KU tanking on the recruiting trail!

  • I just noticed that there are only 8 guys left on ESPN’s top 100 board. That doesn’t look good for Bill Self at all! If I had to guess KU will be playing the transfer game this summer more so than any year I can remember.

    Mason, Svi, Jackson, Lucas, Graham, and possibly Bragg gone next year? Who knows if Preston will ever suit up in 2017-2018? That leaves Coach Self with Newman, Vick, Garrett, Lightfoot, and Dok as the only quality players on the roster (according to recruiting outlets). Very inexperienced and virtually no depth! Next year could really be a down year if Coach Self doesn’t pull several rabbits out of his Toupee!

  • I’ll wait before hitting the panic button. Also you forgot Cunliffe.

  • @BShark True but he is only available for the later half of the season. Cross your fingers Bragg gets it together, Preston gets cleared, and we sign a PG!

  • @Statmachine Self usually does OK late in the year. One issue this year, I have to believe, is that there were so many uncertainties…Graham, Svi, Bragg. That can make it difficult vs. a team that can promise available playing time based on need.

  • @Statmachine Not time to panic quite yet. If it was, we would start hearing some weird names start coming out of the woodwork.

    We have clearly prioritized landing a PG. but that seems to be the only thing Self is worried about. If I were betting, Svi would stay one more year and we will run another year of mostly 4 guard.

    I expect Bragg back. I don’t see a transfer or him getting kicked quite yet. BG didn’t just have off-court issues. He had locker room issues galore. That was his undoing.

    Coleby will most likely take a step next season and be a more explosive player than he has been so far. So we have better depth than you are giving us credit for.

    IF everything you said happens, sure we may be hurting. But it would take a lot going right and a lot going wrong all at the same time.

  • Trust in HCBS.

  • @Statmachine

    Honestly I’m not worried about Preston I feel like there would be a lot more smoke (there was a lot of smoke with Diallo) if there was a huge concern. Since he is signed KU should be able to help with eligibility stuff iirc and Oak Hill should help too. PG is easily my main concern.

  • @BShark I like the way you think.

  • @Statmachine

    I think you are showing us the “worst case scenario.” (or close to it)

    Do you think Devonte and Svi are both gone? I don’t think either show as a lottery pick. Both would be absolutely crazy to go now if they aren’t showing well in the draft. And this draft is going to be stuffed with good talent.

    I’m seeing the glass half full.

    As of now… I think we will have: Devonte, Svi, Doke, Vick, Newman, Preston, Cunliffe, Lightfoot, Coleby, Garrett… good chance Bragg. That is 10 or 11 right there. As we know, Bill only likes to play 8.

    And we are 50/50 for Trae, and I bet Bill pulls a rabbit out of his hat for at least one more quality player. Could be a transfer or whatever.

  • @drgnslayr it would be big for us if either Svi or Devonte stayed. We could really use some experience for next year.

  • @HawkChamp


    If we have an issue next year it could be about experience.

  • DG or Svi probably stays. I’m not gonna worry at this point.

  • @Statmachine

    He’s actually available for most of the season. He only sits 9 games.

    You forgot Coleby as well

  • Yeah. I doubt if we win a game next year. Self sucks.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    I was thinking we better cancel the season now

  • @Kcmatt7 With the swift news of 👋 him accepting terms of a diversion you may be correct. Now, living up to those restraints & terms of a diversion are not always easily attained. Suffice to say at least there’s a chance CB returns at this point. HCBS likelywon’t screw around with his scholarship much past this spring, if that long

  • We aren’t tanking. We’ll be fine.

  • Matt Scott Verified account ‏@KUTheShiver · 2h2 hours ago


    Trevor Duval, father of Trevon Duval, about the game last night.

    “The atmosphere was unreal”

    more coming #KUBBALL

  • Matt Scott Verified account ‏@KUTheShiver · 18m18 minutes ago


    Kansas visit went great for Duval - #VIP #KUBBALL

  • Duvals mom was speaking with Larry Brown. They both really seem to be into the game.

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  • When did we ever have a down year in the Bill Self era? I can’t think of one. A down year in my opinion would be a team in jeopardy of missing the tournament or not making it at all. We have never come close. Coach Self handles the recruiting great! I don’t know how he does it. Even when things don’t go great, he makes it work. We are missing to key contributors, yet here we are with 20 wins again. I never worry about our coach and recruiting. Wins against UK and Baylor are great for recruiting. Let’s go Jayhawks!!!

  • @Statmachine I think we have a chance with him man. Fieldhouse on a night like last night is a game changer.

  • @KansasComet

    There’s definitely concern for next yr if we lose all 5 starters. Baylor, West Virginia will have experienced rosters again. KU is destined to be its most vulnerable next yr regardless of who stays or goes.

    My hope is that Svi returns because I feel Graham returning is not on the table. Bragg is definitely a wild card for next yr which is why Self is after Chris Smith potentially

    With Vick, Newman, Doke, Cunliffe that’s 4 good players. Lightfoot and Coleby plus Preston and Garrett give KU 8 guys. We need an impact point guard and depth everywhere else. This is a year KU should sign 13 to play because next year there’s a very good possibility more guys will be gone to the pros.

    It’s going to be Selfs youngest squad with very little experience. Times have changed even if Self has always figured it out. A true rebuild/reload year is possibly upon us. No “The sky is falling”, just an honest assessment as of today

  • @BeddieKU23 This season is barely halfway over. I am enjoying it. We have no idea, with the exception of Seniors and more than likely Josh Jackson, as to which players are staying or going. We just don’t know. Coach Self probably doesn’t know either. I don’t get the concern? I do understand the potential of what your saying. I am more of a we will cross that bridge when we get to it kind of person. Concern about things that may or may not happen is not going to change anything. As I said before, Coach Self always has a way of making these things work out. I am staying relaxed. Coach has it under control. He always does. If Devonte and Svi leave, then I will be cheering for them at the next level. Should they stay, it will be one heck of a Senior Night next year. The only thing I know for sure is that I get to watch them this year and I will spend my time enjoying that, versus being concerned about next year. Baylor and Virginia are always tough, but then again so are we.

  • @KansasComet

    I certainly wasn’t trying to change the focus to next year. I’m enjoying the current season just as much as anyone, its been a great season so far. We have wins over #1 Duke, #4 Kentucky & #2 Baylor. I hope the wins keep coming, especially in March. At the halfway point we control our own destiny again for #13. It’s a great position to be in.

    You are right we have no idea what is going to happen.

    About next year, it was just a heads up especially if your one that doesn’t pay as much attention to potential early departures or recruiting. This off-season more than any in recent memory is really going to test Self’s ability to put the right pieces together for next years squad.

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