Grayson Allen Trippin' (to the bench)

  • Eventhough I may respect Coach K’s accomplishments over time, I couldnt ever be a fan of Duke basketball. Coach K may have built them up to royalty status, but at times his handling of Duke’s various “badboys” has been questionable.

    But, I must applaud Mike Krzyzewski’s decision to suspend Grayson Allen indefinitely…after yet another episode of tripping an opposing player.

    Be it 1 game or multiple games, it was proper & fitting for a program of Duke’s stature to do. Of course K earns credibility “currency” by doing this now, not quite halfway into the season. The skeptics among us may say “what a grand way to work the refs”…basically an investment in ethical capital, surely rat-sniffing for the payoff in March or April…?

    We know what a single pivotal call (or no-call) can make in a game. Recall the final 2 KU-Mizzou games–MU got the win on a charge call in Columbia, while there was a key no-call on TRob’s swat of Pressey in AFH. Mizzou was my most hated opponent for KU. Duke is likely a distant 3rd, although I hold a fair amt of respect for them (as I do KY and UNC). (KState is 2nd most hated, no respect there, but mostly just hate their fanbase.)

    So. Kudos for Coach K seeming to do the right thing, at least on the surface. Grayson, get some help, as suggested by another ACC coach.

  • @ralster no offense, but Coach K has sold his soul and I dont think his ethics had anything to do with this decision.

  • @ralster

    He only suspended him after it was apparent he had no other option. I cannot assume but I’m sure the ACC and Duke felt the pressure to finally make the punishment stick this time.

    He didn’t sit him the 2nd half of the game in which he committed the trip which to me said all I needed to know about Coach K. He saw the play, it was right in front of his bench. He saw the tirade that Allen put on after on the bench, right in front of him again. Inexcusable from player and Coach in that situation.

    How much of Allen’s issues are directly related to Coach K’s antics as a coach? I would say they are closely tied together. I respect Coach K, amazing coach but the suspension was 1/2 of a game and a day late. Duke and the ACC knew the media was coming after them full throttle and that’s why the suspension ultimately happened.

  • Agree with the heavy skepticism. This is but a crafted facade, another angle for K to work later…

  • @ralster

    I think I’m like you and I don’t want to throw K under the bus because whether we like it or not, he is one of the key leaders in college basketball.

    But still I have the skepticism. And K was late to the lynching. I have little doubt that his hand was forced. The question is whether or not the pressure came strictly from within Duke administration, or was it from the ACC. My personal belief (and I have nothing but gossip to back this up) is that the ACC gave a very stiff “off the record” threat to Duke to cool this boy down.

    I could be wrong… and as we all know… I am very capable of being wrong!

  • Halftime

    Duke 31 VT 47


  • @BShark

    I could be wrong… but it seems like Duke and K are in a quandary. K wasn’t expecting Kennard to step up like he has, while some of his star freshmen are not stepping up, for various reasons including injuries.

    So does he keep his minutes with Kennard? Or does he invest in his freshmen and also with the focus on scoring?

    Kennard is a player. He doesn’t have the athleticism of some other choices… but he has plenty of basketball IQ and an alpha dog approach. What people forget is Kennard was a McDs AA just like the other highly-touted freshmen.

    I’m wondering if all of this ends up backfiring on Duke. I’m not sure if they will be able to rationalize away some of these decisions later if their cookie crumbles. How will Duke recruit top tier talent after this year while some of their top tier players ride the pine? We dealt with this on players like Alexander and Diallo.

    I know what they are trying to do. They are trying to keep the focus on injuries being the reason.

  • @BShark Don’t sleep on Buzz Williams! This ain’t your Seth Greenberg / James Johnson Hokies. Cassell is going to be a tough place to play this year!

  • And don’t believe the hype if anyone says Allen would have made a difference . We all know how well he plays against good teams.

  • Carolina also lost today. I wish Indiana would have shot as poorly as they have been the last few games against us. We should not have lost to those guys.

  • @ralster I was just thinking about this last night. Coach K had TWO chances prior to the latest tripping incident by Allen to do the right thing and discipline his player. He failed. I used to respect Coach K for being one of the all time greats. I dont any more. He may have the all time wins record but imo he’s lost all credibility with me. Cant wait to see him retire, cant come soon enough. I hope that Allen terd gets baited into tripping some one again and gets kicked off the team for it.

  • @BShark WOW

  • @Lulufulu maybe he whispered in his 👂 And we missed it. No🎤 On this time!😉

  • @Lulufulu

    Imagine that post in a Verne Lundquist voice. 😃


    Give me a Kennard type player every day of the week. Tatum’s game is cancerous from what I’ve seen of him (he is very skilled though).

  • @BShark

    I would definitely like to have a Kennard type player. But… one of the issues at Duke is defense. Not sure where any of Duke’s players fit as quality defenders… but I know how to play devil’s advocate. And if (and when) Duke goes down in March, Duke fans will want to place blame. Their fan base is really stoked about having a big year. Dangerous… I sort of feel sorry for Kennard, because he could end up taking some blame when all he has done is step up and outperform all expectations!

  • @drgnslayr

    It’s weird because Duke has the post bodies to be good defensively.

  • @BShark

    Agreed, I think Tatum is the issue for Duke right now. Skilled, will be a NBA player but I don’t see team player in him at all. Actually after watching their last 3 games I don’t see much “team” in them. Lots of chiefs, no indians

  • @BShark

    They just lack playing together for a long period of time to mesh as a team.

  • @drgnslayr

    Coach K is emperor of basketball though, how can this be? :p

  • @BeddieKU23 Giles or bolden play today?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Barely. 13 (Giles) and 3 (Bolden) minutes. Such a killer with Bolden, because he’d be getting pt at KU. 😞

  • @BShark was tripper w/the team?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    DNP suspended

  • @ralster was watching the Duke- -Virginia Tech game today, Cory Alexander was commentating the game, and what he thought about the whole situation. He said it should of been taken out of Coach K’s hands and the ACC should of made a determination. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BShark I know, just wondered if he traveled.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 He was in street clothes on the bench, looking all pouty and sad, enough to make his mommy cry, no doubt.

  • @mayjay did the crowd hassle him? Thx for info.

  • To be honest, I cannot wait til K retires, as well as Roy…just to see what happens…(same as watching what ksu does post-Snyder…)

    But we know what will happen–> that same Duke $$$ that was trying to buy the Rules of Basketball, will then turn it’s devlish blue head to try to hire a coach to preserve their perceived greatness…They could make a run at anybody. Pay him $5-7mil/yr. Better destination job than an NBA gig, if a guy can cut it at the royalty level.

    Ask Calipari, does he want to flounder in the breeze at NJ Nets, or be the talk-o-the town in Lexington, KY? I doubt Cal leaves for NBA. Also doubt he accepts any offer from Duke, as he’ll just show it to KY AD, to up his ante, just like Gregg Marshall worked WSU/Koch with the offers he got from GA (or was it AL?) and UCLA…now dear Gregg is a top10 coach in pay.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I find myself frequently wondering if Grayson Allen traveled. Badumtish!

    In all seriousness, has he been stripped of his captainship so that he might be reinstated next game? Has Coach K found his loophole? Garbage! The lot of them!

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    did the crowd hassle him?

    If so, they didn’t discuss it as far as I heard.

  • @mayjay I heard they were yelling “we want Grayson”

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Well, like I said, I didn’t hear it. didn’t say I was paying a lot of attention. It was Duke, after all, and my stomach has its limitations…

    Happy 2017! Only 15 minutes away, here. Soon, I can post a message from the future!

  • @mayjay eastern time. Same to you. Have to take my son to airport at 4:15 am.😴

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Midnight EST! Happy New Year to the entire Midwest! My 2016 ended sooner than yours!!!

  • @ralster

    Coach K’s comments after the game were arrogant and patronizing but he never imagined the backlash that followed and he was force to backpedal. Basically he bluffed, his bluff was called and he folded like cheap suit; however, as much as he lost on this hand, he still has sizeable war chest to continue playing. Now that people are on to him he will need to be a lot more careful; a couple of more losing hands like this and his war chest disappears

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