The curious case of Christian Braun

  • Ok, I have been off the board a long time for a number of reasons, so sticking my toe back in, and I did not see this topic anywhere.

    What happened to CB? The year started so promising and he wound up being a non-factor, and at times a liability, other than some decent board work. What was it? Sophomore wall? Injury? Girl problems? Would love any Intel or theories.

  • He got scouted and chased off the three point line. Felt like to get an okay look from three he had to be many feet behind the arc.

  • @BShark At times he seemed to drive it well and made a few highlight reel takes. But he went so cold from the arc. Ice.

  • When you have limited finishing ability in the half-court, your jump shot better be really good. Unfortunately, he seems to be a streaky shooter and not consistent enough to be a real threat.

  • Call it scouting, role change (playing major minutes), lack of an offseason for development. The list could go on.

    He lacked confidence in a lot of games and there are probably 30-50 times we can freeze a frame and see him passing up an open shot. I think he was ultimately playing out of position this year. Hopefully he finds the next level in his development and gets more consistent aggressive effort. When he plays aggressive he can be very good. We just need to see him take the next steps. Maybe he would be best going back to 6th man so that Self can get another guard on the court.

  • @BeddieKU23 I like the 6th man role. Spark off the bench. Less pressure.

  • @BeddieKU23 Bill is selling the fact that KU has two starting guard spots open if anyone wants to draw conclusions from that.

    Imagine nothing will be given next year. Bill is on a roll filling the roster.

  • @Fightsongwriter

    Problem is once you start for Self its difficult to lose that spot. We’ll see what happens but I definitely think his role needs to be reevaluated. Bringing in competition which Self is doing is a good way to create those situations

  • @BShark

    I think its smart to sell it that way. We’ll see what else shakes off the tree from this team because it certainly seems like we’re going to get more news soon

  • @Fightsongwriter My theory is that he needs to spend some time in the Bill Self toughening box… And if we had been any deeper last year he would have.

  • I think it’s a lot of what’s been mentioned , a series of things , off shooting night which led to a start of losing confidence in his shot , putting added pressure on his self . - -Got to a point where Christian wouldn’t even look for his shot period, seemed like a case of hot patato soon as the ball touched his hands - -it was like BAM he couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. For sure there were times he wasn’t much help on the offensive end. Thing was this year who you replace him with Thompson ? -not sure that was an upgrade for this past year - -Thompson got an ugly shot as of now for sure his 3 point shot is real ugly -TGF - - lol , no don’t think so - -hopefully he can get that confidence back.

  • I think he got sick and/or was injured. Never was reported, but he was really inconsistent and definitely looked better earlier in the season. Maybe he got scouted… but that doesn’t explain enough in my mind.

    I really like his game. I think he is tough minded and has shown that he can score through contact. I think he will be great next year. I also think Ochai will be great next year.

  • @bskeet said in The curious case of Christian Braun:

    I also think Ochai will be great next year.

    We’ve been saying this for 2 years now. He is what he is. Like Braun, if his shot off he is easy to guard.

  • There’s a reason Ochainwas rated as low as he was and it’s because of his skill level. Agbaji is probably the best athlete on the team but one of the lowest basketball IQ’s as well.

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