Anybody see this?

  • Just saw that Marshall is going to be a guest analyst tomorrow night for CBS, which means he will be commenting on our game. Oh boy. This will be interesting.

  • Oh goodie. I hope his hair has had it’s 3,000 mile oil change.

  • Good for him and his program. Would be more interesting to have his wife on though.

  • @HawkChamp Oh Crap. so we are CBS? - -that’s great having Marsha, hmm who wondes if the question will get thrown out at some point - - brought up maybe even more then once along the line about the trying to get a KU/WSU series going what has to take place and such - -I could just hear it now. I wouldn’t surprise me if that doesn’t arise throughout the game somewhere maybe two, three times - -Marshal will jump all over it. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 I am quite certain he would share his opinion. I’m sure he would be quite happy if we lose tomorrow also.

  • I know the stress of coaching D1 basketball is immense on college coaches. I’m also sure the stress and anxiety falls on the coach’s entire family. I will always take that pressure into consideration before I criticize or ridicule a coach’s wife. I think she’s suffered enough.

  • @HawkChamp Couldn’t agree more I’m sure inside he will be pulling so hard for Purdue - -and just be slobbering all over them any chance he gets., & no doubt what so ever if he gets the chance about getting a contract for a series, if he has the opportunity to voice his opinion he sure will. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 Will he as bad as Fran against us? possibly, for different reasons though

  • This will be his big chance to look good though

  • @autohawk Unlikely he will be allowed to freelance very far off a script even if he has much experience at all behind a mic 🎤 Needs to choose words carefully - many people unhappy 😔 with MR & MS Marsha right now. Not everyone in Wichita is a bb fan. He may be posturing for a potential gig at IU. 👩⚖️ Marsha would be like Mother Teresa in Amish country compared to old Bob Knight…

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Still looks like a Bill Enval dork fish.

  • @autohawk I hear ya. maybe they long lost brothers lol. - - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @stoptheflop shouldn’t a 3 million dollar per year salary take care of that pressure? Pressure is no reason to act like that. Some believe character is revealed in times of adversity.

  • Lets’s see how he does…maybe he will surprise us all.

  • @JayHawkFanToo that would be nice, especially since I’m sure a lot of potential recruits and people from the AAC will be watching him. However, I will believe Marsha can be classy when I see it.

  • @HawkChamp

    You think he will slip up and call us “chickenhawks?”

    I would think he has more control than his wife… but let’s see how it goes.

  • @globaljaybird said:

    @autohawk Unlikely he will be allowed to freelance very far off a script even if he has much experience at all behind a mic

    Gosh… I don’t know after experiencing several games with Walton. He went off in a million directions… so much so it became difficult to follow the game. And I was always a fan of the big redhead!

  • It seems we always get these little shots lol. I’m sure he’ll complaining about the committee and how no one will play them because their scared of them. I read some stuff this morning about them joining the AAC, which would be a smart move on their part. Creighton has got a ton more respect since joining the big east. I don’t know why its so complicated, if your beating your conference bye 25 points a game for 4 years maybe you should upgrade.

  • @kjayhawks

    The AAC has 11 teams and added Navy as an associate school in football only to have 2 six team divisions. They could add WSU as a basketball only associate school in basketball only to have 2 six team divisions…they would not even have to re-start the football program.

    I am guessing they would prefer to add a full member in both sports although Navy would be hard to let go because of its large following.

  • @drgnslayr True, but that was trashy espn-not Greg Gumbel, who I hope displays & demands a bit more professionalism than the junior Disney channel crew.

  • @kjayhawks Creighton also was a legit top 10 team before their point guard went down. They played Nova tough as nails this year. Also the MVC is abt 3-4 half way decent programs & not much after that

  • @globaljaybird Yes they had a solid team this year and have had some the last few years. This kinda reminds me of something else that ticks me off, their guard who was out with an injury is being accused of rape or some type of sexual assault that got on little story on ESPN and JJ gets about 20 for kicking someone’s car. Just like former Dook loser Sulimon (spelled wrong) got the same treatment for multiple sexual assault charges.

  • @globaljaybird Marcus foster coming back



  • @chriz


  • Rumor is he auctioned off the space on his forehead and will wear a swoosh tattoo above his eyebrows

  • @stoptheflop As I posted elsewhere, I have never seen Cindy Self or Ellen Calipari succumb to such stresses. They, too, are married to $3+mil, and have to deal with royalty-level expectations & stress.

    Read Self’s book about what Cindy, Tyler, Lauren went thru from pissed off Illini fans, as she stayed in Champagne, IL to allow kids to finish school & to sell the house, while WildBill had galloped off to KS Territory already.

    We also see what royalty program stress did to Eddie Sutton & Billy Gillispie at KY.

    Hey, my angle is a lot of Wichita is sad after WSU lost…they didnt need additional embarrassment. That is all. I dont wish the Marshalls any ill will. Gregg is a heck of a coach.

  • @kjayhawks I saw all types of articles about the alleged rape and the pending charges against the Creighton guy. The guy wasn’t playing because of injury, and was booted, wasn’t he, so there was no ongoing story.

    The problem for JJ was due to how the allegations dribbled out over time which lent credence to suspicions that there was a cover up because he is a huge star. No suspension when it happened helped with looking that way. Too much occurred behind the scenes, which I believe was the thrust of a lengthy @HighEliteMajor post early on about the need for the prophylactic effects of decisive public action early on. I disagreed with HEM then as advocating punishment while charges are pending (which could hurt his court defense), but seeing how it has kept going, I think he may have been right on point.

    In today’s era where people click quickly to the next baiting headline, journalism looks like it has descended into no-room-for-lengthy-analysis articles repeating the general scandal but seldom explanatory information. I blame both the readers, for not looking for more, and editors, for being willing to stop trying to get readers to look.

  • I continue to be concerned about the sexual mess (rape) of the teen girl in the men’s hoops dorm; also the concurrent drug issue involving a runaway teen girl who spent time in the dorm that same night. Seems ominous that no details of those incidents have come to light throughout the remainder of this basketball season. Our players might not be directly involved…hopefully, are not. Although one of them did face problems for possession of drug paraphernalia uncovered during that investigation. I would imagine that the lodgings have been subjected to much tighter security since these calamitous events…and that the player charged with the goods received a shock the caliber of which might lead to his immediate ascension towards more introspection and maturity. That would appear to be a slow painful process. Painful, at least, for his hopeful fans and followers.

  • One detail that bothers me: that dorm is supposed to have tight security, and they use biometric security to get in? Of all the dorms / frats at KU, that would be the one where misdeeds are most likely to have a resident as perpetrator or accomplice.

    However, timelines estimated on this site appear to place the entire team away from the dorm when all this went down.

    Who is Bragg’s roommate anyway?

  • Bill Self can’t get into the dorm without a resident letting him in. The team was in KC. So it was either non-player resident or a guest. Since five players are listed as witnesses, while not present when the event occurred, that means they likely have seen the victim and/or the accused in the building. They didn’t see or participate in the rape. They had no chance to stop it. This shouldn’t reflect upon the character of the team.

    There was a rape on a college campus? In a dorm? Sorry if I’m not surprised. It’s horrible, but all too common. If one of the team had done it we’d know by now, they wouldn’t be listed as witnesses but rather as suspects. It is news, but not basketball news. There are precious few details of the event and nothing new. There has been more news print on this than most murders that occur in Kansas.

    The Star & Eagle are pieces of crap. I haven’t clicked on their sites for nearly a year now. Don’t miss them either.

    The rape should be a non-basketball story that gets this much pub. How many rapes per year in Kansas? Why don’t they get any attention? All those women deserve justice.

    More disturbing to me is Vick getting away with striking a woman. Hooking Bragg up with his ex who then got Bragg into hot water (I might be mis-remembering this one). Aggravating another to the point of getting Josh involved in a mob scene.

    I’m tired of the crap storm around Vick.

  • @dylans said:

    More disturbing to me is Vick getting away with striking a woman. Hooking Bragg up with his ex who then got Bragg into hot water (I might be mis-remembering this one). Aggravating another to the point of getting Josh involved in a mob scene.

    MIght be a bit of exaggeration on the middle point. Don’t think the girl vs. Bragg was Vick’s ex, just someone who targeted Vick before Bragg.

  • I have found watching without sound on can really add to the enjoyment of a basketball game. If you can sync the radio broadcast of the game to the TV even better.

  • @kjayhawks

    Concerning all the bad press…

    Look at it this way. We are obviously moving to a higher level and are threatening to east coast media. For heaven’s sake, they may even have to start coming out here to games now and then or have to write articles about Midwest character… something they know nothing about.

    I believe we have so much dominant positive news these days so now is the time we are going to see adverse reactions by people that don’t like us.

    Take the KC Star…

  • @drgnslayr You could be right. @mayjay Maybe, I never saw a ton on ether, but JJ was talked about almost daily on espn for being stupid but not a rapist. I think its all part of the east coast media BS, same with UNCs fake classes. Anything to hate schools outta their region and at any cost fact or fiction.

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