KU only a 4.5 point favorite against TCU

  • Do the money people have this right?

    I expect a tough game, low scoring, margin for error should be low unless we shoot the heck out of the ball. Still seems the spread is low.


  • Is this where the line opened or where it has moved to get the bets where Vegas wants them?

    I’d give 4.5 pts.

  • I would say history of KU going down to TCU in recent years pushes the line closer than it should be. An inflated 11-1 by TCU does too. Then you have Dixon who people respect.

    Line should be closer to 8. I’d take KU with the 4.5 all day long.

  • Just looked, the game has been bet all the way up to 6.5 or 7 now depending on the website.

  • Ya I’d take that bet all day long.

  • B12 spreads today:

    • WVU -3 ML: -155 vs OSU +3 ML: +135

    • TTU +4.5 ML:+160 vs ISU -4.5 ML: -170

    • BU -4.5 ML: -190 vs OU +4.5 ML: +170

    • UT +8.5 ML: +330 vs KSU -8.5 ML: -400

    • KU -7 ML: -290 vs TCU +7 ML: +245

    Games I would bet today:

    • Texas vs KSU. I’d take Texas on that money line all day. Paying 3-1, yea well worth a $20 bet.
    • #2 UCLA vs OSU. UCLA is 21 point favorites today. If you can find a place to give you a money line, put $5 down on OSU. Well worth it if UCLA has a bad shooting night and OSU can play at a snails pace. Bet the spread.
    • #22 USC vs #21 Oregon. Oregon is a 9 point favorite even though both teams are ranked right at the same spot. I’d take USC and the money line paying 4-1 right now. I’d put $100 down on this game.
    • URI vs SLU. Money line pays 8.5-1 for SLU right now. Line is set at 14.5 in favor of URI. I’d think that SLU can keep it within 15 points at home. Bet the spread.
    • #18 Arizona vs Cal. Cal is a -2.5 favorite. Cal has not played very well on their home floor. Been taken to OT twice by lower level teams and just lost to UVA. They have played 5 games within 10 points already this year on their home court. I’ll take Arizona and the money line.

  • @Kcmatt7

    It was 1 year and it was a cosmic upset. Maybe that one game is playing into this line but I’m shocked it’s this close.

    Either Vegas believes in TCU’s inflated 11-1 record and their new coach or they believe KU will not play its A game on the road.

    TCU has played KU tough the last few years but its hard to read into it consistently. Last year we beat TCU by 19 on the road, the year before 3. A few other games at Allen within 10 points. A 5 point win in Big-12 tourney play.

    I expect us to win by more then the line-somewhere in the 7-10 pts area

  • Banned

    Without looking I would assume a lot of gamblers are laying the wood on TCU, forcing Vegas to lower the spread.

  • I am not sure where the 4-1/2 comes from but I would take it any day. The line opened at 5-1/2 and the consensus is now at 6-1/2. When you consider the home court and its 2-3 point advantage, at a neutral site it would be more like 9 and at AFH closer to 12.

  • Yeah 4.5 is a bit low, I don’t think it ends up a 1-2 possession game.

  • I really thought Okie St would beat WVU…WOW…


    I thought it would be a lot closer then it was. wow what a blow out

  • @BeddieKU23 Did you see Texas Tech is beating the snot out of the Clones…


    yup the refs now coming back to help the Clones

  • I’m always a little nervous before a KU game. I’m nervous because they’ve been on a mini vacation. I’m nervous because Doke isn’t there, I’m nervous because Coach Self Missed Practice because he’s been sick. Like @KUSTEVE I’m 84% sure that we will win. We haven’t seen them play in over a week. The reality that we are the circled team on everyone’s calendar has always let me know that KU does not sneak up on anyone,

  • @BeddieKU23 I’ll just say I dont expect a repeat of 2013’s “Topeka YMCA” game

  • @Lulufulu

    yeah agreed!

  • @KUSTEVE that’s what happens when teams don’t handle the press very well

  • KSU and Texas are both hot garbage. That said, the refs are really favouring KSU.

  • In retrospect, it might appear that Vegas oddsmakers predicted that our star OADer would shoot craps?

  • You could’ve made money on both sides of the line. Opened at -4.5 for KU and you could’ve put money on TCU +7 at the close and won as well. Get 'em coming and going.

  • @BShark I guess this is why they still have to play the game. Good grief, the Vegas line that we found laughable before the game was spot on the last 10 minutes of the game. TCU under Coach Dixon is darn good and is going to beat a lot of Big 12 teams. Friday night’s road win against a tough foe feels pretty good today. RCJH

  • @REHawk said:

    In retrospect, it might appear that Vegas oddsmakers predicted that our star OADer would shoot craps?

    No, they were just expecting LL’s 15/17!

  • @BeddieKU23 For the first 12 possessions of the game for KU…I was beginning to think we were going to repeat the YMCA game!! We couldnt buy a bucket or defend with tenacity.

    Then it got going!!

    Cudos to TCU for making it a close game. TCU could make the NCAAs this year.

    I was Sooooo wrong about the strength of the conference this season.

    Although, the season is young. Im still in the wait and see mode.

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