I have some questions

  • OK. So I have some questions, this redundant crap is getting really old, game after game , after game. year, after, year, after year. - -Not all of it, but ONE inparticular. The other is my opinion/observation:

    Question? - - Do these people, these so called fans, - -well do they EVER SHUT THE HELL UP? - -that’s not the question, got distracted. - - OK, so - -the thing that’s really old, the ONE thing I’m so sick of hearing is about the officiating, - -cry me a fricken river - -I mean dam time to grow up and get a pair. - - All I hear is about how KU gets all the calls - -you play at the Phog you have to play 5-8 . that we pay the officials off. - - So my question is- - -Do these people NOT COMPREHEND - that the officials ARE ASSIGNED by THE CONFERENCE - – -not KU, KU does not hand pick these guys they are assigned to the game by the Conference. I mean HOLY BAT SHIT BATMAN, it shouldn’t take a rocket Scientist to figure that one out.

    Another these same people bitch, whine, whimper, moan, sniffle, when we beat their ass on THEIR floor, - -they still cry about the officals - -it’s on YOUR FLOOR IDIOTS - - How about this, how about facing a good cold hard slap of reality - -it’s called plain and simple - you got beat PERIOD. - -whether we were better this year, or this night, or this month, or this minute - -bottom line is - - YOU LOST. doesn’t matter whether it’s by 1 point 5 points 20 points a loss is a loss is a loss, - -You see that’s the difference between a winner and a Wanna Be. - -Winners just win - -loser make excuses. - - There is enough minutes in a game, you make enough plays, you get enough opportunities - -just play morons quit looking for reasons other then THE REAL REASON.

    Another thing - -Wonder how many of these fans from Baylor stop and realize Think - - yes I know that’s a challenge but wonder if they stopped to think that the guy Motley who had beat us up in the 1st half 14 points and 6 rebs - - - wonder if they thought part of the reason they got beat is that the same guy in the SECOND HALF took ONE SHOT the entire half - - -ONE FRICKEN SHOT hmmmmm geeeeeeeeez there is an idea. - - ONE DAMM SHOT the entire half - - it’s called half time adjustments you fricken morons. Motley was killing us, Coach made adjustments at the half end of story.

    Getting really tired of people trying to make excuses cry bitch and complain when they lose to us - -other then the REAL REASON you lost - - you just got beat by the better team - -at least on this night. - - -Baylor is good - -really good, BUT sure doesn’t help when you have a weak sniffling fan base trying to fit into some big boy britches - -I mean DAM – another thing they killed us in the 1st half on the boards - - 2nd half? - - ummmm NO we ended up even or down two - - it’s called ADJUSTMENTS talk to your coach see if he has ever heard of it - - if not - tell him to look the definition up in Webster’s - -DAM - -ok that is all - -rant over - -have a great day my Crimson and Blue friends - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Sorry, got carried away lol, got pretty amped up lol - -just really getting old - -same song second verse lol - - every dam time I mean come on - - REALLY? - - - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @time-to-rock-73 You just jumped from the top rope with the elbow to the throat of the wimpering whineys. Nice post!

  • @time-to-rock-73 Most of the “experts” would agree that every team…at least those that draw a lot of fans… gets the “home whistle”. We’re no different than anyone else in that regard.

  • @time-to-rock-73 Gosh, I wish you would not be so reluctant to let your true feelings out!!! (sarcasm-in-good-fun font)

  • @Hawk8086 that’s great - - only ONE PROBLEM that may MAYBE hold water at home - -but these people cry and say we get that whistle on THEIR FLOOR too - -just time to face facts - -quit looking for excuses - -KU has NO control over the officials no matter what anyone thinks. - -Just play the fricken game, good teams over come obstacles, - we are having to play with a short bench - -who’s fault is that? ya know what I’ saying - -if we lose are we using that as a crutch? - Like I said winners just win - - -losers make excuses - -it’s all about adapt and overcome. - -I’m just up to my neck with this BS cry me a fricken river - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @mayjay OK, OK I know that is my rant for the year, let me climb down off my pedestal - -sorry got my Crimson flowing lol - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • In their post-game interviews, I thought Coach Drew and the two Baylor players were very respectful of AFH and the game KU played. I didn’t hear any of them complain about officiating. Drew talked about his team’s deficiencies, as did the two players, Motley and the guard. They were downcast, but not insulting in any way.

  • @stoptheflop drew said the difference was 28-3 points off turnovers

  • @time-to-rock-73 I liked it! Reminds me of that other guy who posts here, oh, what the heck is his name? @Jayholler or something like that… HA!

  • @time-to-rock-73 Geez. I hadn’t heard the comment about our road games…very weak!

  • Easy answer…it’s KU

    I actually see refs helping other teams in many cases. But overall, anytime KU loses, it’s not the refs. Most, if not all the time, KU deserves to lose.

    I will argue against WVU’s full-court foul. That’s right it’s not a press, it’s a FOUL FEST. The refs will never call all their fouls for fear of overplaying the foul stats against WVU. I’ve said it on other posts, but Huggy will press the hell out of teams, and he even admitted, “the refs will not call every foul.” He’s right. But he’s also wrong. His style is not good nor is it helpful to the game or his players. In the end, he’s the coach and if he wants full-court FOUL, so be it.

  • @truehawk93

    I am with you. I have seen my share of badly refereed games in my lifetime and the WVU game is right up there near or at the top.

  • @time-to-rock-73

    There are just a few cold hard facts in life. Taxes… death… and fans pissed at refs.

    We all scream about it, too. We were all pissed off at the officiating in Morgantown.

    Heck, I thought we got ripped off numerous times last night. How many times did the Baylor bigs go over Landen’s back to get a rebound or tip it out? I think the refs called one, maybe two “over the backs.”

    If they had called all of the blatant over the backs, we would have had Baylor bigs on the ropes and we probably would have made this a blowout.

    Even the announcers caught one or two of these “no calls.”

  • @drgnslayr 👟👟👟👟👟 walked all over the place

  • @time-to-rock-73 you posting under 2 posters?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 same thought here… double identity?

  • @stoptheflop that’s good. One thing to remember these coaches have to be very careful about what they say on officials, subject to disclipline fines etc.- -and far as players go there is no way they can say anything. - but that was not my reference it’s the dam closet so called fan bases where it’s getting really sad, getting really old - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @mayjay HMMMM, he must be quite the guy - -huh, - -I think I may know him - he is a real character lol - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Hawk8086 WHZ WEAK? - - really - -not sure where you’ve been lmao - -hell Kentucky fans were mentioning just the other day - - Iowa State mentions it it’s all over lol - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @drgnslayr AS a former basketball official - -you could call a foul EVERYTIME down the floor if you really wanted too, - -there is so much contact, illegal pick’s all the other BS - -you would not believe all the THREE SECONDS that could be called but it’s kind of went the way of the ice age. - -you need flow, rhythm. - -I’ll tell you this when I officiated I ALWAYS told the coaches, the players BEFORE the game even started -guys going to tell ya this you reach, it’s gonna get called – you don’t slide the feet on defense - -it’s gonna be called, I would and did call a lot tighter or the crew did in the beginning they knew they could get away with the cheap crazy crap in the beginning made it a lot easier in the end. - - Alot easier to clean it up early then not to call it early and then try to get control in the end. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Crimsonorblue22 ONLY when I’m having trouble with my other login - -I really need to get some stuff cleaned up having some issues - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY WITH MY ONE E-MAIL

  • @time-to-rock-73 I was thinking I saw this avi before.

  • Really, it’s a great idea to have more than one identity here. I could take both sides of every issue and argue with myself all day. Some of you would come to the aid of one of my identities and rail against the other. Sounds like fun. One of my identities could get the other banned for life

  • @Crimsonorblue22 that I don’t know, but it wasn’t from me - -sorry if it is - -I pulled this from my downloads when I went to late night. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @stoptheflop LMAO now tht’s funny, hadn’t really thought about that - -that must have been when I had one of those brain fades - - LMAO – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @stoptheflop Fantasizing about trolling yourself on the Web…if you ever do it, maybe it would be a good idea to go further and invent a 3rd online identity–perhaps an online pyschiatric helpline the other two could consult in their spare time!

  • @time-to-rock-73 No…they are weak for thinking they are getting a raw deal!

  • @time-to-rock-73 said:

    AS a former basketball official - -you could call a foul EVERYTIME down the floor if you really wanted too

    I’m positive that is true.

    I’m sensitive about over the back calls. Mostly because it is often called when the convicted party didn’t even touch the other player. It is often called just to support the rule in general.

    So when I see real over the back fouls not being called, it seems doubly egregious when desiring consistency.

  • @truehawk93 Three horrible calls against Devonte Graham in the Villanova game really hurt us and stopped us from going on runs. Refs controlled the tempo of the game, which is a shame.

  • @KansasComet Call me paranoid or maybe a conspiracy theorist, or maybe I just like protests. I will say there seems to be a strange (choosing word carefully) problem, issue, bias, etc…you name it, against KU every year they make a run. It appears someone is deliberating trying to play games with KU bball at some very personal and NCAA levels (officials). But what do I know. I’m just another butt sore fan, hehehe.

  • If referees were to get a bonus from tv viewership/ratings, it would help explain an unintentional bias toward teams from bigger markets. I wonder if NCAA refs get a flat fee, or not.

  • @mayjay

    OK…if the two on-line identities are vegans and get into an argument…do they have a beef? 😃

  • @JayHawkFanToo Vegans believe in renewable food sources, so they should have a beer rather than beef.

  • @mayjay

    I personally think they would be in a pickle… 😃

  • @KansasComet

    " Refs controlled the tempo of the game, which is a shame."

    I think a more accurate proclamation is:

    “Refs interfered with the tempo of the game…”

    We have this happening to us again this year. It definitely happened to us at Morgantown. Our guys basically withdrew their aggression because they were being called for “air fouls.”

    We have to mature and learn as a team that we can’t back down because of some calls.

    There are other things we should do instead… like… being more focused to prevent the really dumb calls. Stop reaching, not vertically or horizontally. Horizontal position is hands straight up only! Try “selling” a bit harder.

    If we are basically going to quit games where calls aren’t going our way, we are definitely doomed in March!

  • @drgnslayr We will be fine in March, especially, if we can get Tulsa/KC combination. Fans, media, and refs against us, but that’s okay. We are still Kansas and our court says Naismith!

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