• @justanotherfan I’m not arguing with you personally, but I don’t think Mahomes is the best player in the league. One of the most athletically gifted for sure. But the best player in the league doesn’t throw a dumbass Jr High interception while falling down (Yes, I know he’s made plays like that before, but it’s really dumb) and when the ball is hiked over his head you run back and fall on it - not pick it up and get an intentional grounding call to make things even worse.

  • @Kcmatt7 said in Chiefs-Ravens:

    Yep, gave one away.

    Imagine playing for a field goal when you have the best QB in the world.

  • @justanotherfan said in Chiefs-Ravens:

    Chiefs got too conservative at the end. Mahomes is the best player in the league. If you lose because he doesn’t make a play, you live with it. If you lose because he handed the ball off, that’s a failure of coaching. But that has happened before with Andy Reid teams.

    Ah I see you beat me to it, just saw. Heh.

  • @nuleafjhawk

    Mahomes was not at the top of his game last night and deserves blame for that penalty and for the horrendous interception.

    But if you’re the Chiefs, your best bet is still to let Mahomes make plays, not get conservative and just hope nobody screws up.

    Baltimore won because they stayed aggressive and, rather than give the Chiefs another chance with a minute to go, gave the ball to Lamar Jackson and told him to go win it (and he did).

    Jackson made mistakes too (pick six, interception on a pass into double coverage) but Baltimore stayed with their guy and stayed aggressive. KC got conservative, so Baltimore won.

  • @justanotherfan That’s a pretty fair assessment, Mahomes has to always be aggressive. But there’s a fine line sometimes between aggressive and careless. I think he crossed that line last night. Hopefully he’ll watch the tape ( I guess it’s not “tape” anymore, huh?) and learn from it. If the defense can shore things up, I think we’ll be fine.

  • Chiefs! hold on to the ball!

  • What a pretty drive ! See what happens when you hang on to the ball ?

  • Reid needs to get this team play to its caliber

    Cannot win games with so many TOs

  • KC has a lot of work to do. So much for some people who thought they would run the table maybe 1 loss. You can’t turn the ball over 4 times and expect to win a game - that’s 5 turnovers in the last two games

  • Big Red to the hospital after game, by ambulance. They think he’s dehydrated

  • This was a frustrating game to watch

    Despite high TOs KC was in it till the end

    That big 4th down and 9 conversion by Chargers was a dagger but kudos to the coach for going for it.

    That’s the script to beat the Chiefs, be ultra aggressive against questionable D.

  • @AsadZ what do you think about Josh Gordon?

  • On paper this looks great as Chiefs need a WR of his caliber opposite Hill that can make plays but question remain on how well will he be able to contribute being away from football for over a year.

  • @AsadZ A bigger question is whether he actually can stay sober and out of trouble.

    I saw this and my mind immediately went to wondering if this is Reid trying to save someone after his sons’ tragedies.

  • @Crimsonorblue22 What actually happened was all the blood rushed to his cheeks because of extreme embarrassment.

  • @mayjay hope that Veatch has done his homework

  • Big game on Sunday with huge playoff/seeding implications.

  • That was very painful,😢🙁

  • Yup, all TOs and penalties are uncharacteristic of Chiefs under Reid. He has his work cut out.

  • Mahomes is forcing things. I realize that he almost has to since they have no D to speak of, but there has been no real offensive flow from week one - he, the offensive coordinator or both is and or are thinking too much. It might help if they ran the ball more.

  • The Chiefs don’t have it this year. Their Defense is horrible. They ranked next to last before last night , and gave up 436 total yards last night - - 4 more turnovers you just can’t do that. Now in last place two games behind. They got to get this turned around

  • Spagnola is obviously not cutting it.

  • Mahomes isn’t forcing it like he was at the beginning. Hill should’ve caught 2! Those tipped passes🤬 Mahomes is throwing short, in the dirt. That fumble on ko return. Freaking injuries! Running game is bad!

  • And the running game shouldn’t be bad. I’m starting to think that there might be a reason for Bienemy not getting any serious looks to be a head coach. Maybe after this season, renab one of the two OCs that we lost? That Spagnola needs to go, is a no-brainer.

  • I concur that Mahomes has forced more but I believe it is direct result of pressure to score on every possession as Chiefs D is pathetic. Chiefs D is absolutely miserable, too soft.

  • The reality is that teams know they just have to bend & not break against the Chiefs offense because they know we can’t stop them on the other end.

    It is a strange turn of the tides that can’t happen without an epically bad defense. We’ve given up 29 points or worse every game so far. Last season we gave up 29 points or more only 4 times all season. With basically the exact same group on that side of the ball.

    Ultimately, I think that we’ve seen a little bit of a Superbowl hangover and some anomalies. Pat and the offense has turned the ball over at a rate that is unlikely to continue, and the defense has played at a level that is also probably far worse than they are actually capable of. If we see ourselves reduce turnovers and play just a bit better on defense this team will get on a roll again.

  • One of the worst defenses I have ever seen

  • @AsadZ overthinking things, instead of just letting it fly like he did before.

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