Self's Comments on Diallo Situation


    This is crazy… The NCAA hasn’t even been to Our Savior and KU has been 6 times. They even invited the NCAA to come along!

    Now they are still waiting on something the NCAA promised in SEPTEMBER!

    KU has done a great job in keeping the NCAA in check through this, but the NCAA is playing more “investigator than collaborator” as Zenger put it.

    In the article, they reference a 6 page letter from Zenger to the NCAA that ESPN has, but I don’t see it anywhere. Hopefully they will release it soon.


  • Audio at KUsports… First time I’ve heard Self actually sound angry.

    Bonus tidbit: he said Perry will be playing some at the three position while Greene is suspended.

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  • Im glad they are trying to expose this situation for what it is. It’s an utter shame that it has come to this. We know Self and the university wouldnt jeopardize anything by talking to the media without knowing they are right about this.

  • NCAA, Thanks for the chip!

  • This great stuff from coach Self. This is aggressive, it is factual, it goes directly to the point of his eligibility.

    What I like is that he challenges the completeness and competency of the investigation. Further, the unreasonable tactic of delay, that results in a de facto suspension, as Self has referenced before.

  • Go Bill!

  • So…Skal was ineligible to play high school basketball last year because he took illegal benefits …and he’s cleared by the NCAA weeks ago. They don’t share a word of whats going on with Diallo for over two months until NOVEMBER 5th …and what they share turns out to be a pack of lies, and half truths that were easily refuted by KU. If this episode doesn’t prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jaybate’s blockade theory is true, I don’t know what does.

  • @KUSTEVE Thats exactly what Ive been saying all along too. The NCAA has some major rule following issues. They are NOT following their own rules in this case. They are biased against KU for some reason and possibly even as far as having some personal vendetta against KU and/or Cheick and his legal guardian. Maybe Cheick didnt pick the right school? He goes against what those in power want, which was him to go to a Nike school? Yah, i know, far fetched right? Im delusional in my conspiracy theories.

  • @Lulufulu Maybe the “V” is for Zenger?

  • @globaljaybird Also possible, but why him?

    Here’s another thought. Self should play Diallo tomorrow. They have lawyered up x3 and proven the NCAA has Zero ground to stand on. If the NCAA has the stones to penalize KU for playing Cheick without their say so, then KU can take them to court and blast away at will.

  • Guys, I listened to this last night, & I just listened to it again and all I can say is WOW- - - jumpin-- -gee- -hoss- - fats how just totally bizarre is this? Holy crap does anyone have any spare KY petroleum jelly, or Vaseline, any kind of lube while Cheick, KU & then us all bend over and grab our ankles and tell the NCAA ok we are ready now put it to us hard. I mean come on really? REALLY? SERIOUSLY? Love coach Self, Love the way the university is getting after this, this is so pathetic, he has 16 core just from our Savior like bill said he has plenty of core, plus he has gotten an A and a B in the 2 summer courses he has taken at KU. geez what the hell. I am so glad we have also given a copy of the 6 page letter that we sent to the NCAA to ESPN this is going to get really ugly for the NCAA even more ugly then it is. Glad that we ( the university of Kansas) has also given representation for Cheick along with representation for Cheick and his guardian from Mr Jackson. I think the NCAA KNOWS they ARE WRONG, i mean they are allowing him to practice, they allowed him to travel with the team, i mean come on dam the longer this goes, the worse it looks for the NCAA. Like Bilas has said on multiple occasions, like Vitale has said more or less NCAA wake the hell up the kid speaks 4 foreign languages and gets and A and a B in the summer courses? Unbelievable. ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @Lulufulu That would certainly be a bold move! Question, is a vacated win considered a loss, or is it as if the game were never played? E.g., if Diallo had played against Mich St and we won, and the NCAA found him ineligible before he played another game and vacated that win, would our record be better than it is now? Instead of 1-1 would we be 1-0?

    Just thinking about risk assessment. If he’s going to be the difference between a win and a loss, I’d play him. 2-0 is sure better than 1-1, but even 1-0 is better than 1-1.

  • So can anyone answer this question about the NCAA? They say they are in it to protect and look out for the student athlete.

    In this case and I am sure others as well, what student athlete are they looking out for? Against what are they protecting them from?

    From an education? For the chance to make something of themselves? Who protects the student athlete from the NCAA?

    Ok so it was more than one question sorry

  • @JRyman IMO, the NCAA is protecting students that go to Nike schools from having to meet the normal standards. If they choose to go to Adidas schools when, in their view, they should have gone to a Nike school, then all bets are off. The kid becomes a target for “de facto suspension”

  • @Lulufulu Or …Is this pay back from the NCAA for not being able to hang anyone out to dry on the Cliffie case? The NCAA does fit the ‘petty bureaucrat’ profile to a T.

  • @KUSTEVE Yeah, I think you nailed it there.


    been a popular conspiracy theory. I just hope this whole situation brings change that is deperately needed. If other universities would back KU as well it would be a great thing to see.

  • @KUSTEVE That is my thinking. Cliff and his mom did very little to cooperate with the NCAA so the NCAA is doing little to cooperate with KU in regards to Diallo.

  • @jayballer54 Going forward on this or any future issues KU has, & certainly appears as if there will be more in years to come, the 2 AA should henceforth advise our BB coach & AD to just “assume the position”…

  • @JRyman …Yeah, just like they protected Braeden Andersen…

  • Banned


    Maybe Nike bought the NCAA too.

  • Does any one remember me hypothesizing the NCAA might have an agenda other than eligibility in this clearance case? The hypothesis finally appears to have some evidence coming out to fit to it.

  • I could see this getting very ugly and turning into a federal court case. This could be where the NCAA is forced to do the right thing and get out of the eligibility business… something they are hardly qualified to operate. What do these bean counters know about academic qualifications? About as much as the guy flipping burgers at McDonalds.

    Or… the NCAA realizes they have screwed us and Cheick long enough. The damage is already done (to some degree). I think they just like to see how far they could hurt us without facing a court room.

    Okay Coach Self… you want to keep running BAD BALL? Regain your popularity with the base by putting on a bandana and go kick some arse!

    Check out the words to this clip. Sound like our situation?

  • @jaybate-1.0 I absolutely remember that JB. That is what caused me to start looking at the NCAA in a different way. Big business, big corruption. Everytime. Never fails.

  • @jaybate-1.0 - When Self comes out this strong, which he never has – ever, I’m listening.

  • “Thumbs up” for Self finally unloading some needed negative commentary on the NCAA!

    Whether or not people realize it… he made a bit of a risky move by spilling the marbles.

    He is, by far, ahead of the curve compared to the rest of the soft KU administration, who are all basically afraid of their own shadows.

    While we are busy blasting Self for how he plays players and focuses on inside offense… we should take a minute and give him some credit for HOW he commented.

    Imagine ol’ Roy in this position? I’m not a Roy hater… but man… Self is a zillion times better representative for the university than Roy was because Self knows how to mince his words carefully.

    This is a part of his job, and I think he does it as well as any D1 coach out there!


  • From what I hear this is just the NCAA doing their job. I mean come on Bill Self, have you never applied for a car loan from the devil himself? Or went to the DMV and got a drivers license from Hitler? This is just proper procedure and protocol, or so we’ve been told.

  • @Kip_McSmithers it is never a bad idea to actually be informed on a topic before putting your opinion out there. So, I would suggest reading the various news articles on this before making another comment.

  • @globaljaybird The NCAA is not who kept McLemore, Traylor, and Anderson from playing that year. The NCAA ruled all 3 partial qualifiers and the Big 12 doesn’t allow partial qualifiers to play. There are conferences that allow partial qualifiers to play so your beef with those 3 is not with the NCAA but the Big 12.

    @DinarHawk You might want to check you sarcasm filter, it seems to be malfunctioning right now.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 sorry, poor attempt at being sarcastic also

  • @DinarHawk @Kip_McSmithers is a good guy, it’s ok.

  • @DinarHawk

    Like others said - sarcasm.

  • @DinarHawk I picked it up!

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Was no reference to either Mac or JT but since you brought them up also… certainly the call on Braeden was on the level since they knew B12 would disqualify each or all of them withstanding if they do have it in for KU or SZ ???

  • @globaljaybird All 3 players had the same ruling in the same year so you can’t separate the 3 when discussing Anderson’s situation. Anderaon was the only one who didn’t have the patience to wait around to become eligible. McLemore and Traylor each could’ve transferred to other schools in conferences that allow partial qualifiers to play immediately just like Anderson did.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 yada yada

  • @globaljaybird Glad to know you’re such an open minded individual.

  • Probably a combination of the multiple theories is true-- 1) NCAA is exacting a bit of “frontier” justice for the Alexander issue last year, and 2) someone with a beef and leverage is discouraging the NCAA from moving on this… and the shoe-company-conspiracy is sounding less and less like a theory from Mulder from X-files.

    Of course, it’s possible the NCAA is simply inept. But I think that’s the least likely theory.

  • I’m thinking it is about time to put some BigShoe comments on signs and fly them at games.

    What are they going to do about it? I know they are mob, but they aren’t going to Lawrence to murder a bunch of students.

  • @Texas-Hawk-10 Glad to know you have such extensive knowledge of college athletics, but don’t put words in others posts & we can avoid any disagreements at all going forward.

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