Chris... Chris... Chris! Welcome!

  • A huge “WELCOME” to Chris Johnson!

    Sure love his game and glad he will develop it further at Kansas!


  • Very excited about him. I think a very important development for Chris is going to Montverde this year where he’ll be coached up and play top competition. As several people who’ve scouted him have said his on-court maturity needs work when things don’t go his way. It will be interesting to hear how he handles this transition before College. If he handles his business at Montverde that bodes well for playing under Self.

    His driving ability absolutely reminds of Devon Dotson with more size. Very excited to see what he’ll become in the future

  • @BeddieKU23 A buddy of mine and I use the term “fast ****er”. It started in Marcus Garrett’s SR season when the team didn’t have enough of them and we were really missing Dotson. CJ is definitely a ff.

  • @BShark

    Seems like his style of play is a great fit here. Aggressive, maybe overly aggressive at times that create the maturity issues noted. Seems like a kid that has a great set of tools already that will get fine-tuned with coaching & more experience.

  • This young man is a true competitor! I recall many players we have had that were very skillful but didn’t have this off-the-charts competitiveness like Chris has.

  • Going to be a great fit. Love his size and length.

    Pretty obvious he need to work on his shot. I think his first year might be a tough adjustment scoring the ball. A very right-hand dominant player from what you can see above. BUT the plus side is that he’s so damn fast that even if you know he’s going right you can’t stop it sometimes. And then the Bill Self weave will let him come off of a screen downhill and let him get in the lane for easy buckets.

    BIG get for the Hawks.

  • Bossi mentioned on 247 that Case was instrumental here. Called him one of the hardest working and well prepared assistants in the country.

  • @BShark said in Chris... Chris... Chris! Welcome!:

    Bossi mentioned on 247 that Case was instrumental here. Called him one of the hardest working and well prepared assistants in the country.

    I admit I didn’t think he would take to the job so quickly. But it sure looks like he is the best recruiter on staff right now. I love having a guy who played at KU recruit for KU.

  • @Kcmatt7 He’s got to be a strong recruiter because of Self and Townsend being off the road and Norm never being considered a strong recruiter.

  • I think Jeremy is a very social, high-energy, positive guy who knows how to communicate well and has an impeccable reputation. He represents the future of KU basketball… and we are damn lucky to have him!

  • Lol , read an article seems like Chris has a specific person in mind he would like to fill on KU roster for next year. He said now that I’m on board he was going to try and do his duty to get people over with him.

    he said he would love to have Wesley Yates come on Board. Like we know this would all depend on number of Scholi’s , he said he had been playing with the kid forever. Yates is a 6’3 combo ranked # 47 by ESPN & # 24 by Rivals , Johnson said during his visit to KU he made the KU staff watch Yates Game on TV.

    it all depends if KU hass room for another Combo they said - - but hey he is recruiting for us anyways . Johnson said what he really loved about KU is they really let their guards hoop., he said that’s me all day.Johnson was talking about his visit saying KU was literally a family, All the Coach’s and players were on the same page. a genuine brotherhood. Rivals talk really highly on Johnson.

    The rivals analyst said about KU next moves in recruiting & I like hearing this :saying this was a year where Self would probably hit the portal very hard. & only take few High School now here is what I liked. - - - - -he said KU was in a good position for Dennis Evans ( Love That ) 7’1 with a 7’7 wing span - -dam & Evans would have to go to College for 2 years & in hot pursuit for Mikey Williams.

    I think in the end run our recruiting going to end up Just fine.- -Could you imagine ending up with Johnson , Williams & Evans ? - -that would be a sweet class

  • @jayballer67

    I think we have a lot going for us right now… not the least being the National Champion!

    Self has done a great job adding wrinkles to our offense that give more opportunities for guards to either drive or knock down treys. Last year was great to watch and felt a bit like watching NBA… something I still watch regularly.

  • I’d look at CJ’s other team mate, Jamari McDowell.

    KU hasn’t even contacted Yates, reportedly.

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