Projected 2016-2017 W/L Record

  • I was hyperbolating over what our possible w/l record will be for this upcoming season, and for the 13 straight year, I am predicting we will win every game we play. Now, 82% of the time, I have been correct. However, I have a feeling I’ll definitely exceed that mark this year. What is your projected record for this year?

  • @KUSTEVE I predict we will lose only 4 games. I will be happy if we win more, and will find a way to be happy even if we lose more. And being able to be happy despite losses will drive some people nuts. Ironically, joining me in that condition.

  • @mayjay I’ll be ok with 4 losses, as long as the 4th one is in February.

  • @mayjay The best example of a total meltdown was the kusports poster who called for Self to be fired after we lost at the Clones last year. He wanted to hire Turgeon the surgeon instead…lol.

  • @KUSTEVE No matter how many we win, even all of them, those people will be back.

  • My hope is for no more than 4 losses and ZERO losses in March and April.

    I guess the next question is WHERE will those losses take place?

  • @KUSTEVE Just off the top of my head, 3 losses against 37 wins. Im not looking at the schedule, just plain ole’ gut check feeling.

  • I think our 3 most likely losses on the schedule are:

    • vs. Duke (Never play well in the CC)
    • @WVU
    • @OkieSt (Bill never wins here and I am higher on OSU than most this year since they get forte back)

    Loss 4/5 might come from @ISU/@Oklahoma but we should be favored in both of those games.

  • @MR11 We simply must beat Huggie this year. Last year the snow storm got us off to a bad start and every year the referees make it especially difficult to win in Morgantown. This year I’m calling for a thumping of the Mountaineers. Enough is enough. RCJH

  • @MR11 Solid picks. I am Bullish on our team and think KU runs the table in the Big 12 this season.

    Agreed that WVU and Okie state away games could be much tighter games tho.

  • I’m projecting 5 losses. Just my gut feeling, I really think 6 but I don’t want to downplay how good I think they could be.

    I say we beat Indiana & Duke and lose to Kentucky in Rupp.

    @ Iowa St, @ Oklahoma St, @ West Virginia are just toss up’s with our recent history playing in those gyms. We could possibly lose 1 more in conference play or the Big-12 tourney could give us an unpredictable outcome. I do think this team can run the table in March but I do want to see how all our new pieces come together before making that judgement.

  • To soon to tell for me. I really want to stop the 💩 Games at osu! Triangle and 2 forte and Evans! Don’t fall for all fortes jumping into players! I don’t think he did much last year, his gyrations left him pooped and limping around. I might try the taller Josh on Evans and DG on forte. W/our subs we should dominate them! Williams will leave a big hole at wv. Guards are strong at ISU. Our conference is loaded w/good guards. Excited to see what we got.

  • @MR11

    I believe the UK game at Rupp will be much tougher than the Duke game at MSG considering that Giles might not be available… If KU beat Indiana, Duke and Kentucky, it has a very good chance of going undefeated since it will have beat the pre-season #1, #2 and #12 teams.

    I think KU will lose one of the 3 games I mentioned above, most likely Kentucky.

    Lose 2-3 games in conference and still win the conference going away. Maybe 1 in the conference Tournament just to get the loss out of the way. Win the NCAA.

  • @JayHawkFanToo agreed on Kentucky. Just skipped over the game when looking at the schedule since it got lost in the conference games.

    I stand by that Kansas shouldn’t be favored vs Duke just because of the travel from the Indiana game in Hawaii on top of the poor Champions Classic record.

  • @KUSTEVE @MR11 et al

    Word is that President Obama has left word at NSA headquarters to alter KU’s record to perfect regardless of whether it is or not, and conditioned campaigning for Hillary on her signing a post-dated Executive Order two weeks ago to this effect. Put another way, KU cannot lose a game unless Trump wins. And Trump has expressed interest in making a similar deal with KU in order to assure Kansas votes for him in the election.

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • Losses: At UK, At ISU, At WVU, one other…either conference or Duke. 4 losses and a NC.

  • @KUSTEVE My old and feeble mind can’t handle all the math and evaluating of this question so I’m taking the easy way and going with what JJ said.

  • @brooksmd Then you, my friend, have discovered the secret of my amazing success in picking KU games. Welcome to the 82% club.

  • @KUSTEVE Me three men-Just win em all !

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