Has anyone picked KU to win it?

  • Aside from those of us on this board?

  • SI certainly isn’t giving KU a chance. Crazy. Screenshot_20170313-185028.png

  • Lady on espn last night did. Mara or something…

  • Saw ESPN.com in their regional analyses had all the number 1 seeds going to final four except Kansas. They think Iowa State beats us in Sweet 16.

    Sure we can lose any game from 2nd game onwards, but I really think Frank and Josh’s competitiveness and Devonte showing up for big games and big moments is going to keep us going.

    Final Four and Beyond!

  • Iowa State is hot, but KU is definitely more reliable. Not sure why all the hate. We’re on a roll when Josh is in.

  • Our buddy Fran has an all ACC and P12 Final Four - no love for KU - but we know that… Chalk it up to envy of Self - Fran won exactly one NCAA tournament game in his distinguished career. Did really well in the NIT, however…

  • @chriz Maybe our players could use an underdog complex. Maybe if they aren’t taking us…they are makin’ us.

  • @KUSTEVE I like it! All this said I’ve got KU in my Final Four but it’s kind of a heart pick. I’d be pleasantly surprised if they got a Final Four. But it is ironic that no one else is picking KU with a POTY, a tremendous freshman, and the best backcourt in the country. That’s a recipe for success of I’ve ever seen one.

  • (I know, I’m talking out if both sides of my mouth. Just go with it!)

  • Iowa State. A game we missed our regulation jumper from Frank to win it, so went to OT. We dont guard the 3 all game. Missed bunny show.

    Like I’m going to change my bet away from Frank, Josh, Devonte. Nope. Talking heads knowledge and opinion on KU is usually superficial, and what-have-u-done-lately. Other than the actual basketball former player analysts, who know better, if they dont let any personal biases get in the way.

  • @chriz cool!

  • After careful deliberation, I’ve picked the University of Kansas to win it all. Gonzaga hasnt faced a blueblood, and everybody says their region favors them making the Final 4. Then see what happens…

    Villanova very possibly is wearing a target on their back, and we see Frank Mason’s eye on that scope. This time he’s brought a 50% 3gun…and a few friends…now Nova is the hunted.

    UNC, is a balanced team. A great coach. But one who’s system of play seems to get specifically exposed by Bill Self’s system. In a 6 year span starting in 2008, Self’s Jayhawks ended UNC’s March Madness run 3 times. But, we are 4+1 with marginal D this year. But we’ve also played well in big games, mainly because FM3, DG, and JJ have that “primetime” factor…

    Almost all of the above comments are outside-the-stats, “intangible” types of stuff. Maybe the kind of things that give 1 team the edge in the mental dept…? We shall see.

  • @ralster my only comment is that your comparing them with the 1s, whereas I’m more concerned with the 2s.

    But I do like KU going to the Final Four. And Seth Davis agrees! http://www.si.com/college-basketball/2017/03/14/march-madness-cinderella-rankings-upset-picks

  • Im ok with the talking heads not picking us. I think we play better with a chip on our shoulder

  • Saw some analysis of the yahoo brackets submitted so far and KU was the most popular pick to get to the FF, but was the 3rd most popular pick to win it behind, as I recall, Nova and UNC.

  • @wissox Man, my brain keeps coming back to the fact that our guys truly play their best ball in the big games, and Frank always has.

    The funny thing, or lets just call it our little 5’11 secret, is that IF KU makes the F4, how could we not bet on Frank just taking over stretches of those games? This is why I desperately want to see him in a F4. I think he’ll staightup wreck someone’s party…

  • @ralster It would help if we could put a Buddy Hield mask on whomever Devonte is guarding…

  • Here is a list of the predictions by ESPN analysts…

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