2018 Crootin Thread

  • 7’2’’ but pretty thin. Making his 2nd visit to KU this year for the UNCA game.

  • This kid or 6’11’’ Lenexa product Keenan Fitzmorris would be nice 4-5 year players. KU has not offered either yet however.

  • @BShark I want the kansas kid no question

  • @kjayhawks

    Read that he is an absolutely great kid. Like just as a human being. He was at late night.

  • oh ok, thanks hadn’t seen this - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    No worries my friend.

    2018 class is kind of rough, not a lot of elite talent especially in the post… Missing Carty sucked. Wouldn’t be surprised if KU ended up with Oturu and one of these project players (Vanover, Fitzmorris).

  • https://twitter.com/Vanover_Connor

    Enjoyed the visit, of course.

  • Had to see some video about this kid.

    Not sure he’s KU material honestly. Not athletic and is thin for a 7’2-3 kid.

    He can shoot the 3 surprisingly pretty well and that part of his game seems the most advanced right now. At his size he’s maybe someone you take and try and develop and get him to 240 at least. Not sure he’s pushing 200 yet… He’s an okay rim protector but who wouldn’t be at that size in the HS level. I don’t know what to think of this one yet.

  • KU still hasn’t actually offered yet tbf. If he does get a KU offer I think he’d be nuts to go to Arky over KU considering their style of play.

    I was prognosticating a bit here. I’m just not sure who KU sits well with among 2018 post players and it is an extremely weak class in general. Not getting Bagley, Reid or Moses Brown. Bol Bol is likely going to St Johns. Not sure how hard KU is going after McCormack especially considering Self’s aversion to this kind of player. Oturu looks like a quality player that KU will go after but Self is going to have to sign a lot more than 1 post player in the class. Maybe Gordon will decommit from SLU at some point. I’m not worried that Self will sign some kids, I just wonder who they will be and I could see the staff taking a flier on a kid like Vanover or Fitzmorris.

  • @BShark

    Fully agree about the class in general and lack of guys that KU seems to be connected with at the moment. Gordon is a big miss if he sticks with Ford. I keep waiting for new names to emerge in the 18 class and it doesn’t seem to be happening. Might be a class KU gets 1 or 2 really good players and targets some development guys like Vanover. Although I think Vanover needs to improve a ton for KU to look his way even at his size

  • Yeah we could be looking at a situation where KU has Bragg, Preston, Doke and Coleby all coming off the books. That would leave Maxwell, Lightfoot and Wooten if he comes to KU. That’s three bench level guys unless Wooten really develops and that is if he comes to KU. Really early to be projecting this far out but intriguing to say the least.

  • @BeddieKU23 @BShark In a weird patch where I think we are a NC contender this year and next, but then we will have to land some uber frosh to stay on top.

    We could really use Wooten and Young out of this class and to fill our last two guaranteed open scholarships.

  • @Kcmatt7 I have a strange weird good feeling about young!🔮

  • I don’t know what to think of Vanover. I like his range and shooting touch, but I feel like he will never be mobile enough or quick enough to utilize his size at the college level. It looks like quicker, more athletic guards will just blow by him, or rise up and dunk on him. It also worries me that I didn’t see him with a single dunk. For a kid that big, he needs to dunk the ball when he gets in close. It makes me worry about his coordination and overall athleticism. I agree with @BeddieKU23 and @BShark. This kid is a project that isn’t even quite on KU 4 year project level yet.

    I can’t figure out a good projection for how he will develop because he’s bigger than you would expect, but not really strong or quick. He’s skilled, but how useful is that shooting touch if he lacks the quickness to really put it to work against better athletes?

    With Fitzmorris, he looks a bit more mobile and athletic, but he’s very thin. I would rather have Bol Bol, who is a lot more mobile than either Fitzmorris or Vanover has shown. Guys that size that aren’t mobile are not really useful at this point with the way basketball is set up now.

    Just as an example, if you have some time watch a highlight of Vanover, then Fitzmorris, then Bol (in that order). You will be amazed at the difference between the three in mobility and coordination. That’s the difference in terms of recruiting.

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    I hope your feeling is correct.

    I’m interested to see what kind of developmental prospects Self rounds out the class with. Lately it’s been positive (Graham, Svi, Vick) but we have also seen plenty of Merv, Tharpe, Adams etc…

  • @justanotherfan

    Unfortunately Bol isn’t that interested in KU. Very much agree with you though.

  • @BShark He has another year to mature. He still could just as easily come around. He is just a 16 year old looking for attention right now. And I’m sure him and his family think that he should be able to choose from Duke, UK, UNC, KU and UCLA because he is a Bol. But realistically he is a twig that doesn’t seem to play overly aggressive basketball. And he is a 7-footer that can only shoot a jump shot. He will more likely than not be a below average rebounder, below average scorer in the paint, and a below average post defender. All he has going for him is that he is a slight mismatch on offense because of his shooting ability. He isn’t a top 15 recruit and he shouldn’t be. So, if he wants to go play somewhere else he is more than welcome. But KU is, more likely than not, going to be the best school to be knocking on his door.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Bol is a top 40 recruit, so he isn’t exactly a small time player. He’s a much better player than either Vanover or Fitzsimmons is, which is why I brought him into the discussion. The current offers for Bol are Creighton, KU, New Mexico St and St. John’s. Yes, KU is certainly the best of that group, but if the list were KU, Arizona, Villanova and Florida, KU would be the best of that group as well because when it comes to college basketball recruiting, you can’t do better than offers from Kansas, Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina.

  • Hard to see it not being St Johns IF Mullin is still there.

  • @justanotherfan True, I am just trying to say that I get the feeling all he wants is attention. When push comes to shove and he has to decide, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him come back to KS… Just my thoughts because we will have the PT to offer him and what should be most important to him, the best strength coach to help get his body to where it needs to be in order to compete at the D1 and NBA level.

    I think we need to just completely back off of him for awhile though. Let him wonder where KU went. Let him get a little jealous. And then I think he comes running back into our arms.

    Just my thoughts.

  • I don’t think Bol will end up at KU as of right now. Bol is a unique player in that he’s got guard skills at his size but his overall game is just hard to place anywhere in the KU offense. Whether its attention, immaturity, he’s tried hard to get others to notice him.

    It’s important that the 2017 class ends strong. We know the 19 class has a lot potential so how do we bridge the gap in 18 which doesn’t have a lot of elite players. Locking down Grimes and continuing to push for Devon Dotson- the PG from North Carolina would be a great start. Quickley, Langford & Williams other Top 20 guards that KU is recruiting seem like guys that will show interest but end up somewhere else.

    Who else? Daniel Oturu seems like a quality big to go after now. I think the staff will be after a bunch of others that emerge over the season and into spring AAU.

  • No visit scheduled for Wooten as of yet…

  • So Bol Bol is a 7 foot version of Perry Ellis? A finesse post player with a good jumpshot. I can see how we would be used in the KU offense. I can see how he wouldn’t work well until he mastered the offense also.

  • @dylans we, you and me? Self better pass! Fu

  • Connor Vanover video

  • Makes me wanna rent a bunch of midgets to play basketball against.

  • Repurposing this thread.

  • @dylans “Little people” will keep the wrath of the PC crowd from falling on you. 😉

  • Here is a recent video of Fitzmorris -

  • What I want to see on these videos of tall guys is footage of them running down court. No… it is not a highlight, but gives us an idea if they can keep up with the pace at KU.

  • Matt Scott posted some random VIP tidbits again. Mentioned a name I don’t remember hearing KU was involved with so I asked him about the kid.

  • Looks like Jairus Hamilton SF 4 Star, is a name we should know going forward in the 2018 class. His coach is a Jayhawk Fanatic- huge fan apparently.

    The 6-foot-9 2018 prospect has nearly a dozen offers now, and is hearing from some of the best programs in college basketball.

    “Everything in recruiting is going really well right now. I’m not going to lie,” Hamilton said. “A lot of schools are contacting me daily, and I’m interacting with a lot of different people. I’m really blessed.” Hamilton said he hears a lot from Kansas, North Carolina State and Wake Forest. California and Arizona have also gotten in the mix, with Louisville the latest to offer.

    Kansas assistants Kurtis Townsend and Norm Roberts are Hamilton’s main contacts with the Jayhawks.

    “They contact me a lot. They text me telling me I’m playing terrific and to keep it up,”Hamilton said. “They’re trying to get down here, but it’s just so far and they’re in the middle of the season. It’s hard. “They wanted me to come over for Late Night at the Phog, but it was tough to get out there.”

    Hamilton’s coach, Che Roth said they may make the trip for Senior Night the first weekend in March.
    “It’s a cultural experience,” Roth said. “It’ll change your life.” Hamilton said there’s a lot to like about Kansas. “I love the history. Great players come through there all the time,” he said. “They’re an elite team that’s always winning. Every year now. I love the coaching staff, and everybody is a winner.”

    “Really looking for the perfect fit for me,” he said. “Going away from home isn’t such a big thing that’s a deal breaker for me. I want to go to a place where I can contribute real quickly and be on the court fast — play my position and my role on the team.”

    “He’s an exceptional passer. Four year ago, the kid is 5-foot-9 and a point guard. He’s grown a foot in about three-or-four years and still has those point guard tendencies. He’s a really good passer. I still think he’s too unselfish. He could be a little more aggressive and a little more assertive. Those are areas we’ve seen big growth from last year to this year. Tonight he had 24 points on maybe 12 shots. That’s pretty efficient. He’s really doing a good job of working on his handle, and working on his perimeter game.”

  • I just like the possibility of hearing the announcer saying as the kid steps to the FT line, “Crootin Shootin”.

  • @BeddieKU23

    Long believed UNC lean. Maybe we pry him away if Self chooses to really pick that battle. Also these days I never count out Arizona…their staff works hard and has the team USA connections.

    I like some of those quotes from the kid. Would be a great get.

  • What about MJ Walker? Any chance Norm sways him to KU from a strong Maryland lean? He’d slot right into the 3 next year.

  • @dylans

    Walker wouldn’t start as a freshman in my opinion. But he would be a nice piece if we can get him for an official. Walker reminds me a bit of a Wayne Selden. Maybe a better shooter at this stage, he’s a big guard who needs work on his handles and quickness for the next level.

    He’s really slow playing his recruitment though. Did mention KU is still in contact as of the past weekend when he played in Florida. He said he plans to take some visits after the new years. I’m sure we wouldn’t be much of an option unless he knew Svi was going pro as well.

  • I actually just posted a link about Walker in the next year thread. If Svi leaves I could easily see him coming here.

  • KU Assistant Coach Jerrance Howard will watch 2018 #1 ranked player Zion Williamson and 2019 #14 Christian Brown at the Chick Fil A Classic in South Carolina.

    Zion Williamson is one of the most physically imposing players I’ve ever seen in High School. I Can’t even believe he’s a High School Junior. Could easily be mistaken for a top Football recruit

    KU Assistant Coach Norm Roberts is watching 2018 PF Emmitt Williams, Trevon Duval (Both IMG) and RJ Barrett (Montverde) right now

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I’m getting that same weird feeling. I don’t really have anything substantial to base it off of but I just - - - -I dunno. I feel Kentucky is not really as big of concern as before, again nothing really substantial to base that off of either- -well other then the fact of who they already signed plus they still want this other kid as an off guard type player I believe.

    Just feel also like the more Oklahoma loses this year helps us that much more, he would be a nice addition, no question he can score, the only thing I wonder is in College will he be able to get that same shot off against more quality opposition, kind of a low weird looking shot. hope we land him. -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BAY

  • @justanotherfan I can’t really say on these kids - -haven’t really watched myself, BUT from what others are saying think we need to pass huh? – - I thought we could land Bol-Bol but not looking like it crazy. Thought it was a little funny you brought up the fact for a kid his size you didn’t see Vanover do a single dunk. I in a jokng way thought well hell he should fit right in at KU then - -Landen should be dunking ALOT more then he is, soooo many times great position and instead of the flush he wants to lay it up off the board or a little finger roll. DUNK THE DAMM BALL lol. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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