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  • Coach Self really nailed it in his vision for this year’s team’s success.

    “It’s not awful to lose to a team that won a national championship and played to a national championship level,” he said. “But we had a team that was playing well enough and was good enough to do it ourselves, and that doesn’t sit very well.”

    There is solid “chip” material in this statement. This team has unfinished business in March, and Bill points it out. We have a big advantage in returning most of the squad that lost to Nova last year. I hope he keeps this topic alive all season. Keep the focus on the next game but also using this chip to motivate players to work harder in practice and stay focused.

    “I reflect back and think about, did we maximize what we had,” Self said. “You have to look at it as a whole first, and then you have to dissect it as you get really down to it: OK, what can we do different to put us in a better position so that when we’re in that position again we’re more prepared.”

    Looking for answers. Taking the evidence from our loss in March to better prepare our guys for this year. We can learn plenty from that loss and it can do more than help us in March, it can help us to victory in all games this season.

    “I think this team will be a team that’s in the game,” Self said. “But how much we like each other, how much we enjoy playing with each other, how the pieces fit, that still remains to be seen. It remains to be seen with every team out there. But I do like our talent. And I like our blend of youth and experience and we’ve got young players that could be impact guys and certainly we have some great returning guys.”

    Very fruitful statements. Bill outlines the key components necessary for building a championship-quality team. This is the first step in identifying what it will take and then assigning ownership and accountability to the players to get it done.

    “Usually good guards win,” Self said. “And we’ve got as good of guards as anybody, in my opinion. How we manage it and how we grow as a unit still remains to be seen, but it’s gonna be a fun team to coach.”

    Bill points out the need for exceptional guard play. He is spotlighting our guard play as the key to a successful season. He is giving special focus on our guards executing, leading and bringing the team together.

    I couldn’t script a better interview. This is the most-focused, correct path forward I have ever seen from Bill.

    Let’s do this! RCJH!

  • I agree - coach seems to have a chip. I have always thought that the most important person to have a chip is Coach. He is right - we were robbed of a championship. We were in a position to win and even had the lead late in the second half. This is good news for this year.

  • Its pretty clear that Cin said something to him at breakfast, or dinner, about his need for another championship to cement his reputation in KU and college basketball history.

    Only spouses can get under a coaches skin and provoke them into this kind of public discourse. 😃

    Otherwise Self would be talking about conference title runs and recruiting feel good.

    Self is clearly feeling the heat from Cin.

    Cin: Bill, honey, Tyler is about ready to walk down the hill and I’ve never asked for very much more from you than this 27000 square foot house, and the wedding ring, but, Bill, I did ask you to win one ring during Tyler’s years at KU before you hung up the whistle and we start taking that world tour we’ve both been talking about for the last 15 years.

    Bill: Ok,ok,ok.

  • @jaybate-1.0

    Never thought of that. Interesting perspective.

    I remember a quote from decades ago… someone famous listed the order of what is important to him… in order… “Wife, God, Country!”

    Wow! Wish I could remember who it was. Anyone know?

  • @jaybate-1.0 HA! Thats excellent

    But yeah, he kinda does need to bring an NC back to Larry town before the “world tour”

  • What will we name after the legendary coach self when he retires?

  • @kjayhawks

    The Bill Self Memorial Defensive Rims.

  • @drgnslayr

    A wife!

  • @jaybate-1.0 Bill Self student section lol

  • @kjayhawks The trophy case.

  • Is the court named? Hutch juco named their court. Maybe a street?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Ah, it’s James Naismith Court 😉

    link text

    link text

  • Bill Self Memorial Unuversity

  • @bskeet I knew that, have the rug!

  • They should name the Big12 Championship trophy after Bill. The Bill Self Big 12 Championship trophy! Congrats if you get one and aren’t named Bill, if you are named Bill…it’s expected.

  • @dylans perfect!

  • Do you think Self will get something named after him at this point if he continues this championship streak? What would it take? Another title or 2? I know its still early and he hasn’t been here long enough but is there any question he’s not going to go down as arguably the best coach in KU history?

  • @BeddieKU23

    Maybe the locker room or the weight room at some point.

    The building will always be AFH. The court is named after Naismith. Neither of those will ever change.

    So you can either name the training facility after Self, or the locker room. That’s about it as far as the options.

  • @justanotherfan

    Agreed those will never change. Just seems he’s on a path where something of importance should be in his future at this rate

  • @BeddieKU23

    Agreed. It’s just tough to name something after someone at a school with the history of Kansas. It’s Kansas. It’s bigger than the names, but there have been so many big names, it’s nearly impossible to recognize them all.

    At almost any other school, there would be an entire wing dedicated to Wilt Chamberlain. At KU, he’s just a part of the history, same as every other great player that has passed through those doors. That’s not a knock on Wilt. That’s just the fact of Kansas being Kansas.

    Kansas is legendary. The court is named after the guy that invented the game. The building is named after the first big time coach in the game. You have to be a consensus all American or a Final Four MOP to get your jersey hung in the rafters. You can be great, really great, and might only merit a paragraph in the storied history of Kansas not as a knock on your greatness, but because the expanse of greatness that is the history of Kansas basketball is so very vast.

    Kansas is a school where you can win a national championship and a dozen consecutive conference titles and they can’t find anything to name after you because, well, it’s Kansas.

    Self deserves a prominent place in KU history. I’m just not sure where to put him right now because its Kansas. Prominent places in this history are already reserved.

  • @justanotherfan You’re absolutely right. I think Baylor should rename the Ferrell Center, “the Self Center”.

  • Philly did this, Why not one in front of the Field House next to Phogg for Bill when he wins #2.


  • @dylans That makes perfect sense. John Wooden has one named after him.

  • @justanotherfan Solid post! I couldnt agree more. Especially about Wilt!

  • The area around AFH and the new Basketball housing building will be developed into the William Self Entertainment district with the Grand Boulevard leading to AFH will be named the Bill Self Blvd.

  • @JayHawkFanToo

    Is the blvd being developed, too? I heard whispers long ago about an island with KU basketball themed structures. Is this happening?

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