Thoughts On 2024 Schedule

  • Early start, Lindenwood-who?, Illinois ducking KU or not, Arrowhead Stadium, two bye weeks, at KSt, vs Colo; Wow, I can’t wait for the season to begin. Soccer Stadium/Arrowhead won’t give us a home field advantage, but I like the conference teams KU plays at Arrowhead. I wonder what the attendance will be like at Arrowhead.

  • @stoptheflop The schedule is 100% winnable for a good team. Should be no losses for a team of say Oklahoma’s talent level. We shall see what Lance is able to cook up!

  • Avoiding Utah and Oklahoma St. is huge this season. Utah getting Cam Rising and their RB back are why they won back to back Pac 12 titles and will probably be the B12 favorites this year. OSU is still going to be strong with Ollie Gordon coming back so missing then is huge. If Arizona was returning in tact, that’d be very advantageous to miss, but I think they take a big step back with the coaching change.

    10 or 11 wins could be a realistic possibility for KU this season if they stay healthy.

  • Will “on the road” hurt?

  • With spring football starting in a couple of weeks, I’m going to be very interested to hear if Jalon Daniels is practicing. Cole Ballard was serviceable at QB last year but our hopes for an even better season this year rely on Daniels being healthy and playing all year. The KSt game played without Daniels and my hero, Jason Bean sticks with me and for me taints last year’s successes. Still, Coach Leipold has our program at a higher level than I thought possible, so I hope Jalon has fully recovered from his injuries and plays at full strength this year.

  • @stoptheflop I was a little frustrated with Daniels the past couple of seasons. Now that my back has been kicking my ass the past 4-5 weeks, I completely understand his position. I hope he’s 100% healthy.

  • @nuleafjhawk oh yeah, back injuries aren’t ones you can just tough out. I hurt mine in high school and it was ovaaaaaa

  • @FarmerJayhawk said in Thoughts On 2024 Schedule:

    @nuleafjhawk oh yeah, back injuries aren’t ones you can just tough out. I hurt mine in high school and it was ovaaaaaa

    I hear ya, I have never questioned Jalen about his back issues— these things are no joke.-- - I’ve had 4 surgeries and been told they have went up my spine as far as they can, I have went from stainless steel screws to when they went back in the next time and went from stainless steel to titanium screws cause they are better, I’ve had spacers put in on both sides - -I’ve had a bone take out of my hip and put in my spine and a bone from a sterile cadaver put into my hip-- all dealing with my back injuries, so I know exactly what JD 6 is going through.- Recoup time can take up to 6 weeks each time. -I’ll never call Jalen soft or question - if they say he has back issues - he has back issues, you have to go through that till you can understand

    Tried Cortisone shots – steroids, I have had about a 12 inch needle rammed up my spine for my back and them telling me not to move because if they slipped it could cause paralysis while they drained fluid out of this sac that’s in your spine- -no funI understand JD’s situation for sure – just hope he can be healthy for the full year

  • Hope Jalon can find sustained health.

  • Has anyone seen the spring practice schedule? Spring break is Mar 11-17. I thought KU football practiced the week before spring break, then finished the allowable practice days after spring break. 247 Sports says KU spring practice starts Mar 19 and doesn’t show a date for the spring game.

  • There won’t be a traditional spring game, it’ll be just an open practice. I saw it’ll be at RCP on April 12

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