Diary of the comeback

  • 3:00 Tarik Phillip made Layup. 64 - 50

    2:43 Foul on Jevon Carter. 64 - 50

    2:43 Frank Mason III made Free Throw. 64 - 51

    2:43 Frank Mason III made Free Throw. 64 - 52

    2:40 Foul on Lagerald Vick. 64 - 52

    2:40 Tarik Phillip missed Free Throw. 64 - 52

    2:40 Landen Lucas Defensive Rebound. 64 - 52

    2:30 Devonte’ Graham missed Three Point Jumper. 64 - 52

    2:30 Landen Lucas Offensive Rebound. 64 - 52

    2:21 Frank Mason III made Three Point Jumper. 64 - 55

    2:18 Kansas Timeout 64 - 55

    2:06 Foul on Frank Mason III. 64 - 55

    2:06 Daxter Miles Jr. missed Free Throw. 64 - 55

    2:06 West Virginia Deadball Team Rebound. 64 - 55

    2:06 Daxter Miles Jr. missed Free Throw. 64 - 55

    2:06 Josh Jackson Defensive Rebound. 64 - 55

    1:56 Devonte’ Graham made Three Point Jumper. Assisted by Lagerald Vick. 64 - 58

    1:46 West Virginia Turnover. 64 - 58

    1:43 Devonte’ Graham Turnover. 64 - 58

    1:43 Tarik Phillip Steal. 64 - 58

    1:40 Foul on Devonte’ Graham. 64 - 58

    1:40 Tarik Phillip made Free Throw. 65 - 58

    1:40 Tarik Phillip made Free Throw. 66 - 58

    1:33 Frank Mason III made Layup. 66 - 60

    1:33 Kansas Timeout 66 - 60

    1:25 Foul on Lagerald Vick. 66 - 60

    1:25 James Bolden missed Free Throw. 66 - 60

    1:25 West Virginia Deadball Team Rebound. 66 - 60

    1:25 James Bolden made Free Throw. 67 - 60

    1:15 Foul on Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk. 67 - 60

    1:15 Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk Turnover. 67 - 60

    1:15 West Virginia Timeout 67 - 60

    1:14 Nathan Adrian Turnover. 67 - 60

    1:14 Landen Lucas Steal. 67 - 60

    1:13 Foul on Nathan Adrian. 67 - 60

    1:13 Frank Mason III made Free Throw. 67 - 61

    1:13 Frank Mason III made Free Throw. 67 - 62

    1:07 Foul on Lagerald Vick. 67 - 62

    1:07 Tarik Phillip made Free Throw. 68 - 62

    1:07 Tarik Phillip made Free Throw. 69 - 62

    1:03 Devonte’ Graham missed Three Point Jumper. 69 - 62

    1:03 Carlton Bragg Jr. Offensive Rebound. 69 - 62

    0:52 Foul on Elijah Macon. 69 - 62

    0:52 Devonte’ Graham made Free Throw. 69 - 63

    0:52 Devonte’ Graham made Free Throw. 69 - 64

    0:52 Tarik Phillip Turnover. 69 - 64

    0:52 Landen Lucas Steal. 69 - 64

    0:47 Frank Mason III missed Layup. 69 - 64

    0:47 Landen Lucas Offensive Rebound. 69 - 64

    0:47 Landen Lucas made Two Point Tip Shot. 69 - 66

    0:45 Foul on Mitch Lightfoot. 69 - 66

    0:45 Esa Ahmad made Free Throw. 70 - 66

    0:45 Esa Ahmad made Free Throw. 71 - 66

    0:36 Devonte’ Graham made Three Point Jumper. 71 - 69

    0:33 Kansas Timeout 71 - 69

    0:26 Tarik Phillip Turnover. 71 - 69

    0:21 Foul on Tarik Phillip. 71 - 69

    0:21 Frank Mason III made Free Throw. 71 - 70

    0:21 Frank Mason III made Free Throw. 71 - 71

    0:16 West Virginia Timeout 71 - 71

    0:02 Tarik Phillip missed Three Point Jumper. 71 - 71

    0:02 James Bolden Offensive Rebound. 71 - 71

    0:00 End of 2nd half 71 - 71

    To further break it down

    3-5 3 pointers 2 by Graham, 1 by Mason 9 points

    8-8 FT’s 8 points

    2-3 on layups 4 points

    2 turnovers

    3 offensive RB’s, 1 defensive.

    WVU 3 turnovers,

    WVU 0-1 FG’s. That’s all they attempted, this according to the data above. And the 1 shot? Their desperation heave at the end of regulation.

    WVU 7 FT’s

    Interesting stuff. Of course we had to foul them, but they really made it tough on themselves by not taking more than 1 shot down the stretch.

    This list just ends regulation. I didn’t break down OT.

    I don’t recommend this as a winning formula, but it sure was fun while it lasted.

  • Cool. I watched it again a couple of times, but it’s nice to see it itemized for the exact sequence events

    Worrisome point for me was when Svi got the charge/turnover at 1:15. Could have gone down 9 again right there, instead, Lucas got that crazy baseline steal and Mason hit two freebies to cut it to 5.

    And there was still a lot to go right anyway from that point. LOL.

  • @DanR That baseline play I was very nervous that it would go to replay. I have it recorded, haven’t watched yet, not sure they showed anything on the telecast that was conclusive anyways.

  • @wissox I watched the replay and his feet were definitely in. There is only one camera angle that showed it (kind of from behind). Not sure how he managed to get his signature “Lucas one dribble” in before kicking it to Mason.

  • @wissox

    Great job! Excellent to see it illustrated like this.

  • @wissox good stuff. Anyone see Doug Gottlieb tweet after the game that the refs were atrocious, but idk how you blame the refs letting up 3 offensive rebounds and missing 4 fts. Such a dipshit. On the play he speaks of Mason is too close to the in bounder but KU gives it right back on DG turnover with 1:43 left.

  • @wissox This article has more details on Dakich, who also has made himself hated at Iowa. Says it is video, but there is a long article, too. Video is of Izzo.


    And we think Fran is so bad!

    Incidentally, when I was at Michigan, the in-state UM students thought it was hilarious to put down kids at other colleges in the state by saying they couldn’t get in to UM. Caused many a ruckus. I recall some similar sentiments at KU about KSU and WSU, but less applicable because KU admits far greater range of students.

  • @mayjay I saw where Harbaugh copied Larry Brown and hired the father of a stud QB to be one of his coaches hoping the stud QB will come to Michigan.

    You’re right about Michigan. They have a snobbery that is rarely matched in college sports. They think they’re god’s gift to college athletics. They go on and on about their football team which I think has won one national championship since 1947. Their basketball team had the significant win in 1989 and that’s it. Not too much to hang their hat on there.

  • @wissox On, Wisconsin!

  • @mayjay Yes! But other than hockey, soccer and cross country, not much glorious sports history there either.

  • @wissox said:

    @mayjay Yes! But other than hockey, soccer and cross country, not much glorious sports history there either.

    Selling your boys (well, maybe their great-grandfathers) short! Don’t forget the 3rd NCAA Mens BB Tournament, way back in the high scoring era of 1941!


  • @mayjay Well, I did know about that one, but like Michigans football championships from that era, it’s a little difficult to bask in the afterglow of a championship from 23 years before I was born!

  • @wissox

    THE Ohio State makes all other schools look like pikers when it comes to sports snobbery or just plain snobbery…😃

  • @JayHawkFanToo Agreed. In KS some call KU “snob hill”, and OU gets treated the same by haters in Okla, as do the mighty Longhorns in TX. But kingsnob title reserved for THEOhioStateUniversity. (where’s Thad Matta , btw?)…and, of course, Duke.

  • @ralster

    I would also add in the SEC snobs… UK in basketball, Alabama in football.

    I think the most-obnoxious fan base in the world is Alabama football. THE Ohio State University is second in football.

    Most-obnoxious basketball fan base… I have Duke as #1, by a landslide.

    I equate snobbery with obnoxious behavior. It isn’t exactly the same thing, but snobs ARE obnoxious. Obnoxious people are not all snobs.

  • @drgnslayr Perfectly put! KSU fans are obnoxious, but can nvr be snobs, since they suck compared to SEC ftball. KU fans can be snobby, usually privately, but are rarely obnoxious. I like being a KU person!

  • @ralster

    I’m sure many people consider me a KU snob. I’m actually more of just a general basketball snob. I love good basketball! My preference is to see Kansas playing good basketball… but I appreciate most players, teams and coaches that push quality.

    Last year… it sucked to lose to Nova… but I appreciated the quality of their play. They gave all of college basketball a lesson in team play and hustle. Kudos to Jay Wright. He definitely seems to be one of the better coaches in D1.

    Izzo… always been a huge fan! Kruger at OU… always been a huge fan! I’ve even come to accept the big redneck Huggybear at WVU! His mouth is totally foul… but he gets the maximum out of his guys and his guys love him and respect him. That says a lot.

  • @drgnslayr I can’t stand UK fans. They literally think Coach Cal turns away any recruit signed by someone else. They ignore the fact they were in the NIT a few years ago but call everyone else out on NCAA tournament losses. And they criticize teams that claim a Helm’s National Championship before the NCAA tournament started… Only because they never won one. They praise Rupp, who was well known as a racist d*ck. Glad he never became our head coach. But he was one hell of a basketball coach. Despite him cheating his way to 4 championships and paying players. They are average up until 1948 and all of a sudden they win 4 championships in 10 years… Had to be clean right? And lord only knows what went on at UK when Pitino was there. You think something like the prostitute scandal only happened at UL? Doubtful. They had three clean guys come in and couldn’t get the job done there. All of a sudden UK starts landing 4 top 10 players a year and they are doing it “clean?” Yea I don’t buy it. I’m sure Cal knew NOTHING of Derrick Rose’s SAT score. That is why he chose Memphis? Even though he is from Chicago… And had no ties to Memphis. And was a top 5 recruit and was surely getting recruited by everyone… But I’m sure he got no benefit to play for Memphis other than getting to play for an amazing coach.

    What a delusional fan base. At least snobby Duke fans have had a relatively clean program and a respectable coach. I probably would be snobby too if I were them. Although i’m sure they won’t be able to stay clean after K leaves and stay a “Blue Blood.”

  • @Kcmatt7

    Back in the 70s I learned a phrase that was commonly used in college basketball recruiting (also football)…

    “The Rolex handshake.”

    Back then, it was said to be common among some coaches to meet and greet recruits with a handshake while sliding a new Rolex onto their wrists.

    During my playground hoops days, we would often joke about the Rolex handshake. When someone netted a shot from 35-feet or smashed a dunk on someone you would hear all kinds of Rolex comments.

    I don’t have any real knowledge on this to know how much is true and how much is “legend.” I always heard the SEC was the dirtiest recruiting conference and the Rolex handshake was common practice.

  • @drgnslayr Oh I believe it. UCLA’s had the same amazing run as UK. Dominance like that doesn’t come free.

  • Down here in the bayou I had an ‘argument’ with a friend who went to LSU. I think it was our Final four year 2012. I mentioned how big KU basketball was. He said it wasn’t as big as LSU football. I said, in trying to be a peacable guy, that in fact, the two were equal. I knew in my mind that actually KU hoops was a bigger deal in Kansas than LSU football in Louisiana, but I didn’t want to be a snob.

    He said when LSU plays, everyone in the whole state pays attention. Same in Kansas when we play.

    He said that LSU has a great tradition. They can’t match KU’s!

    He said LSU fans are more fanatical. I don’t know how to quantify that.

    I told him we’re the only game in the state. LSU has competition from New Orleans pro teams, DI programs in both sports. KU has pretty much zero competition except of course our KSU and WSU friends.

    Bottom line is we’ve got it very special, we probably are a little snobby about it.

    @JayHawkFanToo At least OSU has won a few games to back it up!

  • @wissox

    Here is the “KU snob” in me…

    When AFH set the volume record of 130.4 decibels at halftime during the WVU game, smashing the Rupp Arena record they set while playing us, I think I screamed in joy at 130.4 db!

    I loved it! Come on, Kentucky. Don’t shake a challenge in our faces… we’ll kick your butts every time you do!

    I bet if Kentucky had set that record in a different home game this year, the record would still stand. We clobbered their record by 4 db!

  • @wissox I think except in Connecticut and now Kansas (perhaps), football is usually bigger to the majority of state residents. Look at football vs bb tv ratings. College basketball is big to alums, but to non-alums, they hardly ever watch. Ratings for football are huge comparatively.

    Here in SC, there are zillions of football fanatics who have never seen the SC campus. The stadium is chock full even when they suck. They are bb fans only casually, and only while the team is good. I bet LSU is important to average Louisianans the same way.

  • @wissox LSU has no true in state competition in college athletics. Tulane, La Tech, ULL, and ULM all compete in the bottom feeding D1 conferences, except for Tulane who’s a bottom feeding American program.

    As someone who was born in Louisiana, I have no problem admitting that KU basketball amd LSU football do have many similarities. KU basketball has been more consistently successful, but as far as loyalty and dedication go, they’re both on equal footing. You don’t sell out a 100,000+ capacity stadium on a regular basis without a loyal fan base.

    I would say that LSU fans tend to be more fanatical because if you walk into Death Valley or around the stadium on gameday wearing enemy colors, there’s a decent chance of getting something hurled at you. I’ve never seen that at KU even to Missouri fans inside Allen.

  • You only the legend, or are you the truth?

    That second video is downright ominous!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 But LSU does have pro competition, technically in state KU doesn’t! I know it’s just a silly argument but I was really mentioning it because there’s a lot of sports snobbery to go around!

  • @drgnslayr

    Don’t forget that KU set a loudness record at Kentucky as well…From loudest arena (at the time) to quietest arena in 40 minutes of play. Drop microphone…😃

  • @wissox KCK does have Sporting KC in soccer which KC is a pretty loyal soccer town.

  • @JayHawkFanToo Someone tweeted on JNews live update during the game that we set the record until the guinness book guy visits his next arena!

  • I decided to hit record the other night near the end to keep this comeback for posterity on my DVR. At 10:00 I had switched the channel momentarily to record the local news, then switched back to the game.

    Tonight on the way home I listened to JNew’s podcast about the game and so I was inspired to come home and watch the comeback. When I started it, it was at 2:43, showing fans leaving, DickyV yelling at them, and Frank at the line. I got the only 7:43 of that game that I’d ever want to watch again!

  • @wissox

    Who ever wrote that really does not know much about it. It is highly unlikely to happen since most arenas are not designed to maximize noise.

    There has been a couple of studies done by acoustic engineers and just a handful of arenas have the potential to be real loud and at the top of the list is AFH.

    Here are some links… link 1…, , This one is from ESPN…, and this one is from the NCAA itself…

    In comparison, the loudest NBA arena is Sacramento at 119.6 db and that is the record 23,500 fans broke at Rupp and then KU smashed the record with only 16,300 students which is not surprising since more people by extension means a bigger arena and a bigger place to fill with sound. Cameron Indoor stadium is much smaller and easier to get loud but it holds only 9,300 students. AFH is probably in the sweet spot between capacity and relatively small size. Any new arena that holds 16,300 fans would be considerably larger.

    In short, it is unlikely, but not impossible, that the record will be broken anytime soon.

  • @JayHawkFanToo JNewell retweeted it. I think whoever wrote the tweet, and I tend to agree, was making a satirical comment on a silly decibels record.

    Jesse Newell Retweeted Blair Kerkhoff ‏@BlairKerkhoff Feb 13

    Kansas announced as the loudest crowd by Guinness world record guy. That mark will stand until he’s invited to another game.

  • When I think of Guinness world records, I think of the book I had when I was a kid with the fattest twins riding motorcycles. Much more impressive than loudness I would say.


  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Love it! Bravo!

  • @HighEliteMajor most impressive if either twin had to break wind. Loudness could be impressive! It may even “eclipse” the little motorcycles. ("Lunar"eclipse)