Jan 16 Headlines: Experts reassess KU and anticipate KU vs OSU

  • ###** OSU’s Smart returns to scene of backflip**###

    Marcus Smart — basketball player deluxe — scored 25 points and grabbed nine rebounds in Oklahoma State’s 85-80 victory over Kansas University last Feb. 2 in Allen Fieldhouse. Smart — gymnast extraordinaire — put an exclamation mark on his and his team’s performance by performing a celebratory backflip once the final horn sounded.

    ####SI writer puts KU in ‘Magic Eight’ teams capable of winning national title####

    Sports Illustrated college hoops scribe Luke Winn this week unveiled his “Magic Eight.” Before you say, “So what?” you should know as far as he’s concerned, one of the eight teams on this list will win the national championship.

    ####** ESPN Video: Freshmen Math: Andrew Wiggins**####

    Andrew Wiggins entered his freshman seasons with extraordinary expectations. Take a look inside the numbers to see whether he is living up to them.

    ####Clark Kellogg: Syracuse’s first foray into ACC, Kansas early season struggles####

    CBS college basketball analyst Clark Kellogg discusses Syracuse’s early ACC dominance, if being undefeated is a distraction and if Andrew Wiggins should stay in college for another year.

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  • @bskeet Man, I like that ESPN video on Wiggins. Makes a good case for him being the best. With regards to Kellog’s take on OAD’s, I think Wiggs is the real deal. That being said, I think his parents will be there to give him advice so he can make the best decision for himself. I also think $ will not be a factor in his case. His Fam clearly is very well off. Im happy he is a Jayhawk, short lived as it maybe.

  • MEMO

    TO: Nuke Lose, Sports Reanimated

    FROM: jaybate, jns, (controlling owner, publisher, director corporate intel, in-house counsel, outhouse counsel, CEO, King, CFO, General, CJS, Theocratic Major Domo, Druidic Chief, Conga dance teacher, desktop janitor, director of mobile charging operations)

    RE: Regarding your Magic Eight Bull Biscuits

    Did you identify KU as one of a magic eight before the season? No. So: why should we take your current prediction any more seriously than what you wrote at the beginning of the season? What you are doing here is mastering the obvious and anyone with a keyboard can do that. Get down and give me 20 on fingertips in the mud, ex-PFC Lose.

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • I love watching Embiid’s amazing coordination. Because he’s not real fluid right now, he does these awkward moves that are totally legal, that get the fans of the opponents riled up when it happens, that even make us think, ‘oh, that’s a travel’, and then he scores, or passes to a wide open cutter or three baller.

    He makes moves that are of a person who didn’t grow up watching basketball 24-7, who wasn’t a gym rat, who probably didn’t play a whole bunch of video games. So he’s making it up as he goes along and it’s really fun to watch.

    That stretch when he took over the ISU game the other night should be preserved for a KU time capsule, just like we wished there was a Wilt or Clyde KU time capsule. It was Reggie Milleresque when he sunk the Knicks with those bombs, or Jordanesque when he shrugged in the Portland game. It wasn’t Monet or Rembrandt, but it was loud, brash and very effective.

    I really hate that we are only get to see guys like Joel and Andrew and BMac for 1 year.

    Speaking of BMac, his minutes at Sacramento have diminished greatly. Every time I check a box it looks like he’s struggling to find his shot. We all hope the young man can turn it around.

    As for the Smart flip, I don’t get too worked up about. He was a freshman in college and just won a game, that for him right now, is the highlight of his career. I don’t get into all this ‘he dissed us and we ought to make him pay’ stuff. Winning the game is what will do the talking for us.

  • I was there when Iowa St snapped the streak in 2000 vs Gooden, and I witnessed the Acie Law three from the corner as well in 2006. I watched Oral Roberts snap the non-conference streak, and I saw Texas break our home court streak after Thomas lost his mom. And this year, the first game I went to was the San Diego St loss where we snapped another Non-con streak. The plan is to go to the game this weekend, but I’m afraid I’ll cause the 3-0 streak start to conference to be snapped, too.

  • @Blown There’s something going on here… I think you might want to reconsider your weekend plans. Just kidding…but seriously

  • @Blown There’s something going on here… I think you might want to reconsider your weekend plans. Just kidding…but seriously

    The sick part is that I am actually considering not going and I have excellent seats. A win Saturday is huge, huge, huge.

  • @Blown - I lean towards the superstitious side, but for the love of all that is good - DON’T pass up this game. Nothing you say, think or do is going to change the outcome of the game. Don’t deprive you and your family (friends) of this incredible experience.

    Although, if we’re behind at halftime, you can leave and watch the game at one of the local bars.

  • @Blown - you’ve been watching too many Bud Light superstition ads! I hope you go… and I hope you aren’t missing games hanging out in your dingy basement or playing lousy songs on the jukebox or eating quinoa burgers or having a pathetic fan come to watch at your home.

    Trust me… it’s only an ad!

    As long as you make sure and wear your lucky Jayhawk t-shirt and cross your fingers during FTs… we’ll be fine! Maybe stop by a fast food joint and grab a few packets of salt. Once in a while, if you break one open and toss it over your shoulder, our luck will turn around! Watch for the cement seams in the sidewalk concrete as you approach AFH and avoid stepping on cracks!

    These are the only tricks that work… and all the other stuff is just superstition!

  • @Blown I was there in '88 when KState snapped our 50 game or so home winning streak. It was the first time I had seen KU lose as a student and I was a senior.

    I do agree with the others that you should probably avoid KU home games though, it looks like you must intimidate Self or something. Must be your wisdom and knowledge of the game and he feels threatened by your presence.

  • @Blown hey you know what I think, the sour puss? You should let me have your ticket. They haven’t lost a game w/me there! Jk!

  • @Blown Have you thought about transferring?

  • @ParisHawk Due to an incredible tragedy in my family, I was forced to leave Lawrence in the middle of my education and unwillingly (at the time) had to transfer to KSU as that was the only place I could find enough support to continue with schooling.

    Hence, my Alias-Blown–I’ve always felt that I was Blown away from my true educational and professional destiny. I made the best I could out of KSU, but KSU could not make the best out of me. I returned to Kansas University after establishing myself financially.

    So, to answer your question, my transferring days are over, now that I’m in control.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I appreciate you lightening up a bit, there Crimson 🙂 With everybody’s blessing (except my wife) I think I’ll take the chance of going. But seriously, if we are losing at half time I’m leaving.

  • @Blown That a boy. But, I’d go if I were you.

  • @Blown I am sorry to read about your family tragedy and the effect it had on your life, and I am sorry that I unwittingly brought them to mind.

  • @Blown - Fortunately, you’ve made it back to us! I bet few (if any) can appreciate KU more than you!

  • @ParisHawk The thing about tragedy is that it affects all of us. I was not offended by your comment, but I do appreciate your empathy. And you didn’t bring it to mind; it is always there, motivating me to improve myself and the world.

    Now, no more sappy sh&* but at least folks now know why I’m “blown”

  • @Blown : You should go to the game but take two or more KU shirts. If we are losing go to the restroom and change them until we aren’t. If you run out of shirts paint your chest with the K. If that doesn’t work, tackle Marcus Smart. At the point you’ll be kicked out so maybe that’ll work???

  • @Blown That’s terrible, man. Did you graduate from KU, or are you still going to KU?

  • @Kip_McSmithers think they are handing out shirts so skip that one and go for the K on chest!

  • @MoonwalkMafia I graduated from KSU with Psychology & Spanish Literature Degrees, both of which I began on Mt. Oread. Right now I’m in the infantile stages of working to a Masters in Sports Management and Business. The long-term goal is to work with athletes to build relationships within their own communities or other communities, and reinvesting in the youth of their community. I truly believe that Sports are one of the few things that cross boundaries the way we need to continue evolving as a civilization and society.

    @Kip-McSmithers- there is absolutely NO WAY I will be taking any clothing in there that I already own. It’s all jinxed. So, look for the guy in the birthday suit standing in line for free t shirts.

  • @Blown So are you getting your MA at KU or somewhere else?

  • @MoonwalkMafia KU. I will be enrolling in the “professional” program at KU Edwards due to my current career and family obligations not allowing me to go full time. Waiting on GMAT–everything else is solid and ready to go.

  • $17.5 Million approved for new Basketball apartments. Here is a picture of a room to be shared by two players.gorgeous-interior-designs-in-luxury-tiger-woods-home-in-hawaian-island.jpg

  • @Blown Enjoy the game. If we lose, there’s no doubt who is catching the blame. I hope you have attended several wins as well? Again, enjoy!

  • @Blown: Good luck with the graduate degree. GMAT? You can do. Believe. And repeat as often as necessary. No scholar worth diddly cares about one having to repeat such things. Its all about want to.

  • @wrwlumpy when are these expected to be finished? Really nice!

  • @wrwlumpy OMG!

    Its better than where the Dean’s live.

  • Lumpy you best be joking!

  • @Blown Enjoy the game. If we lose, there’s no doubt who is catching the blame. I hope you have attended several wins as well? Again, enjoy!

    Countless wins, but the losses are the ones I remember 🙂 …Except the 20 point comeback versus Durant.

  • The photo above I believe is from One of Tiger Woods past estates.

  • So, I learn Blown graduated from KSU. Things just don’t make sense anymore. I’ll toss in a blockbuster then. I was born in … yes … Missouri. Quite disturbing.

  • @jaybate : Another conspiracy… is @Blown really Sheahon?

    And it’s ok @HighEliteMajor , after college I moved to missouri. Wife and I plan to move back to KCK 'burbs once our youngest graduates.

  • Wow… suddenly all the confessions…

    Everyone with a confession has to meet over at Jaybate’s posting on basketball lent. Read his post 3 times and say 100 “Hail Marys” before Saturday’s tip-off.

    I’ll have to do the same, because I broke my basketball fast early.

    “Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee…” X 100…

  • @Blown. If you go and they win, you have to go to every game the rest of the season. 🙂

  • @drgnslayr PHOF!! But why do they have to throw 100 long passes to the end zone?

  • @drgnslayr

    Your atonement is not complete until sister Ophelia raps you on the knuckles 5 times with a wooden ruler…

  • @Blown - I obviously don’t know the circumstances of your tragedy, but I’m glad that you are doing well now.

    I heard some outstanding advice on a talk show last night - " Turn your tests into testimonies and your messes into messages ".

    Maybe that was you…

  • Guys, I’ve added the daily threads to this main daily thread instead of posting them all individually on the front page. I think this makes the flow cleaner and more manageable. I’m going to try to do it this way going forward unless there are objections.

    These are the perceived advantages:

    • This way, anyone with thread admin rights can assist in adding posts to the daily list by editing the main post, meaning we’re not as behind the ball linking our threads to the front page until when bskeet or I get a chance to do so.
    • You can find postings by the date of their post more easily.
    • The front page is cleaner and doesn’t get massively long fast.

  • @Blown Just watch from home or the bar dude.

  • @approxinfinity (and @bskeet ) this all looks great. Really appreciate all of your work and effort here.

  • Man I LOVE this board and this thread! @approxinfinity for President!!!

  • @Blown thanks for sharing! @HighEliteMajor may I ask where your name has it’s origins? I dig it even w/out knowing!

  • @VailHawk : Allow me: HEM (HighEliteMajor) has one of the coolest screen names, as it represents a basketball program that is several steps above “mid-major” programs…get it? High-major or elite programs => HighEliteMajor. A cool way of saying “royalty” level program.

  • Thx @ralster that’s exactly what I wanted it to mean!

  • @drgnslayr I’ll opt to join the confession brigade, along with HEM and Kip. Born in Missouri, I live in Missouri most of the calendar years; have never earned credits at KU. My son and wife invested quality time at the university, and I have competed on the KU track. I am an aging rabid convert to Jayhawk Basketball via Matrimony and various Friendships. Happily, I fire up the computer every morning to catch the latest in Jayhawk Hoops news/posts before breakfast. My conversion dates to the last third of the Roy years, and I have missed very little print during the Bill Self ascension to the throne. Not a highly astute Xs and Os basketball man, my penchant for posting lies more in the realm of sports psychology and homespun surety regarding interaction between and among coaching/training professionals and their not so humble minions. KU Basketball has become a comfortable joy to fill many daily minutes of my twilight years.

  • @REHawk thx for sharing! I, like most quasi-sane board rats was totally opposed to the Facebook login travesty at a certain publication. However, I feel like KU Buckets is a safe place to share our identities. Let’s start w @jaybate, what’s your SS# and mothers maiden name?

  • Born an Arizonan; blessed to be a Jayhawk. My soul is clean; I’ve rooted for no other.

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