Embiid and JJ?

  • Phil 76ers clearly going into the lottery this year. Likely to be near the top if they keep losing at the current pace.

    What do you all think about drafting Josh Jackson to play with Embiid? Okafor is seen as possible trade bait. Simmons, Joel, and JJ could be a great nucleus but would it be better to trade Okafor and their pick for a proven point guard? Draft one instead? Frank!

    Just having some fun thinking 76ers might someday actually have a team.

  • I listened to @Jesse-Newell’s podcast tonight and he called Josh the best freshman Self has had. He’s doing amazing things. Whoever is drafting first better grab this kid!

  • @mayjay They are “limiting minutes” just to get back into the early first round. No doubt in my mind. They need to draft another youngster I think and evaluate where they are at. Then you have Noel and Okafor as trade bait at that point. I think you have to see if Simmons really can be a “Point 4.” If he can be a “second coming” of Magic Johnson, then no need to get a great PG. Just get a lockdown defender instead. I think they really do need to “trust the process” at this point. Build up a very good core and then make the big moves. And, who knows, a team of JJ, Simmons and Embiid very well could attract a big free agent to come to Philly. Especially if they have the cap room because they built through the draft.

  • I think about this often, but I wonder if Biid sticks past his rookie deal? With the talent on the team and the possibility of another young stud joining the roster through the draft, I can’t decide if he should stay or go. I’d love to see Philly relevant again and have a KU guy that gets the credit. Who the hell knows, if I ran the team I’d probably be after HCBS. I guess we have two seasons to figure it as I believe Embiid has two seasons left on his current deal.


    Joel Embiid signed a 4 year / $19,981,026 contract with the Philadelphia 76ers, including $19,981,026 guaranteed, and an annual average salary of $4,995,257. In 2016-17, Embiid will earn a base salary of $4,826,160. Embiid has a cap hit of $4,826,160 while his dead money value is $10,926,426.

    Contract:4 yr(s) / $19,981,026Signing Bonus:-Average Salary:$4,995,257Signed Using:RookieFree Agent:2018 / RFA YEAR AGE STATUS BASE SALARY CAP HIT 2014-15 Contract details by year 20 $4,427,640 $4,427,640 2015-16 Contract details by year 21 $4,626,960 $4,626,960 2016-17 Contract details by year 22 $4,826,160 $4,826,160 2017-18 Contract details by year 23 $6,100,266 $6,100,266 2018-19 Contract details by year 24 $8,003,549 $8,003,549 2018 Free Agent Year 25 RFA

    2016 Club Option exercised 2017 Club Option exercised

  • @mayjay

    Philly is making the right move here. I believe they are on a maximum 5-yr schedule to win a title. It better be quick because they don’t know how long they will have JoJo.

    Next year should be the “turn around” year where they post a decent record and may even make the playoffs.

  • If the 76ers continue to make the right moves to keep Embiid healthy, I will be forever grateful.

    Embiid has more reasons than most players to remain loyal to the team that drafted him.

  • @mayjay

    I think Philly needs to get a PG through Free Agency and one in the draft. Looking to be a few really good options between Fultz, Smith & Ball right now.

    I think Jackson is rightfully a #1 pick but if the 76ers get this pick again they have to invest in perimeter options that can score and facilitate.

  • @ParisHawk

    The Sixers gave been very good dealing with Embiid. Some teams would have bailed out after his second non-playing season but they stuck with him and the have brought him along slowly limiting his playing time until he is fully healed. There is no question that They consider Embiid their franchise player and Duke’s Okafor and UK’s Noel, both former #1 picks, are now considered expendable/tradeable. ’

  • @BeddieKU23

    Thanks for the heads up on the PGs who might be drafted ahead of Jackson by Philly. I didn’t know much about them, so found some info that helped me have some perspective http://www.libertyballers.com/2016/8/27/12670104/2017-prospect-point-guard-markelle-fultz-dennis-smith-lonzo-ball-frank-ntilikina

    To me, there still sound like too many risks with these guys. Jackson has proved himself to be capable of elite 2 way play, with the only question being his jumpshot form (but to date, results have been good) and he is a very gifted facilitator. I dont doubt you’re right that Philly might go with a PG but for a team who has drafted on best available talent for half a decade, this would seem to be Colangelos signature departure from “trust the process” were he to draft someone over Josh. Seems if an elite PG were available in free agency they’d salivate over the potential of playing with savants likes Simmons JJ and Embiid.

  • @approxinfinity

    Jackson will be a NBA 2 guard and your right he’s a jump shot away from being a NBA All-Star in my mind. Just a complete player that will fit in even better at the NBA game. If Wiggins can develop into a 25 a night kid without a great shot I have no doubt Jackson can do the same.

    Fultz is the only kid I can see Philly drafting ahead of Jackson honestly. Fultz is an exciting kid with the NBA measurable’s to be a very good scoring point in the NBA. Reminds me of Russell Westbrook and with the season Washington is headed for he’s going to have big numbers.

    For an NBA team like Philly or whoever gets the 1st pick there is plenty of options this year

  • @BeddieKU23 Could JJ become a PG, a la Magic? His passing is superb, his ballhandling at speed is amazing. But can he control the ball well enough for lengthy possessions?

  • I have not followed Fultz, but keep hearing terrific reports about him. Our guy Jackson appears to bear the talent, intelligence, teammanship and determination to be a Top 3 draft selection wherever he goes. And if rookie Andrew Wiggins could be involved pronto in a trade for an established star the likes of Kevin Love, our current young star could probably serve the 76ers or anyone with identical trade bait. Josh looks to become a multimillionaire very soon. I hope he lands in a program which is an ideal fit so that we can follow his upward curve in the same way that we now see Embiid and Wiggins. Those 3 appear to be players who will become NBA All-Stars; and who will not embarrass or distress Jayhawk followers by creating newsworthy negative mayhem.

  • @mayjay

    Great question. Not sure that he’s an every game PG but I think whatever team gets him will be getting a guy they can use in a lot of ways. He’s going to bring versatility on offense because of his size and passing ability among other things. Defensively, he could guard anyone on the perimeter and could be a guy you look to guard a teams best player.

    Speaking further on his passing ability the only guy I’ve seen with comparable floor vision this year is Lonzo Ball. Ben Simmons from last year is another guy you look at and see “point forward” potential. Invaluable skills to have on your team because those guys can impact the game more then just scoring.

    If Philly gets the #1 pick and goes with Josh, you have 3 possible NBA all-stars to build around. I still have reservations about Simmons maturity but as a player his game would go well stacked with Jackson & Embiid. I think those 3 would elevate whoever else was around them

  • Chalmers is available.

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