• BIG 10 and MAC will have instant replay review for offensive fouls. Video shows why new fouls will be called and not called.

  • I believe the other rules will be more important then this one. This is just a test and will only be allowed with under 2 minutes to go in a game. Seems rather insignificant when there is 38 more minutes played in a game.

    1. Coaches got some of their calling-timeout capability back

    Last season, the most common lament from coaches was how they could not call a timeout in any live-ball situation. That is still the case … mostly. Now, coaches will have the ability to call a timeout when a ball is “live” after a made basket on an inbound situation.

    1. Double-foul calls are going to rise dramatically this season

    Post play physicality and “rebounding displacement” are two huge points of emphasis. The latter is mostly about officials’ placement on the floor, but the former is going to take teams and coaches time to adjust. To put it frankly, when a guy with the ball is in the post, he can “shape up” by bending his elbows. He cannot use his arms to prevent a defender from getting around him, though. If that happens, it’s now an automatic foul. Alternatively, when a defender in the post “lays” on an offensive player or attempts to put a hand through or go under the offensive player’s arm – it’s called “swim-stroking” – that’s a foul. The legal way to defend is to get around the player, to front him or to “three-quarter” him. A single forearm is legal in post area, but a defender can’t use a forearm and a hand.

    1. Travels are also going to spike

    Collins calls it a “focus on obvious travels on the perimeter and post travels – picking up the pivot foot.”

    It’s become normal basketball movement to accept a pass and then take a tiny hop to set/square one’s self. That’s technically a travel. It will now be called as such.

    1. Charges should continue to go down, and the Big Ten and MAC are going to conduct an unprecedented review experiment

    2. Offensive players will be granted more natural movement with the ball

    This is a point of emphasis that should allow for a freer game on both ends. Offensive and defensive players are allowed a certain amount of space to make natural, normal basketball moves. For the offense, a “normal basketball play” starts with either a shot attempt, a pass or a dribble. In a sentence: An offensive player should be able to make a move without having someone jamming up on them and restricting them.

    Collins said when teams trap or double team, fouls will likely go up as players and coaches adapt to the nuanced difference between resolute defense vs. completing impeding an offensive player’s rightful space to make a basketball move. Defense is important, but smothering a player to the point of paralysis is no longer allowed.

  • @BeddieKU23 don’t like it. Thought the defensive calls already changed. Seems weird they will call obvious travels, why not till now. What do you think?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Will have to see how the defensive foul/offensive motion is called before I judge it. They said that both actions often occurred 50-60% of the time at the same time so instead of picking a side they will now call it both ways.

  • With the new traveling rule, KU would have won this game.

  • @wrwlumpy it’s always a travel!

  • Just another excuse for referees to call games wildly differently between conferences…and games, and to give Duke the benefit of the doubt more often and on a more consistent basis…

  • @wrwlumpy I hate bad calls but i also hate how much time is spent reviewing plays in all sports. Human error is a part of being a ref. If they do this why not make every stinking play reviewable, next they’ll have stop watches for 3, 5 and 10 second calls to review if it was correct. Let the boys play a little enough with stopping the game and cheap touch fouls.

  • @wrwlumpy The old pick up your dribble at the line 20 feet away from the basket and score on a layup play! I’m still pissed about it!

  • Someday computers will be the refs and all problems will be solved!


  • If they can’t even see a Duke player touch a ball going out of bounds with 1:30 in a national championship game how are they going to decide on a block/charge call which is, in my opinion, the most subjective rule in basketball?

  • @wissoxfan83

    Oh yes, they will decide…in Duke’s favor, of course. LOL.

  • The whole last two minutes thing bothers me. While maybe not as crucial to the outcome, plays earlier in a game can have major impacts on a game and should be treated with just as much scrutiny. How many runs have been ended when an offensive foul or block is called? As crazy as it sounds, Villanova got a call against Oklahoma half way through the first half that had me thinking the whole east coast bias thing had influenced that game. I forget the details, but OU never recovered obviously. It was a momentum switcher I remember at the time.

    So why do they think that calls in the last two minutes are more important? They’ve been doing that for replays for several years now on OOBounds calls. Why just the last two? I say don’t do replay at all, but if you do, why not review the last play shown above when the dude travelled against us? That’s just as crucial as a block/charge call. We’d have won that game if the travel had been called. I just say leave the replays out. Let us watch the replays and make up our own minds about fixes, east coast bias, about how stupid some of our least favorite refs are, etc.

  • @wissoxfan83 call me for the replays, I’ll do it free! I’m a great in the stands ref!

  • With these new rules, I’m not sure Huggins will have enough players to play. Can they play managers/water boys?

    But I’m sure the foul disparity in Morgantown this year will read KU 14 1st half fouls, WV 5. Does that sounds unlikely? I think not.

    As @wissoxfan83 said experimenting only using the last 2 minutes may yield a sample size of what? 10? If the whole game could use this rule they might actually have a good enough sample size to make a judgement on this going forward. I don’t understand it at all.

  • @wrwlumpy The Staten travel that allowed West Virginia to win still sticks with me all these months later. I don’t understand why officials calling the games at Morgantown give such an advantage to the home team. Every time we play there it seems like there is a bias toward the Mountaineers. Last year, the year of the sweltering double teams, few fouls were called against the home team, but everything was called against us. We need a win in Morgantown to get the perceived bias out of my mind.

  • @wissoxfan83

    How many times have we seen games where there was a controversial call with 2:24 seconds left and it couldn’t be reviewed?

    I get the feeling officials change the way they call the game in the last 2 minutes. They are thinking… “okay, this counts!”

    When I think about refs changing the outcome of a game, I immediately think of the Duke/Wisconsin championship game and how K worked the refs at halftime.

    That was a huge ripoff. Pure theft.

  • @stoptheflop

    To be fair I’m sure opposing teams say the same thing about KU in Allen Fieldhouse. Plenty were pissed about Mason’s play in the OU game where he stepped over the end line to deflect a pass Hield was trying to inbound if I’m correctly remembering.

    But yes there are places we go often that the foul disparity or the ref’s seemed to be biased to the home team. The home team ref’s seem to be a bigger issue then any one issue with the rules themselves

  • @BeddieKU23 I was thinking the same. We get plenty of favorable calls, especially in AFH. For some reason however it seems, on the national stage, we don’t get the benefit. And we really shouldn’t get the benefit. Officiating should be evenly administered.

    @drgnslayr A little more specifically on that game. The Badgers went up by 10 with about 14 minutes left. K called a TO which K then spent the TO talking to the refs. 13-2 foul count after that. Of course I already knew about the Duke whistle from the FF in 1986 sad face

  • @BeddieKU23 but then that play where DG stripped the ball, cleanly and a foul was called and self got a T.

  • I don’t think we get calls at home!❤💙

  • whistle.jpg

  • @wrwlumpy WTH? Is the water really that muddy ? I SAY FMALL if it doesn’t include everryone - kinda like the old 6 foul rule in the Big East… JMO but just a smokescreen for confus … oops… I really mean interpretation… Spade is a spade but this is pure , capitol B, 💩 bullshit just to give these conferences a home cooked advantage… No one in those conf we really need on our schedule is there??? Nah, FMALL !!

  • @wrwlumpy

    Wow, this greatly expands referee control of point spreads.

    Can Wikibasketballleaks about the team’s in the wrong time zones be far in the future?


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