would really have helped with Bragg’s development.

  • Next year…more questions than answers.

    Do we land Duval?

    • list item Does Malik Newman reap the rewards of a season practicing against a national player of the year? Does Devonte step into Franks shoes? Does Bragg come back? If so does he step up his game? Does Svi come back for a solid senior year? Does Azibuke become a focal point down low and dominate? Does Vick improve his ball handling and become a force? Does Billy Preston make a substantial impact? Does Marcus Garrett see more time than Vick did his freshman year? Does Self allow this many 3s to be shot again?

  • @BigBad


    Newman will be very good.

    Not sure.

    Probably but if not then a transfer candidate.

    I think he would be the 4th big to start the year, but could play himself into the 3rd big.

    Don’t think so.

    Azu’s main role will be defense, screens and dunks. I don’t think he will have developed enough to where he can score in the low post consistently when guarded.

    Hope so. Vick should be a starter.

    Yes provided he is eligible.

    Depends on who else is added this Spring.

    Probably not going to be a similar team offensively next year.

  • If Graham returns will we be hearing alot of “Graham lob to Azabuike for the dunk!” ? That has a nice “ring” to it 😁

  • @BigBad For sure, that was a big 20 and 10!

  • @BigBad said:

    Does Self allow this many 3s to be shot again?

    That’s the only reason we got as far as we did this year.

  • @cragarhawk

    Probably need Graham back at this point to be a real contender. On the other hand, we will be going from 0 McDAA in the paint (sorry Bragg you no longer count) to two next year (Preston, Doke).

    Next year will be another fun ride.

  • @BShark said:

    Next year will be another fun ride.

    Fun like this?wiener.jpg

  • @BShark It could be. But how many times have we thought that and been disappointed by a complete let down in the tourney? I think the pressure got to our shooters and Oregon played to win the game and avenge last years loss to OU. Big difference in mentality between the two teams. One played with a purpose and free mind, the other was tight and buckled under the pressure.

  • @HawkChamp

    I can’t predict the tourney. I’ll definitely have fun watching though. Some people seem to think KU is in for a double digit loss type season, I don’t think that will be the case.

  • Bragg transfer rumours swirling.

  • @BShark I dont think so either, but lets be honest - Self, in proportion to the amount of one seeds/top ranked teams he has had, has been terrible in the tourney. To put in perspective, if Roy wins tomorrow, that will be his fifth final four in 15 years. Self just has two. As I have said for years, if you want regular season success, Self is better than anyone. If you want tourney success, he is probably fifth or sixth on the list.

  • @BShark doesnt surprise me. Kind of a soft player.

  • @HawkChamp actually think I’d have been more surprised to not hear those rumors in this case

  • My facebook blew up with KSU fans. No idea why, saying KU chokes and what not. I’m like if being a top 10 team outta 351 is choking to you then a FF wouldn’t change that opinion. Bunch of goons to put nicely.

  • @cragarhawk

    Not playing at all tonight says a lot.


    How much of this do you think is on Self? Obviously his record in EE games speaks for itself at this point. And even in the win against Davidson, that was a really bad performance offensively. Izzo and K have been great in the EE, but obviously they are far from perfect and proved that this year yet again. The frustration is that this really feels like 2011 again with the title right there for the taking for Self/KU.


    They have nothing else to do.

  • @BShark true story. And ya kinda get the feeling he’s been a Selfs doghouse dweller for a lil too long this season. But he wouldn’t be the first to turn it around and get on the same page with Coach. Which is what I’d hope for. Would be the best scenario for Bragg and KU honestly

  • @cragarhawk @BShark After not playing tonight I would be shocked if he didn’t transfer.

  • I think Self puts too much pressure on himself to reach the Final Four. He’s now 2-7 in the Elite 8 in his career. His teams almost always seem like they play much tighter than normal in this game. 2012 is the only E8 game I can remember where KU has played reasonably well in. Next time KU reaches the E8, somebody needs to slip Self some Ritalin, Vodka, or just something to mellow him out.

  • Tait said before the game the team was as loose as he has seem them this year

  • Bragg is his own doing

  • This lost doesn’t hurt. We were never in the game that’s why. Maybe the saddest game I’ve ever seen from the hawks. I thought we had the players that would get over hump, we just didn’t.

    Next year is a 7-10 loss team. That’s how the roster is setting up. We will still be decent but anyone expecting the last 2 years to continue is underselling just how much we are losing and overvauling what’s coming in

  • @BeddieKU23

    Do you think next year’s team is 98-99 bad? I think a lot depends on who stays and who goes.

  • @BShark said:


    Do you think next year’s team is 98-99 bad? I think a lot depends on who stays and who goes.

    No But devonte staying or going is potentially crippling to the team.

  • I hope Bragg DOESNT transfer. With Az holding down the paint with Coleby, Bragg will be able to play his natural position.

    I think he will thrive.

    Newman has had a year to learn

    We’ll be re-loaded and ready to set new records. And just maybe punch into the end zone for a change.

  • @BeddieKU23

    In a competing for a championship sense I would agree. Duval would change that but I believe he was never really considering KU.

  • @BeddieKU23 I have to agree. I get this feeling our streak of championships could be in real danger this coming year. - -We will be good but for from our past years, I’m getting a feeling of more and more Devonte will come back, on the mock drafts I seen he was middle of 2nd on one and not listed on the other I’m not quite sure about 10 losses but very well could be 7-8 - -who knows so much left to be determined about the roster. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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