An important recruiting week for Bill Self began on Wednesday.

  • 6-foot-5 wing from Memphis LaGerald Vick is on campus right now and has been since Wednesday for an official visit. Another 2015 prospect, 6 foot 5 shooting guard Kobie Eubanks will be on campus this weekend. I believe these visits are vital and these two young guards are a must have. KU has plenty of talent on the roster but could really use some quality depth. Injuries and NCAA violations have haunted us in the tournament for the last two seasons and you just never know what’s around the corner?

  • KC Kingdom ‏@KCKingdomFS · 1h1 hour ago
    #Jayhawks are trying to nail down one last big recruit

  • Recruit Hawk ‏@RecruitHawk · May 12
    6’5 SG Kobie Eubanks will make an official visit to KU this Saturday through Monday. The former Baylor commit is ranked around 100 in 2015.

  • JayhawkSlant ‏@JayhawkSlant · May 11
    #KU will be the first visit for Kobie Eubanks and he tells us he’s excited about the upcoming trip … #kubball

  • Michael Lickteig ‏@mhlickteig · 18h18 hours ago
    #kubball LaGerald Vick in Lawrence today to see KU. New living quarters and wing for the original rules of bball going up. Good stuff to see

  • @Statmachine Can you post the article on rivals that you gave us the link for? I don’t have a membership to that site.

  • @RockkChalkk I don’t have a membership to that site either. I was just posting some of the chatter surrounding these 2 recruits and KU.

  • @Statmachine do u live in Lawrence? I’m wanting to see a pic of the new dorms, see how close they are to finishing. I’ll be at graduation, I’ll try to go by there.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I was born and raised in Kansas but joined the Marine Corps in 1997. I am currently living in TX. I have been all over the world and watched KU play in many different places. I am the guy wearing a crimson and blue getting verbally abused in venues all over the US. I was at the Arizona vs Kansas game in 01, UK vs KU in 05, Florida vs Kansas in 06, and many others. This year I am going to take in some Texas games and I am PUMPED! KU will be here 4 times UT, Baylor, Tech, and TCU. I am going to try to make all 4.

  • @Statmachine fun times!!! I will look for you!!

  • Chris Stone ‏@cstonehoops · 17m17 minutes ago
    Here’s a fun one for you: walked into BWW in Lawrence. Looks like LaGerald Vick is here with the #kubball coaching staff.

  • Obviously I should know this, but I haven’t made it out to Lawrence for awhile…what’s BWW?

  • @Statmachine no Jeffersons yet!!!

  • @ajvan I hate initials, I’m really bad at them! Jmo

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    View translation 4-Star G Eubanks Sets Kansas, Alabama Visits (via )

  • @Crimsonorblue22 @Statmachine Ha, and I was thinking it was probably someplace local to Lawrence. facepalm At least it wasn’t a BMW dealership!

  • The key is getting a commitment before they leave town … just need one of them.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said:

    @ajvan I hate initials, I’m really bad at them! Jmo

    Cute, ttfn

  • @HighEliteMajor

    I think Vick will take his visit to Kentucky. I think Eubanks could be that one that commits when he leaves. He seems pretty excited about his trip here.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Nicely played there!

  • Has anyone done a side by side comparison of Vick and Eubanks? Wondering if one is more of a catch or if they’re basically the same player. All other things being equal, I’d rather steal the guy who UK also wants.

  • @ajvan

    Quick and dirty comp:


    Vick is 6-4, 180. Eubanks is 6-5, 190. Eubanks is built in a way that would probably allow him to play either wing spot. Vick is strictly a SG.


    Neither guy is an eye popping athlete, but both are more than adequate. Vick is probably a shade quicker. Eubanks is definitely stronger. Hard to get a good read on their vertical leap, but I think Vick may be more explosive. Vick is longer and leaner, though, so that may be what makes him appear to be more explosive. If I had to guess, I would say Vick has a slight reach advantage.

    Vick also has impressive body control in the air, which allows him to use his long arms to get off shots around the basket that would otherwise be blocked. Eubanks doesn’t show that, but that’s because he usually finishes with that silky jumper.


    Eubanks is the better shooter. I like his release more and the action is a little bit quicker and cleaner. Vick makes up for a so-so jumpshot by being a better ballhandler. Vick could probably slide over and handle the point in a pinch. Eubanks is more of a catch and shoot guy. He can put it on the floor, but I don’t think that is his preference. He wants to shoot threes and pull up jumpers. Vick wants to slice through the defense.


    My guess is that Vick’s length makes him a slightly more capable defender. Eubanks has the strength, but on the perimeter, he won’t be able to use that muscle as much defensively. I don’t think he would be a bad defender, but Vick’s long arms and quickness make me think he’s probably capable of being a better defender.


    Eubanks is better offensively as a scorer. Vick has more defensive tools. If we are looking for a catch and shoot guy, Eubanks is the pick because he’s a more refined shooter. If we want a combo guard, Vick is the pick because he’s the better ballhandler and can guard either PG or SG (not sure Eubanks has the lateral quickness to handle PGs).

    If we are worried about replacing Brannen Greene, you almost have to go Eubanks because of the shooting. If we are looking for backcourt depth, though, Vick offers more versatility. Both are probably 3 or 4 year players.

  • @justanotherfan Thanks for the great breakdown! Sounds like Vick is more versatile while Eubanks is more polished offensively & neither will tear the rim down…thus the lower rankings, I’d guess. Hard to say either’s clearly superior.

  • @justanotherfan

    Great breakdown of the 2, spot on.

    Vick would need to hit the weights but he looked to be very good at getting to the rim. Eubanks is definitely the best shooter of the 2 and didn’t seem to need space to get his shot off. Because of the extra year at prep he might be more prepared for the College level now than Vick. That’s just a guess but Graham was definitely more prepared after spending a year with Brewster. What do we want more is the question. A shooter, or Vick who has lots of potential with coaching.

  • @Statmachine Just occurred to me that if Kobie comes to Kansas, if we employed the J-Lo formula for nicknaming, he’d be K-Eu… Come on down K-Eu!

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    @ArRecruitingGuy KeVaughn Allen was released from Florida?

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    Jonathan Williams III Could Transfer from Missouri to Kansas #kubball

  • That one has all of the Missouri fans stirred up! I visited some boards and they are calling HCBS all sorts of names lol…

  • “That one has all of the Missouri fans stirred up!”

    Why? They moved to a football conference… they should just focus on losing in football. Basketball is a done deal.

  • Lagerald vick has been officially offer by uk

  • @HighEliteMajor I think you’re right. It’s late and these recruits tend to make decisions faster at this point. If Vick commits, he will do so immediately or even during his visit to KU. However, now that UK has offered, it may cause him to pause. I don’t think UK has the recruiting Mojo as in the last few years. Regardless, if we get Vick it will be during or immediately after his KU visit.

    If Vick takes his time, it will be interesting to see what Eubanks will do. I think if Vick delays, Eubanks will commit during or after his visit. If neither commits, I have no idea where they will go at that point. I do believe we’ll get one fairly quickly. If the staff is spending some extraordinary time with Vick, it may be telling who Self and Co want. However, if we miss on Vick, my guess is Self and Co will have an all out press on Eubanks.

    I personally am leaning toward Eubanks. I like his game and think his ceiling may be a bit higher. I like his size too. He reminds me a bit of BMac.

  • @blackmild33 These kids that are signing late for UK after he missed on all of the top talent out there are suckers. They might play some this year because he needs some depth but next year they will be looking long and hard into transferring when the talent starts heading back.

  • @Statmachine Could you say the same thing about Kansas? I kind of think so. Self’s going to recruit over every one of these kids, perhaps as early as next season. A prettier OAD presents himself, and Self will gladly invite him to spend the night.

  • @HighEliteMajor I suppose so but look at KU’s last 2 transfers White and Frankamp. BOTH would have PT this season had they stuck it out. UK has a top 5 recruiting class every year so the chances of being recruited over and being buried behind talent for multiple years is much greater at UK! You are correct about KU recruiting over kids but I think UK is 10 times worse.

  • @Statmachine If I recall correctly, White left after a frank conversation with Self on playing time. I’m not so sure Self would have played him. We then immediately signed Svi. I might agree with you on CF, but I don’t think White would have climbed above the guys we had. But you are right. UK is more likely to cast one of these guys aside, but if you look at who we are recruiting, it’s reality at Kansas – Would Self show loyalty to Eubanks if a Malik Newman was available?

    Interesting how Svi was probably a big impact on both White and CF leaving.

  • @HighEliteMajor Ok hypothetically if KU added 2016 PG and possible OAD Kobi Simmons this fall would he start over Mason and Graham?

  • @Statmachine Yea … Kobi Simmons wouldn’t come here if he wasn’t going to start. I think that would be my assumption. We are recruiting this guy hard. Can you imagine being Mason and/or Graham and have that happen? I understand recruiting him, and pursuing him – Mason could have an irreparable heart condition we find out about or Graham might transfer. But I could not imagine doing that to Mason (as senior) and Graham (as a junior).

  • @HighEliteMajor But isn’t there enough evidence to show that no matter who you are, in HCBS system you earn pt? It’s not a given. Both Mason and Graham would have far more experience in the system than a fresh face OAD. And let’s face it, there’s a good chance M & G will be in the top 5 when it comes to backcourt this year.

  • @Statmachine I don’t think they would have played.

  • @HighEliteMajor

    Mason particularly and Graham have developed to the point that I personally find it unlikely than any OAD, short of a Wiggins-like prospect, would replace them; they will also have experience which Coach Self values highly.

    As far as Frankamp, there were other, much larger issues than playing time that forced Frankamp to leave KU. Some Forum members are familiar with the particulars but this is as much as I will say.

  • We are moving up lagerald vick cball

  • @blackmild33 Let’s hope.

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