OU pulls out the upset!!!!

  • Jayhawk nation thanks you Lon and company!!!

  • Jordan Woodard we owe you a cookie

  • Nice!

  • Difficult to think of them losing two in a row at home though…

  • BOOMER SOONER…BOOMER SOONER…I was reading a gum flapping moron talking about how the Hillbillies were going to run away with the Big 12 today- the timing couldn’t have been better…hehehe…

  • Screenshot_2017-01-18-20-36-09.png

  • Now we just got to continue to take care of business, WV got to go to K-State Saturday so we shall see ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54 thats not a gimme game either

  • In other news Indiana had to hit a buzzer beater to get passed Penn state.

  • @kjayhawks that loss is looking worse and worse every day. Thanks a lot Loosiers

  • @HawkChamp yep but most clubs will have a few bad losses

  • @HawkChamp said:

    @kjayhawks that loss is looking worse and worse every day. Thanks a lot Loosiers

    Replay that game now and I think KU wins.

  • @kjayhawks had a guy go down too.

  • Speaking of crazy games Okie Lite and KSU both over 50 at HALF in Stillwater.

  • @HawkChamp

    Fortunately, the computerized systems count older loses less than recent ones. By the end of the season it should count very little. I can’t wait until the NCAA does away with the RPI and implement a combination of the Sagarin-Pomeroy-Massey systems.

  • @BShark

    Yep. Shoot out in Manhappy…last team to score wins.

  • @JayHawkFanToo I watched a deal last year on the committee and they said they look at other rating systems too. They had to do something to get Syracuse in and SMU missed out a few years back with an RPI of 19. They all have flaws IMO, I pick on bracket off of kenpom every year and it’s usually one of my worst. No system can predict a off night for a stud or a career game from a role player.

  • @BShark I agree

  • @kjayhawks

    When in doubt, bet the time zones.

  • @kjayhawks

    I agree that no system is perfect but the RPI is being used in a way in which it was not envisioned or designed for. As I mentioned before, your RPI can go up if you lose to a good team and go down if you beat a weak team; none of the other systems allow this. The systems should be used for seeding only and not necessarily prediction. I personally like Massey the best.

    You can buy an entry level IBM Watson for about $50k and let it go to work; of course you would have to feed it the data, which should not be too difficult and create the analysis algorithm…that would be a little more difficult.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Oops…I knew that, I am watching it; I just wanted to say Manhappy…:smiley:

  • @kjayhawks said:

    No system can predict a off night for a stud or a career game from a role player.

    A cogent analysis!

  • Judas I stopped watching the OK state silo tech game it was 72-68 with like 10 to go. Silo wins 96-88. That’s back to back home games letting up 96 for them. I thought we had bad rotation til I watched them, silo tech had about 10 wide open layups.

  • They say they will set odds on most anything.

    What’s the betting line on 3 of 4 in the Final Four being EST?

  • Oh Poor ESPN nitwits you never fail to make me laugh!!

    53% chance of winning in Lawrence:poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:




    upload-beb6a9b5-8c09-4972-816a-2d09b0e11d31 .

  • West Virginia now has losses to Temple (10 L’s), Oklahoma (9 L’s) and Texas Tech (14-4) and they were the #1 team according to ESPN. How could a network fall so far from respectability

  • @BeddieKU23 said:

    How could a network fall so far from respectability

    Competition sharpens teams.

    ESPN has none.

  • @BeddieKU23 They are corrupt- rotten to the core, imo.

  • @BeddieKU23 It’s click bait. You can’t say KU will win again, that’s expected. Obviously KU is going to win again. I love the timing of the story though…right before WVU loses and digs a two game hole.

  • Why is this even news? Baylor and WVU are not really good teams. Each year, they start out like they are title contenders and fizzle out. I said it a million times and will continue to say it…BIG 12 outside of KU is garbage! For anyone to give any importance to any of these teams from a relevancy perspective is just straight up nonsensical.

    Sure, i can see the need for us to talk up these teams since they make us look better and they are in our conference, but we all know deep down inside…Baylor, WVU are no better than KSU, TCU , etc. Its like KU is the one normal kid playing against bunch of handicapped kids.! Sure you want the handicapped kids to feel like they mean something and it looks good on you that they succeed, but at the end of the day…there is no way they are going to beat you. All you can do is talk them up because of self pity and that they make you look better and not the jerk that is beating up on the handicapped!

    And that’s not even the worst part…We will celebrate the continuation of our Big 12 streak over these overhyped yet clearly below par teams and use it to stake our claim as a blue blood! Just another reason why the streak is losing its importance!

  • @KUSTEVE Seth Greenberg has been salivating over himself saying the Hillbillies were going to take the conference title from us and actually said yesterday to Mark Packer that they would “roll over OU”.

  • You could argue, I suppose, and say ESPN is in the business of making money and since most eyes and dollars are east of here, then that’s what they’re going to do. I have the same feelings about ESPN as most of you, but sometimes wonder if we’re just being overzealous fans who feel slighted over everything.

  • Fran called the OU vs WVU game and he sounded like he was going to start crying. He couldn’t stand the thought of Kansas pulling away from the field again.

  • I like the streak and I don’t see why we need to apologize for the “weakness” of the Big 12.

    During the streak other teams have had transcendent players like Griffin and Durant.

    Last year OU went to the Final Four.

    The Big 12 is at worst a decent P5 basketball conference, and the streak is a remarkable achievement, based on a combination of great coaches / players and the AFH home advantage.

  • @HawkChamp Noone saw that coming! HUGE victory for Lon and OU!

    We are barely half way through the conference season and only KU is undefeated. I expect that to change next week with our brutal stretch of @WVU , @UK, and home vs Baylor. BUT, during the past 14 years, KU has won the conference in this exact same way. KU maintains dominance at home, steals half or so of the wins on the road, and lets the rest of the conference beat up on each other.

    Its waaaaay to early to call game set match, but I would say our chances are very high at this point.

  • @drgnslayr It was almost comical the way frann made excuses for OU getting outmanned & out played for 3/4 game then threw Kruger, Woodard for tanking the FT, then the entire OU team under the bus at closing time… He has morphed into one of the poorest announcers on tv in only a couple of years. Guys like Mush or Dickie actually transitioned that way thru old age &decades of repetitive perormances. Fran was PPoor to start with

  • @BShark oh yah, most definitely. KU would beat Indiana given a replay

  • @Lulufulu UK isn’t a conference game, so we have a chance of staying undefeated if we can eek one out at Morgantown.

  • @Lulufulu Stealing that WVU game would be huge. But Holding serve at home against Baylor is a must.

  • @BeddieKU23

    A couple of thoughts. FWIW, the computer rankings seem to like WVU, As of today, Pomeroy has it as #4 and Sagarin as #2 but Massey has it as #17, a drop of 8 position due to the loss to OU. The NCAA RPI has WVU at #25 dropping only 1 spot.

    Do I think WVU is one of the top 3-4 teams? No. Do I think it is #25? That is also a no; Massey has it about right at #17 after the loss where it was #9 before.

    Also, I believe the projection of WVU winning the conference was done before last night’s game (apparently they run 10,000 game simulations) and it was largely predicated on the pasting of top ranked Baylor, another computer favorite, and when WVU was thought to be unbeatable at home…that was before last night’s game that changed things big time. If they re-run the simulation today, I will guess the results would favor KU.

  • @JayHawkFanToo and that’s why computer rankings and systems are pure bull when it comes to predicting games. It does not account for a random guy getting a career night or a team that just has a bad game.

  • @HawkChamp

    Computer rankings are just that…RANKINGS based on performance to date. If you want prediction based on past performance, scroll to the bottom of the Sagarin rankings and you will see PREDICTIONS and they seem to be pretty damn good…

  • How many years will it take before news outlets get sick of being Einstein’s definition of insanity?

    I have seen a few sports people say that Kansas is the favorite in the Big 12 until they finally lose the streak.

    A computer will never kick out a statement like that… but then, who needs a computer to figure this one out?

  • Here is the solution:


  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Oh yeah I saw the projections before last night’s game. It was all over the ESPN main page yesterday. I thought it was ludicrous then and today its even worse.

    Today they are spinning it with “Is West Virginia built for the long-haul” and “West Virginia is still a lock for the Sweet 16”. Good to know they are lock 2 months out from the tournament.

    I have never taken the BPI serious but once I saw West Virginia #1 and Duke #3 I just couldn’t stop laughing.

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