Ingram Token Sign or The Real Deal

  • OK folks, place your bets. It’s put up or shut up. Here’s the latest from Kinston.

    Donald Ingram has found himself thinking of those kinds of details throughout his son’s recruiting process. The elder Ingram has been cautious not to show favoritism or show signs and so, too, has Brandon – though on Friday he wore a Kansas shirt to school.


    What so you, what say you all? The wheel will close at midnight tonight. Don’t come on here after the fact talking what you knew and agreeing with what he decides tomorrow. State your final decision here…

    Duke or KU?



    Let’s do this…

  • @truehawk93 I already said I had a weird feeling… No info!

  • No question that Duke has gone all out and he is their top priority. I would say that Duke has a 50%, KU a 30% and UNC a 10%.

  • @truehawk93 well, what do you say?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I’ve said all long that he will choose KU. I know it’s a huge gamble against all the odds. I think everyone, including Jayhawk Nation has him choosing Puke. I may be totally wrong, but I will stick with my original choice and say KU. I think Bragg is our biggest recruiter. I’ve posted all my insights on previous posts. I just don’t think Puke’s visits appear to be what many think. I don’t think it’s a good sign when Puke and Co visits, then they have an all out coaching blitz for him on a school morning of all times? It sounds really desperate to me. If he’s choosing Puke, why would Coach K return with all his coaches? I would think that if Ingram commits on the second visit or gave him some indication to return for some follow up details, it would either be Coach K or maybe one of his assistants to seal the deal.

    I don’t think UNC is all that viable after the whole sanction thing. Even Williams admitted that it’s difficult to get recruits because of possible sanctions and not playing post season games.

    NCSt is possible, but not quite the same for him.

    KU has a unique opportunity for Ingram to play with Bragg, his friend. Ingram has an opportunity to play immediately for Green during his rehab. Self will not hurry Green back. I’d rather have a 110% Green his Senior year, Ingram jumping to the NBA after his only season, and Svi continuing his improvement. Svi’s junior year will be special.

    So, I don’t think Ingram will have a problem with pt. I think he could average 30-35 mins, with Svi backing him. Also, we will be playing some Summer ball on an international stage.

    I’ll be disappointed, but it wouldn’t be the first or the last recruit to pass on KU.

    Then like others, I’ll turn my attention to Diallo regardless of Ingram’s choice.

  • @truehawk93 I’m w/you, going to throw Hudy, experienced pt guards, wiggins, and Maui in there too. AFH!

  • @JayHawkFanToo I might do you one better, with my recruiting theory, I will go …

    KU= 50%

    Puke= 40%

    UNC= 10%

    Maybe this will appeal to your statistical nature.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 Maybe…I’d really like to think that recruits do highly respect Hudy and that it’s a big part of Self’s presentation. I hope Self gave Ingram a big dose of Wiggins. Geez, the kid came in as an all out O machine, and left one of the best defensive players in D1. Then Wiggins is ROY? In the NBA? HUGE…where’s Puke’s crown jewel? Oh yea, sorry, what is his name? (Jabari Parker?) He’s injured and has done NOTHING. Sorry if it sounds cruel or unsportsman-like, but you know good and well other programs trash talk or use negative comments against KU, especially Rat Face, especially when a top recruit that is desperately needed is involved.

  • @truehawk93 forgot the new digs!

  • Thanks for the responses. However, I’d like to know exactly what makes people think he’ll choose Puke, UNC, or even KU. Not just the obviously stated reasons of Carolina, Puke’s visits, etc, etc, … I’d like to hear some insights if possible.

    If not, no big deal. It’s all good and we can have fun as we follow the drama.

    Here’s to a good Jayhawk day tomorrow.

  • One last observation…I just returned to the same link given and they’ve changed the picture. I’m sure it’s nothing and simply coincidental, but remember it was a picture of Ingram with Coach k and another Duke representative.

    Now, they have a picture of Ingram in a locker room with a bball.

    It’s the same article. Are all the ACC recruiting outlets back peddling? What do they think? Know? or hear? The word or buzz may be interesting for KU. Let’s hope this is a sign.


  • @truehawk93 forgot adidas, maybe wigs contract w/them sounds good to him too.

  • Ok…I posted then deleted it once after I reviewed the date. It’s 6 mos old but worth reviewing at this point. I hope this is the reason Duke made so many desperate visits.


    Notice how the media is purposefully dismissing this possibility? It’s no accident or coincident. They simply do not want Ingram going to KU. I hope this holds true tomorrow. I hope Ingram will honor this article. I also think it was before Bragg committed too. It’s interesting all the same.

  • I’ll be shocked if its anything other than Duke. Getting the PG they needed gave Duke the leverage to go back and tell him hey we have someone to throw you the ball now. They hold all the leverage with him, not to mention PT and all the press he will receive. Duke gets a good one but its only a pitstop. Most of the top recruits have picked local and I don’t see it changing today.

    He can wear a KU shirt, and his dad can talk all the game he wants about how great KU is but in the end its his son’s decision and it will come as no surprise when he picks a hometown school.

    If I’m wrong and he comes to KU then its great to be wrong and benefit at the same time. He’s a great kid with a great future but we are at risk of losing someone to transfer if Ingram or Brown sign. Do we risk losing the benefit of system players to get 1 year pitstops?

  • I have this feeling we end up getting him. I think having all three schools from the same area you live in cancels them out, and opens the door for us.

  • 247 has completely dropped KU from the percentage wheel. I won’t be holding my breath at 5 tonight…

  • not even KU recruiting insiders have any confidence to pick us in this. Just tough to win in someone else’s backyard.

  • @BeddieKU23 Exactly. Too difficult for us. When two of the best college basketball programs of all time are in your home state it is going to be tough to leave.

    Also, this may upset the apple cart a bit but I don’t really see why we need this kid. I am 100% convinced we need to focus our entire recruiting plan on a post player.

    Yes, Ingram is a total stud but this is classic “over recruiting”.

  • I hope he picks NCSU or UNC or Duke.

    Anyone but us.

  • One reason I can see that would pull him to KU is that his Dad would consider KU as a very good transition from college ball to the next level. Being away from home for a year under Self’s guarantee of taking care of their son would be a much better situation than staying close to home. I say with Bragg and Self we win.

  • Not getting my hopes up, but IF he chooses KU, here are two reasons:

    1. His brother went out of state already (Texas-Arlington).

    2. Self is recruiting the whole person, not just the basketball player. From the old site "“Kansas has James A. Naismith, where basketball originated. I can’t say enough about Kansas as far as the staff and the way we were treated. The facility is just dynamic. … I like the facility and I love the coaches; they’ve been good and they contact us on the regular. … They call and talk about your lifestyle, ‘What’s going on with you?’” Donald Ingram said.

  • @VailHawk

    Good points, you could throw in that Bragg is friends with Ingram, not just buddy buddy’s at the All-American game.

    Ingram just fits into Duke’s system better and his family will get to see him play. I think its safe to say that we put in the most effort of any school not in his home state. If there was even a winkling that Ingram was leaning towards coming here, there would be talk of it. It wouldn’t be such an unknown at this point he’s been much more vocal about his options than Jaylen Brown has been.

    We need a post, and we could use another wing that can develop just not a OAD that will immediately scare Svi & Greene from PT.

  • My feeling is the KU shirt to school on Friday means Ingram was at the end of his clothes cycle and all his other shirts were in the wash.

    I also think the refs step in and send him to Duke.

  • I’m leaving my heart out of this and going with my head…

    If I’m not mistaken, he was always a UNC fan. Right?

    So meanwhile it appears UNC will face some heavy NCAA sanctions… could be tomorrow or could be 10 years from now. UNC also had the “liar situation” that made things sticky. Enough negative has happened here to question UNC as his first pick.

    If Brandon is really a UNC fan, could he ever think about going to Duke or NCState? No. That’s like asking any of you in here if you want to join up with the Antlers over at the trailer park in Columbia or the Purple Kitty Kats and their 4H meetings.

    Therefore… Brandon should be between UNC and an out-of-state school. Kentucky? I seriously doubt that. The only reason a kid goes to Kentucky is when they have the momentum of signing everyone else and the mentality is “come to Kentucky because we are going to win a NC next year!” Kentucky could be NIT bound again next year because Calipari only has one giant leap of talent over everyone else this time.

    We’ve seen Duke put on the full court press and that makes the media side with Duke. Seems if the kid was that flexible to go to Duke, it wouldn’t take this kind of effort.

    I’m not going to jinx this with my prediction illustrated in %s. I’m only illustrating where my head is on this.

  • I feel Brandon was going to UNC before the recent issues. After UNC eliminated themselves it opened things up. I feel he really wants to stay in-state. So I’m going to say 51% Duke, 49% KU.

    These comments are open to interpretation:

    The bottom line on his decision was provided to by his dad.

    “We have done our homework. I think the decision he makes Monday when he makes the announcement will be very satisfactory to everyone. What we’re asking is we know a lot of people are institution fans, whether its Carolina, Duke, N.C. State, Kansas, Kentucky, you are a fan of the institution. We are asking regardless of where he goes to continue to be a Brandon Ingram fan. You don’t have to be a fan of where he goes; you can still be a Brandon Ingram fan. That’s all we ask. We appreciate the support everyone has given us and we’re going to continue to support him,” Donald told the website.

    So if Brandon wants to cause the least amount of in-state angst and wants to retain the most Brandon Ingram fans, he has to go to KU. This hurts the other schools the least. I just don’t know if he’s willing to leave the state. I will be extremely excited if he signs with KU!

  • @truehawk93 So, we’re probly not going to get this guy then? I still like KU’s chances, especially considering our new building, new 3 man U status. I dont care what the experts say. Theyre all guessing. Only Ingram knows where he is going. If he picks KU, then holy cow that will be awesome! Regardless of where he goes, will he be the #1 pick in next years draft? Does he have that potential?

  • @Lulufulu

    He could have that potential if his College play exceeds even his new top 5 status. His frame is likely to be his biggest issue going forward as anyone can tell he’s a couple years from putting any serious muscle on. Simmons, Slab & Brown seem to be the trendy picks right now for 2016 top pick.

  • @FarSideHawk

    …I see what you did there, nice move. 🙂

  • @FarSideHawk

    I’m jumping on your “reverse jinx” bandwagon! He is going to declare to NCSU, UNC, Duke and UK… all of them, today! The media will freak out and so will all these schools.

    He wore the KU shirt on Friday just because he felt a bit guilty for cutting KU out of the mix.

  • I have a feeling it will be KU and will be thrilled if it is. Brandon seems like a really good kid and I think would be a great addition to the Jayhawk family.

    Like was mentioned above, his first choice is probably UNC being that he is a fan but its too risky of a choice with the pending NCAA issue. And if you’re a UNC fan, could you really pick Duke? Roy may be the coach at UNC but his heart is still at KU and I think Brandon has seen why. The biggest clue for me is looking at his twitter feed and seeing all of the current Kansas players that he follows. Many more than any other program. I think he bonded well with the team on his visit and is his next best choice.

  • IMHO, he was always UNC fan and likely it was his original destination but the cloud of sanctions makes it now an iffy destination; if he was going to go to UNC he would have announced a long time ago. NC State is not elite enough and likely out of the run.

    This leaves Duke and KU, although the Squid might have some salary cap left and you never know how and when he will use it.

    KU is a destination that makes sense, He would develop his game, particularly defense (which the NBA is starting to appreciate), depending on Greene’s and Svi’s progress, he wold have plenty of playing time, exposure comparable or better to any other program in the land, great new digs, a prime-time PG to feed him the ball and the best athletic trainer in the business. If KU gets Diallo as well, there is no question that they would be in the conversation for the Title.

    At Duke, he will be the crown jewel for a program that just won the National Championship and all the playing time he wants; with him and a newly signed PG (although unproven) that was recruited just to feed him the ball, Duke is once again a national contender. No question that the benefits are comparable to KU plus he gets to stay in state and get the East Coast press.

    If I were a betting man, I would say the edge goes to Duke where he will get plenty of playing time and press. At KU he will also get a lot of press (but not as much) and become better player, but he will have to earn the playing time, Having said that it would not surprise much either way…of course I would much rather prefer he chooses KU.

  • I think KU has a good chance to land Ingram. The KU shirt and his dad doing some damage control saying “We are asking regardless of where he goes to continue to be a Brandon Ingram fan. You don’t have to be a fan of where he goes; you can still be a Brandon Ingram fan. That’s all we ask. We appreciate the support everyone has given us and we’re going to continue to support him,”. I think Ingram following most of the current KU players and starting out this year saying he wanted to play with Bragg (possible a package deal) is kind of a big deal. If you look past all of the PUKE fans saying he is a PUKE lean and look at Ingram’s actions it paints a big KU picture. KU could be sitting pretty with Ingram and Diallo by Tuesday?

  • What I’m starting to wonder is maybe there is a secret link forming between Ingram and Diallo.

    Self should take one from the Calipari playbook and sell potential NC from connecting the dots to a solid line. So if we sign Ingram, we also sign Diallo. I feel comfortable in saying that we stand a much better chance of signing Diallo if we sign Ingram today.

    Connect the dots, Bill, and put your salesman pants on!

    Imagine that team? Ingram, Diallo and Braggs being added to a solid team of experienced players. That is the right formula for success!

    Even though Duke just signed a star PG… there is so many “ifs” to them being a contender next year, even if they sign Ingram. Kansas has a solid group of seasoned guys coming back, and it should make a better mix having that much quality experience to mix with all the youthful, inexperienced talent.

  • @JayHawkFanToo @drgnslayr

    Actually guys, I really meant it. I would rather sink or swim with Greene and Svi, instead of a one-year recruit (who may or may not be better than them).
    Greene/Svi can add just as much to the TEAM as whatever the talented freshman could bring if not more. Additionally, one or both of them may end up staying and be even better the following year. If we get Ingram, it may mean Greene and/or Svi leaves and we’ll have a big hole the following year.

    The only guy we need is Diallo. If we get the big Greek kid also, that would be cherry on top.

  • @FarSideHawk

    I hear what you are saying. Diallo is the MUST SIGN guy. But seriously, don’t you think we up our chances at signing Diallo by first signing Ingram? Why do you think Diallo is holding off signing? He wants to see where other pieces fall first. He wants to go where he thinks he’ll have the best chance at a NC.

    Diallo will definitely be encouraged to come to Kansas if Ingram signs. This will make Kansas a clear distinct leader over schools like St. Johns and ISU. If we sign both, Kansas will be in the discussion for a NC, and that will be a year of big time publicity, including on the east coast. That does nothing but help players lift in draft positions.

    Nothing sells better than momentum. Ask Calipari. Suddenly, Kansas will be considered having a Top 5 recruiting class and the media circus will begin.

  • I sure hope people aren’t wetting themselves cause Brandon was wearing a Kansas shirt to school Friday. that means nothing, a lot of these recruits do such tatics as this to try to throw people off and keep it some big secret, just another way of getting discussion, speculation. its DONE he is going to Duke. losing him is not near as meaningful as if we lose out on Diallo. Brandon is a hell of a player, don’t get me wrong would love it IF he did come, but just don’t see it, just to hard to pull him out of in state when all 3 major schools there are after him, and close to home. its not lie the situation we are in at the 5 spot we have Svi, and I think a lot of people will be surprised on Svi’s play nex year think you’ll see a lot of difference, plus Brennan will be back, and I think he will be fine by season’s time, just don’t get worked up about Ingram, sorry just not happening its all DUKE. if I’m wrong then more then happy to admit I was wrong, but have felt like its Duke for along time now, time to move forward ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer54

    It always seems like we miss the guys that we all think are surefire Jayhawks and the guys we think are going somewhere else often pick Kansas.

    Everyone has been saying Duke for quite a while but we see how they are continuing a full court press right to the end. Doesn’t sound like a shoe-in for Duke because of that. I could see him going to any of the schools on his final list. Probably least to Kentucky.

  • Everyone always puts so much weight on the “close to home” factor. Sure it can be a huge factor for some kids, but for others it might not be. For me, I looked forward to getting away from home for my college choice. That was part of the attraction. Lets just say I didn’t want mom and pop dropping by unexpectedly at inopportune times. I wish people would chill out a little bit with that because it isn’t the most important thing to every kid out there.

    Brandon said he will pick the school from his list that is best for HIM. We have no clue what that means. If that means:

    Best supporting cast - its Kansas.
    His favorite school, allegedly - its UNC.
    Closest to home without pending NCAA issue - its Duke.
    Best chance at a championship this year - its Kansas.
    Biggest fan base - its Kentucky.
    Biggest fan base that doesn’t consist primarily of buck toothed, inbred, obnoxious fans - its Kansas, Duke, or UNC.
    Most minutes - the minutes he wants seems to be available at all the schools on his list.
    Tradition/History - its Kansas.
    Most appearances in NIT in the last 3 years - its Kentucky.
    Team with the most boob pics tweeted out over the past three years - its Kansas. (thanks @kuboobs!).

    As you can see, there are several things that may be part of the equation but it would take all day to list them all. Keeping my fingers crossed he picks KU today!!

  • @RockkChalkk nice points!

  • @JayHawkFanToo - You said, “This leaves Duke and KU, although the Squid might have some salary cap left and you never know how and when he will use it.”

    Just scanning some posts … busy at work; but the salary cap comment is a PHOF for sure.

  • I saw several articles talk about the fact that he wore a KU shirt on Friday. I’m like @truehawk93. Just some gut feeling based on how his dad spoke about Coach in the Kinston article. He will make the other 2 instate schools mad if he picks any of them so logic is that he gets as far away from home and comes to KU.

  • @RockkChalkk

    Of the Top 30 on ESPN 27 are signed.

    Exactly 4 of those 27 choose schools not close to their HS or hometown. 3 of them are going to Duke, an elite school that draws from all over like KU has to. Derrick Jones is the only east coast kid to go west (UNLV).

    Simmons chose LSU because of Family. Slab from Tenn going to Kentucky. Ellenson from WI going to Marquette. Rabb from Cali going to Cal. Swanigan from Indiana going to Michigan St. Newman from Miss going to Miss St. Zimmerman HS in Las Vegas, going to UNLV. Bacon from Fl going to Florida St. The list keeps going on with the same thing.

    There’s a little more flexibility in the rest of the top 100 going out of state or cross country but still the #'s overwhelmingly say that kids will stay close to home especially the top kids.

  • @BeddieKU23 He’s about 2 inches taller and 5 lbs lighter than Wigs was at KU. I think his size will translate just fine to the Div 1 game. Is he as talented and athletic over all as Wigs his freshmen year?
    Even if he does pick a school away from NC, fans there wont be happy with it. He’ll catch flak any decision he makes. But, if he does pick an away school, he will be further removed from all of that.
    I still hope he picks KU. I don’t think we need him as much as we need a pro caliber big man.

  • @Lulufulu

    Wig’s is 6’8 right? Ingram is pushing 6’9ish. What’s striking about Ingram’s body is that he just seems to be lacking muscle and weight especially in the lower half of his body. He may always be that way but for durability sake probably is going to need to put on muscle mass to give him the best chance of a long career. His game translates to D-1 immediately, not sure about his defense or his lateral quickness those are things that I’m sure he will need to work on. I think his rise in the rankings has as much to do with scouts seeing the long term potential of him in the league and his ability to impact the college game for his 1 year.

  • @RockkChalkk Ahhhhh! Thats great! Too funny.

  • @BeddieKU23 Ah yah, good point on defense and lateral quickness. Those things have yet to be seen at the next level. Sure he had some exposure with the Nike, Jordan, Mickey D’s games but can he show his skills on the other end of the ball for the whole season? Guess we’ll see.

  • @drgnslayr Wasn’t it somebody from UNC who called Ingram a liar after Ingram said UNC already knew what the NCAA was going to do? I don’t think being called a liar would encourage me to go with that school.

  • @drgnslayr You may be right, that Diallo signing is hinging on Ingram. I’m not sure but it would get me on the fence if that is the case. I do want Diallo, but would really hate for Greene or Svi to leave or be banished to the bench this year.

    We’ll find out soon enough. If Ingram does pick KU, I’m sure I’ll find it in my heart to accept him as a Jayhawk and cheer for him. 🙂

  • @FarSideHawk I’m concerned about BG’s recovery.

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