KU 2010-2020 Decade Team

  • Fun thing I saw pop up on twitter.

    My 9 man rotation is










  • I’d have to think about it. Are we just talking about how good they were when they played at Kansas?

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich I’d say do w/e you want but by taking Embiid I think it’s clear that I was just going with them as players overall. Though his one year was good when healthy.

    Pretty happy with where I ended up. Fastest PG to play under Bill, mobile bigs, three point shooting etc

  • My starting 5 is: Frank Mason Sherron Collins Devonte Graham Thomas Robinson Udoka Azubuike My top bench options would be: Devon Dotson and Marcus Morris. I strongly debated switching Devon with either Devonte or Sherron and switching Marcus with TRob.

  • @Jhawk69 Sherron just misses the cut off. Starts with the 10-11 season. Sherron was real damn good though for sure.

  • @BShark Ahhhh in that case put Devon in his place. Then I suppose Josh Jackson is the first guard off the bench. I would also put Perry Ellis as a key reserve. Very underrated for how good he was on both sides of the ball as a senior.

  • @Jhawk69 Perry was SO smart, there were times where, in conference, he knew the opposing team’s sets better than their own players.

  • 9 man rotation : Mario, Frank, Devonte, Brandon, Svi, Tom Rob, Withey, Embiid

  • @approxinfinity said in KU 2010-2020 Decade Team:

    9 man rotation : Mario, Frank, Devonte, Brandon, Svi, Tom Rob, Withey, Embiid

    No 08 guys, starts with 10-11 season.

    Rush was so damn good though, absolutely.

  • Whoops let me try again

  • Sherron, Frank, Devonte, Marcus, Svi, Tom Rob, Withey, Embiid

  • Sherron just misses this. Last season for him was 09-10.

    Otherwise I do think people would have him and maybe Cole.

  • I dun rede gud. Sorry, its been a week. My brain is melted.

  • Overall: Graham, Oubre, Wiggins, Marcus Morris, Embiid

    At KU: Mason, Dotson, McLemore, Robinson, Azubuike

    I’ll just call that my 10-man rotation. My 11th would probably be Jeff Withey

  • Frank, Devonte, Mclemore, Marcus, Svi, Tom Rob, Withey, Embiid

    I guess thats 8. 5 shooters, 3 bigs who could board and d.

  • I’m going 10 with a 1st team and 2nd team.

    1st team: Udoka Azubuike, Frank Mason, Devonte Graham, Thomas Robinson, Tyshawn Taylor

    2nd team: Devon Dotson, Perry Ellis, Josh Jackson, Svi Mykhailiuk, Jeff Withey

    Honorable Mention: Joel Embiid, Marcus Garrett, Elijah Johnson, Ben McLemore, Marcus Morris, Markeiff Morris, Kelly Oubre, Andrew Wiggins.

    The honorable mention guys are mainly because they only played 1 season from the established window other than Garrett and Johnson.

  • Wiggins got to be in there somewhere and Doke, and Embiid of course and TRob, and Mason and Graham, and Ellis, and Sherron and holy cow there are so many. Like how to you keep a starter on a NC game team like Withey? I’d love that Tyshawn played in 2010-11 like he did after new years day 2012 because we don’t make that game without him. Newman for nothing more than shooting Duke out of the tournament.

  • @wissox said in KU 2010-2020 Decade Team:

    Newman for nothing more than shooting Duke out of the tournament.

    Thanks for such a happy thought!

  • One player on my 9 man rotation will be Cole Aldrich.

  • EDIT: think i will add Kieff for a 5 that can trey ball. It gets harder aftee that. JJ for a versatile player with moxy? Doke instead of TRob? Probably. He was more dominant his senior year i think. Maybe Marcus for lockdown D

  • If this is based purely off production at KU, my starters are Frank Mason, Ben McLemore, Josh Jackson, Marcus Morris and Markieff Morris, with a bench of Devonte Graham, Thomas Robinson, Udoka Azuibuke, Perry Ellis and Tyshawn Taylor.

    I like the ability to mix and match lineups here. Could go super small with Perry Ellis at the 5, Jackson at the 4, McLemore at the 3, and Graham and Mason in the backcourt, or go HUGE with Azuibuke, the Morris twins, Jackson and Taylor. I can space the floor from all five positions, or play four shooters around Doke. I can play Robinson and Ellis together and not compromise my rebounding. I can suffocate defensively with Mason, Graham and Jackson on the perimeter. Just a ton of flexibility here.

  • Only basing off of how much fun I enjoyed watching them play while at KU

    • Dotson - I don’t know that I’ve seen a faster player in a Kansas uniform from memory. Just a really solid/fun player to watch. So sad we didn’t get to see him play that last season… Or that he didn’t return for this one.

    • Devonte - smoooooth. Absolutely a joy to watch. Smart. Talented. Really really miss this dude.

    • Josh - Outside of maybe Frank, nobody played harder. Dude knew he didn’t have to play even 5 minutes to get drafted in the Top 5 and yet he played his ass off here. Just a damn shame that team didn’t have a better C than Landen and that Doke got hurt. Pretty sure that team could have won the whole thing.

    • T-Rob - Just my favorite player. Attitude. Hustle. Toughness. Absolute killer. Dude carried a team on his back and gave a UK superteam a scare. He’s also just an amazing story and I wish his pro career had gone a little bit better. Going to Sacremento out of the gate was a death sentence. But man do I love T-Rob.

    • Doke - This dude only got to play like 2 seasons and still leaves KU the all-time dunk leader (a record that will stand forever and the only guy who ever may be able to break it at KU is Wilt himself). 242 dunks. Man was he fun to watch. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/kansass-udoka-azubuike-has-found-the-formula-for-efficiency-dunk-a-lot/

    • BMac - I’m not sure anyone at KU has ever had a prettier jumper. I was at that ISU bank to take it to OT game and man was that a time to be alive…

    • Withey - Idk why but I loved this dude. The fake Jeff Withey account may have something to do with it… I do know that I remember watching him the first game after he was eligible from his transfer and I thought “holy shit this guy is AWFUL.” And then, he got better. And better. And better. And then you were like “wait is Jeff Withey good?” Students loved him. He blocked the every living crap out of a lot of shots. He was that goober that everyone loved to root for.

    • Embiid - my favorite NBA player at the moment. Only Bill Self and John Calipari tell kids they aren’t coming back for a second season when they want to. Roy and K would have taken him back… But the Embiid story is one of the best. Literally gets dunked on so hard by Tarik Black over the Summer he about quits. Had his bags packed and everything. Then he told Bill he wanted to Redshirt (LOL). Then he tries not to go pro (LOL). All of that self-doubt from THE BIGGEST TRASH TALKER IN THE NBA. Just really, really, really fun dude. Great player. Generational talent.

    • Svi - The KSU buzzer beater. The Duke shot. Both very memorable. But really what I remember the most about him was him giving Bagley FITS on the defensive end on that FF run. I still can’t believe he was over here playing at 17. It is almost hard to believe he is only 23 years old. (Mitch is only 1 month younger than Svi btw).

  • @Jhawk69 You surprised me twice in this one! I would say a hearty AMEN! to Perry Ellis, but I would never have thought to mention any One and Done on an all decade team. In my opinion, the OAD’s were all very good athletes, but none of them made KU a better team.

  • @Kcmatt7

    Can’t upvote this post enough.

  • Starting 5-

    Mason, Dotson, Jackson, Robinson, Doke.

    For 9 man rotation-

    Withey, Graham, B-Mac, Marcus M

  • If a certain poster was still active here, I would add a passionate nomination of Brady Morningstar, right after investing in blood pressure medicine producers.

  • I wouldn’t have any one and done guys on my list…

    3 bigs: Withey, TRob, Doke

    3 guards: Frank, Devonte, (Senior)Tyshawn

    3 other guys: Ellis, Svi and Garrett

    3 other other guys: BMac, Traylor and Teahan (either one)

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