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  • Was listening to a sports radio talk show just a minute ago. Made some pretty interesting points: this all revolves around someone that doesn’t they say really get a lot of credit, he gets a lot of shots taken at him, but probably not given the credit he deserves:

    Case in point, last night and I never give this any thought, but was brought out, When Landen was on the floor last night we were PLUS 22, when he was PLUS 22 can you hear me? - -When he went to the bench with his 2nd foul, WV quickly went on a 7-0 run had now problem, didn’t hesitate what so ever, didn’t give it a 2nd thought about driving the lane finishing out the half with Lucas on the Bench.

    When he went to the bench with his 4th foul at the 8:19 mark the reporters said they said uh-oh time getting short and KU showing NO SIGNS of life - - Dead. - -When Landen came back in at the 2:30 mark left in the game and KU down 12 – -who was it that played very key role in that comeback: these sequences. Landen gets key rebound, Who was it that played the front on our press? - -Landen - - Who played a key part of the trap that led to a bad possession? - -Landen - - who followed a missed shot with a key rebound and a follow slam to cut the lead to four? - -Landen - -Who was it that in the overtime, Ku up five and we saw Landen playing defense on Amad and amad does nothing ends up dribbling backwards and losing the ball out of bounds with Landen on him and WV turns it over and Ku comes down on that next possession and Devonte hits a trey and increases the lead to EIGHT.

    A reporter from USA today made the statement that Landen Lucas is to this team what Zubak was to the Duke team yrs back, he is a glue guy - -Says ya he is no big scorer, he is not flashy, said when people think of a glue guy people have a tendency of thinking of that flashy guard, that wing, not a big guy.

    The reporter and the radio guy says YA you can and do question the three things Landen will do when he gets the ball, you CAN QUESTION THAT, but the one thing you CAN’T question is that he will ALWAYS give you 110%.

    He won’t make any big 12 teams, chances are he may not even make honorable mention but bottom line is somewhere during the game Landen is going to get you two or three things to help you win the game, a key rebound , some defense you didn’t think he had in him - -just simply 110% all the time - -AGAIN last night PLUS 22 when Landen was on the floor, Like the reporter said so the next time we are bashing Landen which we will just remember this conversation - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • …and Carlton Bragg fouled out in 18 scoreless minutes and had one rebound…had a plus-minus of MINUS 14. Is Lucas enough for us to go the distance?

  • @CRH107 why coach doesn’t use Coleby more ill never understand. Carlton plays weak - that’s all there is to it. He doesn’t show much fight down low. Give me Coleby any day of the week.

  • @HawkChamp Coleby is smart and strong with a wide body, good positioning on rebounds with good hands.

    But his explosiveness isn’t there. Can’t elevate without collecting and can’t guard jumpshooters very well.

    I do like him a lot and he’s smart enough to play to his strengths.

    I still believe Carlton can be a force but it will take the staff and he having consistent confidence. That unfortunately may not happen this year with him off the bench. I had hoped it would. Check out the play at 2:10 left in first half. We break the press and pass to Carlton at the foul line. There is one man between Carlton and Mitch under the basket. Instead of driving into the guy and dumping over the top to Mitch he turns around and passes it back to Frank. Josh would have had the assist and Self would expect him to make that play.

  • @HawkChamp said:

    @CRH107 why coach doesn’t use Coleby more ill never understand. Carlton plays weak - that’s all there is to it. He doesn’t show much fight down low. Give me Coleby any day of the week.

    Wholeheartedly agree. Bring in Bragg for spell minutes at the 4, mostly for giving the guards (JJ) at blow and also for match purposes, but use Coleby as the primary bench minutes guy for LL - can give you 8± minutes per game and 5 fouls. He can only score on put backs, but that’s okay for a couple of minutes a half.

  • @jayballer54 I agree other than the 1/4 from the line in OT Landen was solid when he was on the floor, WV made their runs with him on the bench. @approxinfinity I think Coleby should play more. That put back dunk he had was flat out awesome! I agree he has lacked explosiveness, probably because of his knee issues. Which stinks because I think he would be in the rotation with doke out had that not happened. He’s not a great defender as you stated but since when had Bragg been able to guard a darn thing? lol.

  • @approxinfinity said:

    But his explosiveness isn’t there.


  • @approxinfinity I agree, although that dunk last night was pretty explosive. If only we could see more of that. Anyone know why Self removed him?

  • @CRH107 said:

    Is Lucas enough for us to go the distance?

    I hope we give Mitch more minutes. He is undersized, and not strong enough… but he hustles. Things happen when players hustle. He had a block and rebound in just a minute or two of play.

    And I also hope Dwight gets more minutes. He is playing with inspiration, too. He’s done a respectable job when facing size.

  • @drgnslayr I like Mitch but man I don’t think I want him in a big game if don’t have to, he did ok last night but he’s so weak and outta position defensively. That’s not a knock on him, he will be good, just a young fella.

  • @chriz my guess from a series or two later, he didn’t show the same explosiveness going outside his immediate area.

    Harder to discern the things you don’t see. But I am no coach…do believe @approxinfinity made a similar observation when I made a similar comment within the game chat at the time.

  • I should have included that after that pass backwards to Frank by Bragg, Frank airballs, Carlton goes over the back to collect his 3rd (?) foul and gets yanked for Coleby. Hopefully Self tells Bragg he needs to attack the basket there instead of that mess.

  • @approxinfinity


    Just appears Bragg often shies away from contact (unless fouling) regardless of how much Hudy bulks him up. I am beginning to wonder if it is a temperament issue…sees himself as a finesse player while his team needs a wide body.

  • @approxinfinity Well said.

    I too would rather see more of Coleby. He shows more “nasty” than Bragg, period.

    What ever happenned to Bragg’s 12ft jumper, he was GOOD at it last yr?

    Just what did Bragg do to be a McDAA?

    O pts, 5 fouls. He’s so far off from what Ellis did, its seriously concerning. I mean his butt’s been replaced, outclassed, outhustled, facialled, & put to shame by Josh Jackson playing the 4!

  • @ralster the problem is he never makes an individual move - do you even remember the last time he got the ball at the free throw line and they had a clear out for him? We did that all the time for Perry but all Carlton does is go out to the perimeter and pass the ball around. No dribble drive, no shot and no pick and pop. Not sure if its him or if its Self telling him not to worry about scoring, but I am tired of seeing the weak play. Coleby has the passion and the muscle to give Landen a breather. Unfortunately, Self prefers a weak player over a strong one.

  • Regarding Bragg and his recent misconduct and weak play, if he does not shape up by season’s end I would be inclined to send him packing. That said, Bill Self obviously is a more patient mentor who sees and seeks ingredients in Carlton, ingredients which many of us, at this stage, can’t perceive. Coach might yet save the kid. In the meantime some of us shriek futilely at the tv monitors, “Yank him to the bench!” It is almost unbelievable to me the way in which Carlton has forfeited prime opportunity, to this point in his Jayhawk life. However, in the final analysis I gotta believe in Bill Self and bow to his expertise in the matter. (Though I reserve the option to shriek.)

  • @REHawk Unfortunately, Bragg’s last effective forearm shiver got called as illegal contact. The refs (read “cops”) had to go to the monitor and then they reversed it. But he has played very much as if he wants no more body banging.

    Perhaps his go-to pain “medicine” is no longer available.

  • At this point, I would think that the main problem for Carlton is between his ears. He had the tools and now he has the body but his brain has not caught up yet.

  • @REHawk I wouldn’t send him packing for rocky on court play this season. Only if his off court stuff warranted it. He’s still a part of the Jayhawk family. And I too wonder if it’s Self telling him to do things other than shoot in situations we would want to see him shoot.

    I think his body language was really good in the game he came back from suspension and I believe Carlton Aurelius will have his vengeance on his detractors, in this season or the next.

    Josh playing the 4 so well has changed the course of his season after Carlton’s suspensions, much like what happened to Andrew White when he got injured and never had the same opportunity upon return. Hopefully in this case, Carlton’s time at the 4 is more secure next year than Whites time projected to be before he transfered. It seems like it is.

  • @approxinfinity said:

    I believe Carlton Aurelius will have his vengeance on his detractors, in this season or the next.

    I have that feeling too… and that would be great if ‘next season’ = the one right after regular season 😉

  • He is a big strong kid with all the upside he has ever had. In my opinion, he needs to calm down and accept a role that he can build on. Last year he played a part of the whole. This year on the court he doesn’t seem connected. Body is ready. Maturity may be in question, but no more or less than other college students. Don’t judge him against the most or least responsible kids/young adults. Just the regular ones.

    I see great potential. My gut says, he will figure it out. Self will guide him, he will listen. This year or next basketball wise would be great for me as a fan. As a person, I hope he sticks with it until he gets it. More important than any game.

  • @JayhawksandChill in other words, we should chill! Great words of wisdom!

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