Two trials, similar and different

  • What are your views? Try to be civil, lets discuss.

    My view. Kyle Rittenhouse should be held accountable for the deaths that he caused. There would be two people alive today, albeit lowlife hooligans, but even they deserve to live. Some argue fairly reasonably I admit, that had he not been attacked then they wouldn’t have gotten shot.

    I also believe the judge influenced this case greatly. From not letting the prosecution call them victims to the confusing and rambling jury instructions which I also believed influenced the case.

    Not quite looking for a fight here. I actually have to go eat so I’ll finish this up later! I have some thoughts on Georgia and vigilantes.

    Yum. Georgia was I think more tragic because Ahmad Arbery was a true victim. He was profiled by his attackers who supposed themselves to be the law for a perceived offense of trespassing in an under construction house.

    In this insanely intense moment of American History where we’ve been divided probably more than any time since the Civil War, the defendants have their supporters while many are hoping and praying for justice.

    Yet jurors of color were dismissed. Black pastors were kicked out of the courtroom. To my way of thinking, this is the trial of so many famous like Medgar Evers killers to Emmitt Tills, and those not famous yet equally tragic in their deaths by segregationists. I’m not thinking we were having trials like this anymore in this country, even in areas which have struggled to guarantee liberty and justice for all.

  • Agree!

  • I brought this dichotomy up to someone else today. I think the Rittenhouse verdict was correct in that the prosecution didn’t prove that Rittenhouse did not have a reasonable fear for his life when he killed those people. Should he have been there? Absolutely not. Is it a tragedy? Absolutely. Did those people deserve to die? No. But we do have a very robust self-defense law in many states so we need to abide by them. But Rittenhouse is no hero. He’s a moronic kid who got in way over his head and people died as a result.

    The Arbery case makes my blood boil. I know you said to keep it civil, but this one makes it really hard to say it’s anything but a modern day lynching. And I’m sad it’s not getting near the attention of the Rittenhouse trial. I was surprised to learn how easy it is to kick out jurors for really obvious reasons (e.g. this person has dreadlocks) that obviously correlate with race quite strongly. This case has a much, much weaker affirmative defense angle than Rittenhouse. First, these jackwads were the aggressors. They hunted down Arbery and said they were arresting him. Which is ridiculous. Who among us hasn’t walked a little too close to a house being built to check out the floor plan? Is it technically trespassing? Sure. But the subsequent actions of these clowns wasn’t just seeing if Ahmaud was interested in buying the house or whatever. They wanted to LARP like cops and make something happen. They killed an innocent man. I hope the jury agrees.

  • They were to scared to let their kids play outside but they didn’t lock their vehicles? And then are we going to have a new black pastor in here every day? My God! I can’t understand the hate.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 I don’t understand your comment.

  • The prosecution overreached in the Rittenhouse trial, that’s my opinion. That and all of the actors in the drama were antagonists/protagonists - so the jury came to the only verdict that it could. Don’t know enough about the Arbery case to really have an opinion.

  • @Marco Unfortunately in my view I think you’re right. Laws supported Kyle which means there really needs to be some law changes.

  • I agree about Rittenhouse being held accountable for the deaths in some way, self defense or not. He is not clean in this just because the law protects him.

    The bits and pieces of the judge that I caught definitely raised my suspicion about him. A judge shouldn’t become the center of attention.

    However I will say that the media coverage of this is what I find the most troubling of it all. I rarely pay attention to the news which is why I don’t even have a clue about the other issue in Georgia (I’ll have to catch up on it). The media smeared this Rittenhouse case one side and then the court evidence really painted a different picture.

  • @BeddieKU23 yeah, the media slanted it to such an extent that it was just blatant. I don’t watch the news much either.

  • Different outcomes, too.

  • Kyle made the world a better place. End of story.

  • @Bwag How so?

  • @wissox Please don’t ask. The answer to what that means is obvious.

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