COVID Roll Call

  • @approxinfinity The block user function is slightly broken. I’m trying to block anyone that brings up covid as I feel the opinions expressed here are mostly dumb and should stick to basketball. Is there any way to block a global moderator so I can enjoy the basketball talk?

  • You can’t block staff members.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 said in COVID Roll Call:

    @Marco lazy teachers! You need to walk in their shoes for a day! Unless you are at school you have NO idea!

    I’m not saying the majority of them, but we have all had bad teachers. Which means that there are alot of bad teachers out there.

  • @mayjay said in COVID Roll Call:

    Latest Fox News insanity: One of their hosts who interviewed Trump tried to discount Trump’s pro-vax comments as due to him being old and thus, like many seniors, not being able to use the internet. That kept him from being able to do his own personal research, and left him stuck with relying on the pro-vax biased mass media.

    You just could not be twisted enough to make this shit up.


  • @dylans That doesn’t appear to be a feature on the nodebb platform. Probably not a lot of demand for that sort of thing.

  • Didn’t see this thread, but Covid struck me. The Thursday before Christmas. Lost taste, small fever, some cold like symptoms. Been feeling well, exercising all week now, taste coming back. Vaxxed, but not boosted, was trying to be noble and wait til Xmas break so I wouldn’t have to miss school if I got ill from the booster. Hoping for a negative home test this weekend so I can go back to work Monday.

    But lots of drama from a brother who reads the far right pages way too much and not much else. So he goes to mom and dads for xmas unvaxxed of course, and gets sick when he’s there, then follows no protocols, my 89 father now fighting it, doing ok it looks like. Brother kind of feels bad, but I saw him today and he refused to mask even as I requested it. We were outside for disc golf so I just made sure to stay away.

  • @wissox pretty sad! I won’t say more!

  • @wissox Really glad your dad looks like he’s ok.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 No it needs to be said. It’s mind blowing. Average life expectancy in the US has gone down 2 years this year. This thing is real and we could/should be in much better shape than we are.

    @approxinfinity Thanks!

  • @wissox Sucks to have a right wing parrot for a brother, as I well know. Trade off for mine: he is pro-vax but has more guns than the Belgian army and I think he spends all his time reading about how the guv-mint gonna take 'em all away–or try.

    So sorry about you and your dad being sick! Good luck with everything.

  • All the best to your dad.

  • @mayjay I don’t think mine has the guns!

  • @wissox Hope your dad gets well.

  • @wissox

    Hope your Dad is going to be okay.

  • @BeddieKU23 Thanks and thanks to everyone else. He seems to be ok.

  • @wissox, thanks for the update on your whole ordeal. It’s weird… I hear people test positive (e.g., Coach Self last summer), and never hear about a followup about what the experience was like. Especially with vaxxed people. I’ve joked that my two main concerns were 1: infecting someone else and 2: losing my sense of taste and smell. Glad to hear the senses came back for you!

    To follow up on my own post toward the top, our New Year’s cabin gathering went great. My wife and I weren’t particularly concerned because we were only going to be hanging out with three other people, but we all took Abbot Lab home tests the two days leading up to meeting with our (slightly older, very cautious, one very asthmatic) friends. Only suffering was from drinking and laughing too much, and sore fingertips from playing guitars for hours.

  • @DanR Losing one’s sense of taste would be the worst.

    Wearing stripes with plaid, orange curtains with gaudy emojis in the dining room… geez, where would it end? Or making jokes during a pandemic–the ultimate tasteless act.

  • I should have added losing taste during Christmas was adding small insult to small injury!

  • My father just tested positive again. 2nd time getting it. Both times he was recently vaccinated or boosted. This time he is asymptomatic. Went to get tested today as I had contact but testing was closed due to it being negative degree weather here. Can’t get a test until tomorrow hopefully. If any of us have it we are also asymptomatic at this point. What a mess

  • @BeddieKU23 said in COVID Roll Call:

    My father just tested positive again. 2nd time getting it. Both times he was recently vaccinated or boosted. This time he is asymptomatic. Went to get tested today as I had contact but testing was closed due to it being negative degree weather here. Can’t get a test until tomorrow hopefully. If any of us have it we are also asymptomatic at this point. What a mess

    oh man, mercy. Sure hope all turns out ok for all of you. - -Just goes to show there are SOME people not you I’m not saying that but some seem to think - - -well I’ve been vaccinated so I’m good can’t touch me - -that’s such a mis conception. My next door neighbor has gotten the Covid twice also. so to think just because you got vaccinated or bostered that you above the Covid - umm wrong. - -take care my friend and hoping the best for all

  • Here in Topeka in Shawnee Co we have 5 Walmart’s. - -all FIVE Walmart’s have reported they have employees with COVID. One of the five has 51 employees that tested positive, I’m just being a hermit/homebody - not really out a lot on top of that I’m down again anyways . another pending surgery, gonna be awhile though because all of the Hospitals postponing surgeries unless life threating because of ICU beds and other being full and COVID cases and shortages of personnel.

    I’m almost in mobile.- -I have 2 bulging discs and pinching cyatic nerve, cause huge problems. This is going to be my FORTH back surgery previous have been on my lower L-4 - - L-5 , they have inserted a spacer on my left side and have titanium screws in my back and fused . - -now they are going to put a spacer on my right side and more fusion & more screws- -this time on my L-1 L-2 - -awaiting approval of insurance on my MRI on spine , they wanting to do another MRI on upper spine to make sure they not missing anything and checking nerves - then have to wait approval from insurance on Surgery it’self - - lots of hurt at present hard to move. Got to steer clear of groups incase on Contact tracing.

    Gonna see how serious the fans are in the mandate of mask wearing at the KU game at the phog. - -If not then like they said were headed to limiting capicity - -AGAIN --let’s not go there, don’t have that I don’t give a dam I’m NOT WEARING a mask. just wear the dam thing – ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @BeddieKU23 was it past the 2 weeks?

  • @Crimsonorblue22

    Yep about a month since he got his booster. Happened to him about 1 month after he got his first two shots last year. Weird

  • My household all tested negative and my father continues to be asymptomatic. Thankful

  • @BeddieKU23 could his behavior have changed a month after vaccination? Celebrate with a visit to IHOP, etc?

  • @approxinfinity

    He’s gotten it both times from his work where outbreaks seem to happen all too often. First time he had covid he had the normal cold like symptoms, this time nothing.

  • Sooo I went on a date Saturday and might have gotten her sick with Covid. I’ve never had symptoms and getting a test in a college town is harder than finding El Dorado (the city of gold, not the one in Kansas). But I did travel a decent amount so you never know. UNC is approaching 1000 new cases per week, though thankfully no reports of serious illness. My department is fully remote through at least next week. These kids are having a rough time with it. We polled them before the semester and something like 75% wanted all in-person instruction. So it’s kind of a mess here.

  • Farmer here in Shawnee County , just got our Covid Scoreboard. We had 2,020 new cases for the week , a 26 % increase. The positiveity rate jumped from 19.9 % - - -to 25.7 %- getting bad - -Hospitals maxed. I’m due for a back surgery but not sure when that’s happening cause they have put any surgery postponed unless life threatning.

    Like you said your remote for the next week. Schools here are either cancelling or talking about temporary cancelling classes again - -headed the wrong way

  • @FarmerJayhawk you didn’t socially distance? You can’t get tested at school? What a creepy date!🤣😷😳

  • @Crimsonorblue22 well we sat at a table I guess 😂? It’s freaking impossible to get an appointment to test if you’re asymptomatic here. Like a week+ out. Could’ve been someone else too, who knows?

  • We do NOT pay elementary teachers enough! Because of a shortage of teachers and subs, our district staff is all subbing at least one day a week. I got assigned to a 4th grade dual language class. The kids are amazing but DAMN teaching elementary is exhausting! The last time I was in an elementary school I was in 5th grade! (Except for that one time in 2008 I subbed for a kindergarten class and it was the worst day of my life!) The COVID roll call for teachers right now includes a LOT of absences!

  • My son’s pre-k class is on covid pause now after a positive. He’s out of school until at least Wednesday. They couldn’t tell us if it was a positive from his class or the other pre-k class down the hall so we are left to wonder into the sunset I guess.

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