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  • It’s amazing what cosmetic surgery can do to change your life.


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  • Jordan Woodard is hurt. Their record would be different with him in the line up.

  • Lots of struggle down in Norman. I hope Lon gets it worked out. He’s a great coach and a strong OU is good for our conference.

  • @drgnslayr Just as long as the remedy is found after Tuesday’s game.

  • OU looked absolutely abysmal against K-State. They trailed by 16 at half, eventually losing by 11. I’m sure they will be up for us as all teams typically are, but, I don’t see how we lose this game. We should win by 20+ though we’ll probably win by about 17 once we put the scrubs in with under 5 mintues left.

  • @tis4tim The word “scrubs” when talking about our bench players rubs me wrong. We have bench players who through their hard work push 7-8 other players to be the best they can be that makes Kansas basketball the great program it is.

  • @tis4tim

    OU had a very bad first half but a much better second half. They were down only 6 points with 9 minutes left and 7 with 3 minutes left but could not get any closer. They outscored KSU by 5 in the second half. OU is a young, inexperienced team.

  • @wrwlumpy That Okie t-shirt is a work of art.

  • @brooksmd we should all know that by now, huh? I don’t think most mean it the way you think. I getcha though!👍

  • @brooksmd

    T-shirt? What t-shirt? 😇

  • I dont have any issues with OU. I thought it was special (as it is for any school) last year when both their football and basketball went to Final Fours. Much like KU’s 08 NC in basketball, and top10 football team/Orange Bowl win same year. I did expect better out of OU basketball vs Villanova, but the big stage got em, unfortunately.

    Anyone who wants to talk football in the BigXII, there is 1 perennial top20 team: Oklahoma. They can play competetively vs OhioSt and Alabama most seasons, and that is what Stoops has maintained at the University of Oklahoma, and I tip my respect hat to him & his work at OU.

    Nothing but respect for Lon Kruger. Proven guy, from the Jack Hartman tree, which stems back to Iba at OklaState, as does Self (through Sutton…). Jack Hartman was a football and basketball player at OklaState.

  • This will be interesting to see how it ends up. I believe Woodard is still out and with Latin not really moving along like most thought he would it should be a route. Even with Woodard they’ve had some bad losses like 5-10 UNI. I’m thinking they are the cellar team this year, but you never know on the road, we gave TCU their first sellout in the new building on the same day as their bowl game. I’ll take any W we can get but I’d say it’s a must win to get to 13 straight.

  • @kjayhawks what’s wrong w/Woodard?

  • @wrwlumpy so lump, I googled good looking okie guys for us Jayhawk gals and got some weird stuff, like guys looking for guys😳👬. Anyway it scared me so I stopped!

  • @kjayhawks

    Just think about how bad they want to beat us and help capture a little bit of redemption for a tough start to their season.

  • Here you go @Crimsonorblue22


  • @dylans it is cute

  • @brooksmd

    No disrespect intended by my use of the term “scrubs” to describe our bench. I’m sorry if I touched a nerve.

  • @tis4tim said: “No disrespect intended by my use of the term “scrubs” to describe our bench. I’m sorry if I touched a nerve.”

    Has @brooksmd led us to the basketball fan’s version of PC? JK!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 not sure just know he’s been out

  • @kjayhawks

    Bingo, if Woodard is out they don’t have much of a chance. If he plays then this game will be close because Kruger will be looking for a signature home win with a rebuilding roster. Have to guard the 3, they don’t score well from anywhere else

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Leg injury. They have not been very specific about his injury

    He was shooting before their game against k state so I’m sure that puts him in line to play Tuesday at home. Can’t imagine the kid missing his last chance to beat KU

  • @BeddieKU23 Was Woodard the one who kicked the ball in the stands? Same penalty as JJ objecting to the no-call?

  • @mayjay

    I believe so

  • collage.jpg

  • Ah…yes, Jeff Capel. many think the next few games are an interview for the HC job at Duke when Coach rat face leaves; does anyone realistically believe that Capel has a chance? I personally don’t.

  • Woodard practiced this morning, but Lon Kruger said he won’t play tonight

  • @Ralph said:

    Woodard practiced this morning, but Lon Kruger said he won’t play tonight

    How about tomorrow? :smiley:

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    @JayHawkFanToo I do.

    Are you referring to Capel?

  • @JayHawkFanToo yes, said that awhile back

  • @mayjay well, sadly or not, I wont fit into that PC world, since I am no fan of KU’s end-of-bench guys playing in games. Often they screw up the stats with silly turnovers, jacked up 3s, and basically getting facialled by the opposing team’s pissed off starters. Or maybe, their “antics” actually camouflages the better stats put up by our starters for most of the game, so maybe I can try to spin their existence in live games to be some sort of advantage.

    Was it a bronx cheer when the KU crowd used to yell for “Spoonie” to play, or for Tyler Self to hit a 3?

    The reason I feel this way, is that in a pure man-on-man basketball sense, the scrubs cant hold half a candle to the first 7-9 on the roster. Not even in the same ballpark or arena…but yet there they are, right in AFH. (Whatever floats fans’ boats, I guess).

  • @ralster When the crowd cheers for Tyler to shoot or for Jordan Jueneman to play, ir any other end of bench guy, those are not Bronx cheers. That is genuine emotion because KU fans know those guys bust their butts in practice everyday for little recognition publicly.

    When those guys come in games, they’re rarely going against the other teams starters, it’s usually against their end of bench guys too.

    Teams don’t win championships without tgese end of bench guys running scout team in practice daily making guys like Mason and Jackson better everyday. An opportunity to play a couple of minutes when KU is up 25 against someone at the end of the game is an opportunity for the crowd to show their appreciation for the hard work those guys put in.

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