ISU Upset as well as Saint Mary's

  • Iowa St went to Iowa and got beat down 78-64. Iowa is in full rebuild mode outside of star player Peter Jok. I’m shocked ISU played that badly…

    Saint Mary’s #12 in the nation lost to UT Arlington- UT also beat Texas. Is UT for real?

  • ISU like the rest of B12 is a fraud! Even if they make it to the tourney, will get tossed in the first round just like Baylor. B12 is garbage with KU being the single saving grace.

  • @elpoyo Why do you come here?

  • perfect example of when the ignore button is needed? @wissox

  • @elpoyo That’s what I thought going into the season, but Baylor looks pretty salty. WV will be a tough out in their place again. KU is the beacon of light in the conference, but that doesn’t make everyone else crap, they just have more down years. But who doesn’t have down years, besides Bill Self?

  • @BeddieKU23 Yeah I flagged it, not sure what that even does. That loss for ISU is obviously a rivalry game. Carver Hawkeye is a fairly compact arena that reminds of the Octagon of Dumb and it can be intimidating. Fans are right on top of the action, ala Cameron, and of course, the greatest of them all, AFH.

  • All of his posts are extremely negative. Must be difficult going through life that bitter about everything.

  • @wissox Funny you should mention various arenas. Bleacher Report named KU student section #1 in the nation. Writer included opening video of final “border war” as proof. Of course the writer admitted to possible bias since he attended KU. :wink:

  • Monte Morris: “My hat goes off to them, but they know they’re not better than us.”

    Well Monte they proved they were in fact-better than you last night

  • @BeddieKU23

    I watched about half of that game… what I saw was ISU getting smacked in the post.

    I’m thinking ISU is most missing McKay. He offered some low post resistance and decent rebounding.

    We could really brutalize them, even in the Hilton, if our post can come together by then.

  • @BeddieKU23 said:

    Monte Morris: “My hat goes off to them, but they know they’re not better than us.”

    Well Monte they proved they were in fact-better than you last night

    Wait what…why would he say that after losing by 14? So stupid.

  • @BeddieKU23

    “Well Monte they proved they were in fact-better than you last night”

    I’ve always hated the guys that talk smack AFTER getting beat. The time to prove it was last night.

  • @drgnslayr

    Agreed they miss his lob ability and rim protection. Morris used to find McKay for a lot of easy lob’s and they don’t have that element anymore. They miss Niang more because he was so good offensively outside and inside and Morris wasn’t forced to initiate offense all the time

  • @BShark

    Yeah its one thing if the game was close but it wasn’t

  • @BeddieKU23 raiders saying the same thing, we beat them 2 times!

  • @drgnslayr "I’ve always hated the guys that talk smack AFTER getting beat. The time to prove it was last night."

    You mean like Billy Tubbs did in 1988 after we beat OU in KC? Heard it with my own ears!

  • @wissox said:

    @elpoyo Why do you come here?

    His inner-dick tells him is time to act up…like a dick.😄

  • @JayHawkFanToo Agreed we all have our disagreements but this guy seems like an anti KU troll if I was to guess.

  • @JayHawkFanToo no need to start with those kinds of comments - if I want to read that, I’ll go elsewhere. Not trying to be rude.

  • @HawkChamp I agree. Crossed the line. No need to get on the same level

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I think it was an homage to Self’s comments about Green. Out of that context, it no doubt sounds harsher than @JayHawkFanToo intended.

  • @wissox No love from Mama when a baby. Makes some feel badly but he’s always after the garbage & shows when lights are dim. Cockroach lookin for crumbs…been like this since he’s signed on. Just ignore him or wait for jaybate to verbally undress him.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @kjayhawks @HawkChamp

    Perhaps you have not been here long enough but if you look at all of his posts, I seriously doubt you will find a positive or constructive one.

    @mayjay got it right, I was using Coach Self’s wording in relation to some misguided doings, nothing more nefarious than that.

  • @HawkChamp Give us a break. He was stating the obvious and making a joke. Let’s not act like we’re all high and mighty. An occasional low brow joke never hurt anyone. Or is a designated “safe space”? No offense intended, by the way, just a friendly reminder to lighten up.

  • I think we have gone over the tourney stats and have proven that statistically B12 has underperformed. I don’t have a problem with @elpoyo reminding us of that. I do think that we have some great coaches in the conference that have the chance any year to make @elpoyo eat crow if a couple of them overachieve. Really excited about the additions of Dixon, Underwood and Beard, and previously, Prohm and Smart. I’m not sure why Dixon and Beard would go to TCU and TT, but can’t imagine they would it they didn’t think that they could be highly successful there. It’s about time they got legit coaches in their prime that might have the passion to terraform those barren basketball landscapes.

    I think Drew and Weber have proven that they can coach, despite our perpetual roasts. Lon and Huggy are solid veteran coaches that seem to have their houses in order. Hey OU got punked by Villanova, but it was the eventual champ, and they went deep.

    I’m both optimistic that any year the B12 could show up big in the tourney, and happy that we have coaches that I can appreciate and enjoy and usually root for.

  • I think he posts negative comments because he enjoys the reactions. Some people can only be happy provoking people. Didn’t anyone here have an older brother who would always put down your favorite team, tv show, band, or whatever, just to get a rise out of you?

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