Day 4 Tournament Game Thread

  • Congrats to Beilein and the Wolverines! Imo one of the more underrated coaches and good guys of basketball. Happy to see Pitino eliminated; pretty sure OK St would have beaten him as well.

  • @approxinfinity said:

    pretty sure OK St would have beaten him as well

    Nah, they need a coach…

  • From what I did see of this game, the Wagner kid is a STUD. Did anyone else even recruit him? LOL

  • @BShark holy smokes 11-14 for 26 pts. Cardinals on the Fritz? Blame it on Moritz!

  • Sooooo WSU vs UK. I’m torn.

  • Big 10G playing spoiler this tournament…go figure.

    Not at 5:00 today though!

  • @BShark I think I want UK to win. Marshall has elevated himself to elite d-bag status and Cal is not the slime ball that he was imo (maybe it’s Stockholm syndrome)

  • @BShark I’m always against Kentucky, even when they are playing Wichita State. I hope to see the day that KU leads in overall wins.

  • Two replies and two different answers. Ha!

    For me, at least there is one loser.

  • @BShark Maybe they tie and both teams get caught cheating, so they forfeit and we need not make a choice.

  • @Bwag

    The B10 was disrespected this year. Totally unfair. So those teams are carrying a chip.

  • @stoptheflop good point. If we want to take over #1 it’s gonna take a few deep postseason runs with UK on the sideline.

  • @approxinfinity count how many times Marsha rotates his left wrist. Nervous tick? I’ve watched to many wsu games and He’s been on our local tv news to many times! Lol

  • @approxinfinity

    I still can’t respect Calipari. It’s like suddenly respecting Al Capone because he later ran many legit businesses he built off his crimes and murder.

  • @mayjay

    Touchdown mayjay unbelievable.

  • @drgnslayr

    B1G and ACC results have been very contrary to what many thought going in.

  • They will both have something negative to say after the game

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    They will both have something negative to say after the game

    Not about themselves.

  • Now we HAVE to win…I don’t want to hear about how the Big 10 has taken over KC.

  • @BShark

    The ACC received way too much praise this year. Extremely over-ranked.

    So now all those entitled teams have to actually play. Ha!

    I’d love to see UNC and Duke leave early.

  • @BShark said:

    Sooooo WSU vs UK. I’m torn.

    WSU -

    Would rather not play UK again where they would come in with even more motivation since we beat them at their house. But even more importantly, I want them to win as few of games as possible while we work to overtake them in all time wins.

    Plus, we owe WSU.

  • @approxinfinity said:

    @BShark I think I want UK to win. Marshall has elevated himself to elite d-bag status and Cal is not the slime ball that he was imo (maybe it’s Stockholm syndrome)

    Marshall is a gnat…an annoying gnat and nothing more.

  • @Bwag Great point. We’ve already beaten Kentucky this year. Need an opportunity to destroy WSU.

  • Game is a grind so far. I don’t see a clear edge for either team.

  • Frankamp got goal tended there. Uncalled

  • Wichita struggles to score. Going to be tough for them to win if they can’t score in the 70’s or 80’s.

  • @Bwag He has to go stronger to the hoop. I saw the replay and it looked like UK blocked it off the backboard.

  • NIce move by WSU inside

  • @truehawk93 replay showed he laid it off the glass.

  • Shox looking good

  • WOW…mauled

  • Kinda a track meet currently just everyones missing shots lol

  • Frankamp has to finish from outside

  • Where is @wissox?

    Yo, OUR Bucky Badgers did it to Jay Wrong!!!

    Yeeeeeeee hawwwwwww.

    All of college basketball owes the Buckies a big hug and a classic Mad Town chant with the B in “Buck’em” exchanged for four letters later in the alphabet."


  • So, where are the posters that didn’t think WSU was good? Their defense is intense.

  • Shox onto something against UK. Drive and dish…working everytime. Morris finishing well at the rim.

  • Calipari took that play out of Self’s lob

  • Shox pesky D

  • @jaybate-1.0 Who you looking for? Like I said here yesterday YEEEEHAWWWWW, Go Jayhawks!

  • @BShark exactly, you and I have taken flack for saying they are, anyone that knows basketball knows they are period.

  • Alright, I broke of the cryo ice, and I’m ready for some serious thugging with Ratso Izzo and his chain wielding Spartans.

    Let’s give’em a zinc acid bath in honor of the one Jimmy Hoffa supposedly got!!!

    Beat Ratso.

    Beat Ratso.


    Now I have to run a quick errand and will get back in time for the game.

  • Ugly, low scoring half court game. I thought it would be. If monk gets going, UK wins. If he doesnt, I think Wichita wins.

  • This is a WSU style game. UK is going to have to earn this one today.

  • Wisconsin’s playing for the national championship. Book it.

    Right now in Women’s Hockey. Big10 network

  • @kjayhawks

    If this KU team defended like WSU, we’d be the top team by far.

    That said, it’s not really that simple. A huge part of why WSU can defend so tightly is because they play a lot of players, and it’s hard to find that many skilled offensive players that are also willing to buy in defensively.

  • Wally Szczerbiak looks like something out of Marvel Comics.

  • “I just got on my hands and knees and begged him. That’s what I did, and that wasn’t as good as Bill’s,”

    What Izzo said about recruiting Jackson.

  • @wissox

    Yeah that was a great quote.

  • MSU is going to use the JJ snub of them as a motivating factor you already know. BIg10 network this morning had a little bit of bulletin board video of Josh talking as usual. I forget what he said to be honest, but my eyebrows raised, like Josh, shut up!

  • @BShark Yes, i would be worried about their bigs if we played them. Our guards can play with anyones but I’m betting Shaq would go for a minimum of 20 on us, we give up big games to just about every post player we see. Which is ok if our guards hit shots and keep someone else from going off.

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