Why Opposing Teams Will Be Circling Their Calendars When Playing Kansas... No... Not In Basketball!

  • My… my… my…


    My hat is off to David Beaty and his troops for sticking it to Texas yesterday. This win is huge… not only for our program, but hopefully, for the Big 12.

    I know our forum is about basketball. But we all know that in D1, football is relative to basketball. It is extremely important for us to get off the bottom of college football. Before we can even think about a winning football program, we have to start by becoming respectable.

    Our win yesterday earned us a big chunk of respect in the college football world. All teams facing us will have to circle the importance of our game, just as they do with other opponents they face. And if they don’t… look at what they face -

    No doubt about the final outcome now: Charlie Strong is done at Texas

    I don’t really keep tabs on the football program at Texas. But I do know we are all impacted by their success (or failure). The Big 12 MUST have a nationally competitive football conference if our conference is going to survive.

    I feel like we all must stand behind David and what he is doing with our football program. He has been climbing a mountain for a long time now, and we are starting to edge out of the valley for higher ground. There is no doubt that he has raised the level of play tremendously this year, and finally we have a taste of success from all the hard work these guys have put in.

    Here is a huge ROCK CHALK for Kansas football! Bravo, guys!

  • @drgnslayr absolutely huge. The national media didn’t give any credit to KU for the win but you’re right, the word is now out: KU football can beat you if you don’t bring your A game. Next time we beat a legit program I hope and believe the title will be about Beaty and KU.

  • I sure thought the Texas defender intercepted the ball in our end zone the play before the KU field goal that tied the game. He had the ball all the way to the ground, then it was knocked loose. That sure could have gone against us. Watch it again if you can. The Texas player had the ball and was down before it came loose. Also, the targeting penalty was in heavy traffic and could easily have been missed by officials. We were very close to losing this one and quite fortunate to win it. RCJH

  • @stoptheflop I have to agree with you about the interception in the end zone. It did look like that in the live shot. As for the hit on Stanley, the targeting part was incidental to the result of KU getting the first down from the penalty. The roughing the quarterback call was fairly obvious. The targeting was not so clear but it only got the player ejected. The ejection may have helped Texas as the same player had made a number of screw ups in the game.

  • @stoptheflop Texas absolutely gave us the win. But it was good for our defense to finally get some credit for actually being a well above average unit. Offense is still a mess, but I’ll take it.

  • 1 win, 1

  • @stoptheflop

    That was my thought, too… however… it seems most of the time refs will call those incomplete even though the player controls the ball first.

  • @Kcmatt7 Yes Charlie strong is an idiot running tempo up 2 scores in the fourth, ludicrous

  • Thanks, Frank, Landen, Tyler, Mitch, Dwight and Matt, for consolidating the love!

    KU men’s basketball players send support toward fellow Jayhawks

  • Having top ten programs in football and basketball is a lot of fun. It really covers most of the year. Hoping that someday the Jayhawks will get there in football. Tough to do however.

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