CBSSports Showing Mason Some NBA Love (Finally!?!)

  • @CRH107

    Wow, that is so cool!

  • Lol take it with a grain of salt, same guy who has JJ at 11, thinking he would pair well with Wiggs.

  • That’s a good one, Jackson 11th. Hahahahahaha

  • This is the just the beginning. This is the least they could do right now. Mason and Jackson will only get better.

    They should jump up a few if and when KU reaches #13. If they reach FF, their stock will definitely increase to top 5. I could see JJ at #1 or #2 in draft and Mason a close #5 or #6 ish.

    We shall see and it will be fun to watch.

  • this guy is high as hell if he thinks JJ is going 11th. I had him as 7 before his up tick in recent games. I’m betting he goes #4. Mason is still prob not gonna get drafted but I bet he gets an invite to some camps.

  • Pretty hilarious mock draft.

    Monk is a good college player, but unless he bulks up big time, he won’t make it in the league. It isn’t so much just about size… but strength.

    There are reasons why guys like Marcus Smart are getting minutes.

  • In my dream world, Mason goes 2nd to the 76ers so he can build his career setting up Embiid highlights. In reality, I’ll be happy if he gets drafted first round.

  • I’m a big Frank fan, but doesn’t he seem a bit short to be playing in the NBA? I know he’s a legit POY here in Div 1, but not being a big NBA follower, maybe there are other short guys with lots of heart playing in the pros?

    And I didn’t even see JJ going that low when I first read it… does cast doubt on the writers credibility with that guess.

  • If Jackson is still on the board at five, expect a riot with teams trading up to get him.

  • @CRH107 Yeah, So excited for Frank! He is a STUD!

    On the other hand, Josh is a top 3 pick. Period.

  • @StLJhawk Dude, Isaiah Thomas. 5’9" plays for the Celtics. He is one of the best right now

  • There are anomalies when it comes to stature…

    Webb Bogues.jpg

  • Baylor had a lot of nba sized guys and that length seemed to bother Frank’s shot (I don’t worry about strength with the bull dog). Chris Paul is listed as 1 inch taller than Frank. For what that is worth. He has done ok.

  • @Fightsongwriter

    I love Frank’s game, but I can’t compare him to Chris Paul, maybe the best pure PG in history. Paul controls the entire floor even when he doesn’t have the ball. That’s a rare skill.

  • @justanotherfan

    Chris Paul is good, very good but he does not even break into the top 5…unless they count flopping as part of the criteria. Maybe he is top 10.

  • Jackson alongside KAT and Wigs would be an insane line up. Also, Lonzo Ball to the 76ers might make the the longest team in NBA history when Simmons gets healthy.

  • @justanotherfan Frank is roughly the same size as Paul. That was the point. A smallish guard who succeeded in the nba.

  • Lazy me for not googling shortest players. Had no idea Isaiah T was that short. Go Frank go!

  • @StLJhawk heard Bilas say yesterday that frank could play in at the next level. Said great things about him.

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